Married at First Sight Chapter 2142 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2142 by desirenovelMr. Dawson was always really mad at his daughter.

He spent more than 20 years of hard work on raising his only child Analia, and wanted her to be the successor of the Dawson Group. Analia had always satisfied her Father. Who knew that after meeting Zachery, his daughter began to let him down.

“Husband, what do you think Analia did? She became the mistress in someone else’s marriage?” Mrs. Dawson never knew about it.

Analia found a man to pretend to be Zachery, but Mrs. Dawson didn’t know about it, and Analia kept it from her mother.

After all, the man beside her was just a stand-in, and the person she really wanted was Zachery.

After sending those photos to Serenity, they didn’t receive any rumors.

Analia thought that the photos were not hot enough, thinking that the next time she took an intimate photo, she would turn it into a prngraphic photo and send it to Serenity. If Serenity still chose to believe in Zachery and remained indifferent, she would accidentally let the photo go to the paparazzi team hands.

Once the photo fell into the hands of the paparazzi, it would definitely be on the top searches in Wiltspoon.

Analia: “Mom, I don’t, I’m just…Dad, how do you know this?”

Her father knew that the man next to her was a double, and also knew that she sent the photo to Serenity.

Who complained in front of the father?

Her father was on a business trip abroad, and it was said that he would not be able to return until years ago, but now it’s not October yet, so he’s coming back early.

Was it because of her?

“Did Kingston tell Dad? Dad, he wants to drive us out of the Dawson Group. Dad, he wants to drive me out of the Dawson Group. He’s in the top position. Don’t be fooled by him. What did he say, don’t believe it.”

Analia was not stupid, and immediately guessed Kingston.

“Don’t talk about Kingston, he didn’t say anything bad about you in front of Dad, it was a good thing you did, Zachery directly took the photo you sent to Serenity, took it and sent it to me, and told me Your condition, let me take care of you.” Mr. Dawson scolded his daughter, “You are not in the right mind. You always want to drive Kingston out of the company, so you regard Kingston as a person like you.

You like being a mistress so much? Zachery has a wife, and the husband and wife are loving, what’s the matter with you? Do you think you are great because you are the daughter of the Dawson Family? Do you want all men to circle around you? You have lost all my face, why did I give birth to you? You shameless daughter!”

Analia: “…Dad, I didn’t send a photo to Serenity.”

“You still don’t admit it, Mr. Josh has investigated clearly, who is around Zachery, you don’t know? Do you think you can play dirty tricks in front of him? Do you think you can hide it from him? Just a few photos of you can ruin the marriage of Zachery and Serenity? Analia, let me tell you, true love cannot be taken away. Zachery and Serenity really love each other, no matter how much you do, it will not help, it will only make the relationship between the husband and wife deeper.”

Those photos only dared to show a little side face, Analia dared not have a frontal photo of the stand-in. As soon as the full-face photo was shown, it would be exposed, because the stand-in and Zachery didn’t look alike at all.

Serenity and Zachery had come along the way, they had gone through ups and downs, the husband and wife trusted each other, they couldn’t see the frontal photos, so they wanted to break up Serenity’s Zachery, Mr. Dawson didn’t know whether to laugh at his daughter for being too naive?

Mr. Dawson: “I didn’t come back tonight. I came back a long time ago. I didn’t go home. I was watching your every move in the dark. I saw what you did with that double in private. Zachery was not wronged.”

At this time, Analia knew that she couldn’t hide what she had done, so she no longer denied it, and admitted: “Dad, I just like Zachery. I want to marry him. I know he has a wife, but I want to just drive his wife away. I don’t believe that Serenity can always trust Zachery until I find a man who is somewhat similar to Zachery…”


Mr. Dawson couldn’t take it anymore, stood up, and slapped Analia’s face abruptly.


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