Married at First Sight Chapter 2144 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2144 by desirenovelMrs. Dawson chased Mr. Dawson out of the house.

Before getting in the car, Mr. Dawson left a sentence to his wife: “Persuade your daughter well. Does she want to continue to be a mistress and bear a lifetime of infamy, or to keep the status quo? She will tell me after she thinks it through. Think clearly, don’t contact me if you haven’t made a decision, and I’ll treat it as if I don’t have this daughter.”

Mrs. Dawson: “…”

Mr. Dawson asked the driver to drive. Soon, he left his home.

Mrs. Dawson went back to the house helplessly, and when she saw her daughter sitting on the sofa crying silently, she felt distressed again. Walking over, she poked her daughter’s head with her finger and cursed: “Analia, how did your parents teach you when you were young, how could you do such a thing?

A good man, but no matter how good he is, if he has a wife, if you go after him and send some messy photos to his wife, you are destroying other people’s marriages, and you will be scolded as a mistress.

Analia, you are a very good girl, here with us, there are few people who can compare to you with your conditions. Mom also knows that you are arrogant and arrogant. You still look down on ordinary men. If Mr. York is single and you pursue him, I will agree with your father with both hands and feet.

But he is married, so don’t think about it anymore, and quickly die. Mom and your dad will love each other for a lifetime, and the one who hates the most is Mom. I don’t want you to be a mistress.

If you look at it from the perspective of your original wife, how do you view mistress? Do you hate mistress to death? Do you want yourself to be someone you hate?”

Analia cried: “Mom, I just like Zachery, what should I do? As soon as I saw him, I fell in love with him.”

Mrs. Dawson: “Don’t think about him, never think about him again, after a long time, you will forget him. Analia, listen to your parents, let’s be serious Be a human being, not a shady gutter mouse.

Your father’s temper, you also know that if you are obsessed with obsession, your father may really have given all the property in our family to his nephews. The Dawson Group is our family’s company, and it was really given to Kingston and the others. would you like?

Analia, men are not rare or unique. We don’t need to lose everything that should belong to us for a man. In fact, we also have many excellent men here, and they are no worse than Mr. York.”

Mrs. Dawson persuaded earnestly Caring for her daughter, stop thinking about men who didn’t belong to her.

Mrs. Dawson continued: “Your father also said just now that Mr. York doesn’t even look at you. In his eyes, his wife is the best. Although Mom doesn’t know him well, but heard many stories about this husband and wife. A man like Mr. York is dedicated.

Falling in love with someone is a lifetime, and it’s useless for others to squeeze in. You lose everything you have now for a man who won’t even look at you. Do you think it’s worth it?”

Analia’s tears fell even harder.

She was arrogant, because of being the only child, and because her parents regard her as the successor of the Dawson Family, so she was arrogant, and she looked down on ordinary men.

After finally falling in love with one, it turned out to be someone else’s husband.

She was uncomfortable to give up Zachary.

If she doesn’t give up, she will have nothing, and after she has nothing, she still can’t get that man.

She was tantamount to losing both human resources and wealth, and the gained outweigh the losses.

“The main reason is that you lost everything, and you can’t get that man. Analia, it’s not worth it, it’s really not worth it.” Mrs. Dawson took out a tissue, wiped her daughter tears, and handed some tissues to her daughter, saying: “Your dad said, when did you think it through, contact him again, if you can’t figure it out, don’t go back to work in the company. When I first heard that you were going to be a mistress, my heart hurt like being stabbed by a knife, and my heart was cold, this is the failure of my education and your father’s.”


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