Married at First Sight Chapter 2145 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2145 by desirenovelMrs. Dawson added: “We didn’t teach you well, we didn’t teach you that the three views are completely correct, and let you go astray, and Mom blamed herself.”

“Mom, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I was wrong.”

Analia was not stupid, when her father coldly asked her to choose, she would definitely not choose Zachery.

She couldn’t lose everything she had now.

After all, Zachery was a hasty passerby in her life, a passerby she wanted to stay, but could no longer keep.

Mrs. Dawson sighed, “Mom and Dad don’t want you to admit your mistakes verbally, we want to see you prove everything with actions, Analia, I hope you don’t let Mom and Dad down again. Mom has gone upstairs, please be quiet. Think about it carefully.”

After speaking, Mrs. Dawson went upstairs.

Analia was left sitting on the sofa, weeping sadly and resentful from time to time.

Mrs. Dawson knew her daughter well. It would be difficult for her daughter to really come out after a while. She gave her some time to think about it.

If Analia was still unwilling to give up Zachery, Mrs. Dawson would not be able to save her daughter.

Serenity didn’t know about the turmoil in the Dawson Family.

She believed that Zachery would handle the matter, and Zachery would give her a satisfactory answer.

Spent the weekend at Wildridge Manor.

Monday was the start of a new week.

Back in urban areas, those who should go to work do so, while those who should go kindergarten do so.

Liberty still remembered what Mrs. Stone said, when she came back from Wildridge Manor, she made arrangements for the two stores, while Sonny entrusted her to her younger sister. After that, she went to Jensburg with Mrs. Stone.

Due to the end of the month, Zachery and his wife would go to FC Manor to attend the 100-day banquet of Avah and Enzo.

Liberty could only go for a week.

At the end of a week, she and Mrs. Stone came back from Jensburg.

Liberty didn’t follow Mrs. Stone back to the store. She knew her son was in her sister’s bookstore, so she went directly to the bookstore.

The sun was setting, and the glow of the setting sun was fiery red.

At this time, the bookstore was very busy.

Liberty went in and saw her younger sister and Jasmine as usual, one was giving this and that to the students, and the other was collecting money.

Sonny was holding a children’s book, and sat aside, quietly flipping through his book, with the small schoolbag beside him.

From time to time, students would tease him.

Such a cute doll, who wouldn’t want to tease it?


Liberty called out to her younger sister.

“Sister, are you back?” Serenity called out in surprise when her sister came in, and then called her nephew: “Sonny, look, mom is back.”

Sonny looked up to see his mother, and took the book in his hand, threw it, stand up, and fly into mother’s arms.

“Mom, you’re back, I miss you so much.”

Liberty picked up his son, kissed his son’s face a few times, and said with a smile, “Mom misses Sonny very much too. When Mom is not at home, Sonny, are you obedient?”

Sonny nodded, “I am obedient, and my uncle praised me as a good boy.”

He didn’t dare to stay in bed when his mother was not at home.

It was his uncle who woke him up every morning, and he got up quickly as soon as his uncle called him.

As his mother said, his uncle’s time was precious and should not be wasted.

Sonny was afraid that he would stay out of bed and waste his uncle’s precious time.

Serenity: “Sister, have you eaten yet?”


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