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Married At First Sight Chapter 2770-Josh added, “If I don’t talk about it, you don’t know how busy and tired I am. I promised you before that you would let me rest for a few days when you came back. Who knew if you could do what you said? I have to remind you. Also, you also promised to give me two months of maternity leave when my Jasmine gives birth to a baby next year.”

Zachary said to him, “It’s not like you are giving birth to a baby. Why should you take maternity leave? Just take a month’s leave and take care of your wife during the confinement period.

There are so many people in your family who don’t need you to take care of them after confinement. I promise to give you two months of leave. I think it’s quite a lot, but you still think I don’t give you enough.”

Josh retorted: “When Serenity gives birth to a baby, if you can return to the company every day and go to work as usual and don’t want to take care of your wife during confinement, I will only take one month of maternity leave. I don’t want to have a baby. But my wife is giving birth to a baby, and as a husband, I must be by her side when she needs help the most.”

Zachary: “It depends on the situation. If the company is not busy by then, I will give you three months of vacation. That’s okay.”

Comparing his feelings, he also wanted to be with Serenity and help her after she gave birth to a baby.

He needed to take better care of her during the confinement period.

Josh quickly said, “Serenity, you are here to listen. Zachary said that he would give me three months of leave.”

Serenity smiled and said, “I heard it; don’t worry; I will be your witness; and let Zachary fulfill his promise when the time comes.”

Jasmine was older than Serenity in months, and the baby would be born in May next year.

Now that the New Year was not far away, Josh had discussed next year’s maternity leave with Zachary in advance.

Josh felt relieved, stood up, and said to Zachary, “I’m going to go back to work first. I’ll take care of the things at hand today. I’ll be on vacation tomorrow.”

After getting two days off, Josh was in a beautiful mood.

“Go out and close the office door for me.” Zachary reminded Josh.

Josh smiled and said, “You don’t need to remind me. I will definitely close the office door for you when I go out. If you want to say sweet words, just say them. Don’t worry about being overheard. “

Josh walked away with a smile.

After he left, Zachary asked his wife, “Seren, do you want to eat hot pot? The weather has turned cold, so a hot pot is suitable.”

“all right.”

Serenity hadn’t had hot pot for a long time.

Just now, she heard Josh mention that Jasmine was talking about having hot pot. She thought about treating her friends to a meal, but in the end she didn’t say anything, so she just let the young couple live their lives as two people.

She was much luckier than her friends. No one would ask her about what she wanted to eat at home. As long as she wants to eat, just tell Zachary, and Zachary will try his best to satisfy her.

What Zachary couldn’t do, Grandma could do if she just spoke.

Jasmine would be talked about, mainly because the nutritionist hired by the Bucham family was Josh’s cousin, Mrs. Bucham’s niece, and they were related. Jasmine couldn’t make trouble with his cousin just for a bite to eat.

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