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Married At First Sight Chapter 2771-“Then I’ll call Grandma now and ask her to tell the housekeeper that we can have hot pot when we get home from work. Call Yichen and his wife. There will be more people, it will be lively, and everything will taste delicious.”

Serenity said, “You go and do your work. I’ll call grandma. Or you can tell the family that those who are in Wiltspoon and are free tonight can come and have dinner. This way, there will be enough people, and it will be lively enough.”

Zachary smiled and said, “They are all busy, so it’s better not to use the whole family; just call Callum and Camryn.”

Serenity said, “Then do as you say. You hurry up and do your work. Finish the things you are doing first, so that you can relax at night.”

Zachary just returned to work today, so he naturally didn’t socialize or work overtime.

After getting off work in the evening, he went home to be with Serenity.

Under Serenity’s repeated urging, Zachary reluctantly returned to his desk, sat down, and started working again.

Serenity called Grandma May and told her that she would call Callum and Camryn to have hot pot tonight.

Grandma May was naturally happy; she was the one who liked fun the most.



The car Kathryn was sitting in drove into the Queen Enterprise.

After the car stopped, the secretary got out of the car first. After getting out of the car, he quickly walked around the car and helped Kathryn open the door.

A few minutes later, Kathryn led her secretary to the office building.

The office building of Queen Enterprise was much taller than that of Farrell’s Group. The office building of Farrell’s Group was only a dozen floors high, but Queen Enterprise was the tallest and had the most floors among all the big companies in Jensburg.

Like a bright pearl, it stood in the commercial center of Jensburg.

Before Kathryn came over, she called Hayden first to confirm that Hayden was available to receive her, and then she came over with her secretary.

Hayden told her that she could talk to her about project cooperation.

Kathryn came to discuss cooperation with Hayden as the young master of the Farrell family. If the negotiation fails, forget it. Then she came to discuss cooperation with Hayden in private as the CEO of the company under her name.

She thought Hayden had figured out her true identity.

She knew in her heart that Hayden was a powerful person. Fortunately, she and Hayden did not have any grudges; otherwise, her future would be extremely difficult.

Even Matriarch Farrell didn’t know that Kathryn owned several companies, but Pedro Fraser knew about it.

Pedro was Kathryn’s general assistant, and he was only loyal to her. Kathryn knew it. If she didn’t even know this, then Pedro’s ability would be questioned by her.

Hayden gave the order in advance, and after Kathryn entered the office building with her secretary, the journey was smooth.

She took the special elevator and went straight to the top floor. After stepping out of the elevator, Hayden’s secretary was already waiting at the elevator entrance. When he saw Kathryn coming out, the secretary politely said hello: “Mr. Fraser. “

Kathryn smiled back and nodded. Then she walked to the president’s office, under the leadership of Secretary Hayden.

Hugh just came out of it and saw Kathryn face-to-face.

He was stunned for a moment, stopped, and politely said, “Miss Farrell.”

“Mr. Queen.”

Kathryn also greeted him politely. Hugh and Hayden were twin brothers, but the feeling he gave Kathryn was that he was a few years younger than Hayden. In other words, Hugh didn’t feel enough for Kathryn.

He was not as mature and calm as Hayden.

“My brother just has some time. Miss Farrell, please come in.”

As he said that, Hugh turned around and made a gesture of invitation towards Kathryn. After Kathryn entered the office with her secretary, Hugh walked towards the elevator entrance.

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