Married At First Sight Chapter 2772 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2772-After walking a few steps, Hugh turned around to look.

Hugh didn’t know if he hadn’t seen Kathryn for a while, but when he saw her now, he felt that Kathryn was much prettier than before, and the aura emanating from her body had also changed, becoming more confident, smart, and capable.

He thought he was blinded.

That’s why he was stunned just now.

That was because he almost didn’t recognize Kathryn.

Hugh muttered to himself, “If she had been like this from the beginning, I might not have refused, even if my sister wanted to lead me.”

Of course, Hugh had time to like Kathryn now, but he still didn’t want to like her. He didn’t like the Farrell family.

The Farrell family could produce a Kathryn because Kathryn did not grow up in the Farrell family. Her living environment has not been good since she was a child. She survived adversity and developed a strong personality.

Kathryn was still pretending to be a pig.

Hugh liked girls who were simpler, like Kathryn, who was good at acting. He kept away from girls who were deceitful.

Kathryn was suitable for his brother Hayden, and when paired together, they could trick countless people.

Oh, Hugh had no brother, only a sister.

The people in Jensburg should be glad that his brother was actually his sister; otherwise, based on his sister’s appreciation for Kathryn, it was really possible for the two of them to develop into a couple, and many people would lose at their hands.

Kathryn didn’t know that Hugh would come up with so many plots if she met him face-to-face.

She walked into the president’s office with her secretary, and Hayden stood up to greet her, giving her enough face.

Hayden said, “What would you like to drink, Miss Farrell? I’ll ask the secretary to prepare it for you.”

Kathryn said, “Just give us each a cup of warm water. At this point, I don’t dare drink coffee for fear of affecting my sleep at night.”

Hayden invited the two of them to sit down on the sofa and asked her secretary to pour a glass of warm water for each of them.

Hayden walked back to her desk and picked up her coffee cup.

Then she walked back and said as she walked, “I have one drink in the morning and one in the afternoon. If I get used to it, it won’t affect my sleep at night.”

She usually had to rest late at night.

By that time, the coffee was overpowering, so it wouldn’t have much impact on her sleep.

Unless she had something on her mind, she wouldn’t be able to sleep.

After the secretary poured warm water, he washed two plates of fruit and placed them on the coffee table in front of the sofa.

Hayden asked her secretary to bring out some snacks for Kathryn and the others.

She said, “I rarely eat snacks. It’s Kevin who always stuffs snacks in my place. He knows how to eat. The snacks he stuffs in my place are very good. Miss Farrell, try them.”

Kathryn smiled and said, “Mr. York is in charge of all the hotels owned by York Corporation. He is a man who knows how to eat. Not only does he know how to eat, but he can also cook a lot of delicious food. I heard that Mr. York’s cooking skills are very good. Mr. Queen, I think you have tasted his cooking skills, and they must have improved a few times.”

Kevin was still very passionate about Hayden and treated Hayden as a woman. In her heart, Kathryn believed that Hayden was always the passive and preferred party in this relationship that the outside world did not accept.

Speaking of the shameless Kevin, Hayden gave a few rare words of praise: “Kevin’s cooking skills are very good, and the dishes he cooks are particularly delicious, surpassing those of five-star chefs. My whole family was conquered by him.”

Hayden became the helpless one after Kevin conquered the entire family. Kevin gradually ensnared her, and she subsequently entered the long-established love network he had created.

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