Married At First Sight Chapter 2773 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2773-After the greetings, Kathryn said, “Mr. Queen, I want to talk to you about our cooperation on your company’s project. I have brought the plan over for you to take a look at.”

With that said, Kathryn took the plan from the secretary and handed it to Hayden with both hands.

Hayden took it, opened it, and looked at it carefully.

After reading it, she put the plan on the coffee table. After a moment of silence, she said to Kathryn, “Miss Farrell, I think your plan is good, but your Farrell Group is not someone I want to cooperate with. I think your Farrell Group is not strong enough.”

Hayden made it clear directly.

She was willing to cooperate with Kathryn’s private company, and there would not only be one partner but several partners, but it was just to give Kathryn some face.

After Liberty’s company was established, it would also take projects from Queen Enterprise.

Kathryn smiled good-naturedly: “Mr. Queen, I know that compared with your company, our Farrell Group is a little behind now, but our Farrell Group is also a famous family. It has been standing in Jensburg for a hundred years, and its strength and foundation are still deep.

Now I can also take charge of some projects and have some say in the matter. Mr. Queen, if you give me this opportunity to cooperate, I will work hard to win together with you and not hold you back.”

When they came, both Kathryn and the secretary knew that today’s chat would be fruitless, but they still had to work hard and show off.

Hayden allowed Kathryn to talk about the Farrell Group in such a fantastic way, but she still didn’t change her original intention.

Finally, Kathryn said, “Mr. Queen, business cannot be done without benevolence and justice. This time, our Farrell family did not do well enough to impress you. I hope we have the opportunity to cooperate in the future.”

Hayden hummed and said, “There will still be opportunities in the future.”

When the Farrell family changed dynamics, there would be a chance.

As long as current Matriarch Farrell is still the head of the family, Hayden did not want to cooperate with the Farrell Group, lest the Farrell Group increase its strength through cooperation with the Queen Enterprise and make Liberty’s future even more difficult.

Kathryn smiled and said, “Mr. Queen, our Farrell family will also work hard to strive for an opportunity to cooperate with you as soon as possible.”

Hayden looked at Kathryn and smiled.

Both of them understood the profound meaning of their words.

After failing to negotiate cooperation, Kathryn stood up and left after sitting for a while.

“Miss Farrell, I’ll treat you to dinner.” Hayden stood up and politely asked him to stay.

Kathryn declined. She said, “I have a lot of things going on at home recently, so I won’t bother you, Mr. Queen. I’ll take care of the housework another day. When I’m free, I’ll treat you to dinner. I’m really sorry for that night.”

Hayden and others saw the scandal of the Farrell family and the car accident involving the Farrell family’s bodyguard.

Hayden said, “Miss Farrell, let’s deal with the family affairs first.”

She personally escorted Kathryn and her secretary out to the elevator. Kathryn took her secretary into the elevator. After Hayden waved her hand, she turned back to the office after the elevator door closed.

After the elevator door closed, Kathryn’s secretary said to Kathryn, “Miss Farrell’s efforts have been in vain again.”

“It can’t be said that it was all in vain. There is still a chance to win. How many business deals can be concluded in just one negotiation? It’s not like we have to run several times, sometimes until our mouths are blistered, before we can sign the deal.”

The secretary thought about it too.

At least Hayden met Kathryn.

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