Married At First Sight Chapter 2774 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2774-Kathryn might not see other people coming over.

After taking the elevator down to the first floor, Kathryn said to her secretary, “You go back to the company by yourself, and I will go home and deal with things at home. Mom is not free these days.”

Matriarch Farrell was still taking good care of Holden in the hospital.

People in the company also heard that something happened to the Farrell family. No one in the company knew what the accident secretary was. They only knew that Matriarch Farrell and the three young masters did not return to the company. Only Kathryn returned to the company to take charge.

This caused people in the company to discuss it privately. Despite the fact that Kathryn was Matriarch Farrell’s biological daughter and could not hold up the wall despite being a ball of mud, she received constant reprimands from her. If anything happened to the Farrell family, Kathryn would eventually be the one who took the lead.

Those who wanted to prevent Kathryn from ascending to the throne were jumping up and down, trying various ways to see Matriarch Farrell, and questioning what Kathryn had done.

Kathryn didn’t swallow her anger and act like a weakling in the company like she did at first. Those who jumped up and down didn’t have very important positions. She directly fired them and drove them out of the Farrell Group. For those with higher positions, she demoted them.

She also banned those who were fired from the industry, so that those people could not enter large companies with good benefits and could only work in small companies. The income and benefits were naturally inferior to those of the Farrell Group. Kathryn would rather work in Even if they are compensated with a little salary when they are fired, they will no longer be tolerated.

Knowing what happened to others after they were kicked out of the Farrell Group was a bit of a deterrent. Everyone came out to seek money, and there was a family behind them that they needed to support. For the sake of their families, they couldn’t lose their jobs.

What did the overt and covert fighting among the top management of Farrell Group have to do with them?

No matter who was in power, they were all members of the Farrell family, and since they couldn’t rise to power, how much benefit could they get by joining the camp?

It was better to do their job honestly. Good employees would receive the same pay no matter who held the position and the superior would not fire them. Maybe they would perform well and wait for the new superior to stabilize. On the contrary, these good employees who did their job honestly will be valued.


Kathryn asked the secretary to take a taxi back to the company, and the company would reimburse the taxi fare.

She drove home.

The funeral of the bodyguard who was killed in place of Liberty had not been settled yet, so she was going back to continue dealing with the matter.

Liberty also said that he would come over in the evening to offer incense to the bodyguard, comfort the family of the deceased, and provide some financial support.

Although the bodyguard’s parents were both dead and he only had one younger brother, the younger brother mainly relied on him to support him in school. He suffered a tragic accident. Although he told the story about the car accident, no one wanted it to happen. This was the first time Liberty had experienced such a thing. She felt guilty, but if she comes to see her, her conscience can’t go away.

Hayden stood in front of the window and watched. He didn’t mean to watch Kathryn leave. He was just tired and took a short rest. Standing in front of the window, she could look at the scenery outside and occasionally see birds flying by.

There were many evergreen trees planted in Queen Enterprise, and those little birds made their home on those trees.

It’s just that Jensburg was colder than Wiltspoon. There’s no heavy snowfall yet, but it’s still quite cold. There weren’t many birds to be seen. When the flowers were in full bloom next spring, the beautiful scenery of singing birds and fragrant flowers would reappear.

“Ring ring ring…”

Hayden’s cell phone range.

Hayden turned away from the window and returned to her desk, placing her mobile phone on the table.

She saw the caller ID “cheeky.” It was Kevin calling.

She noted that Kevin was “cheeky” in her address book.

Hayden suddenly felt like laughing and thought about changing Kevin’s note after the call ended so that she would not see it one day.

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