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Married At First Sight Chapter 2775-“Kevin.” Hayden was in a good mood and smiled when she spoke.

Kevin on the other side of the phone suddenly felt flattered. He smiled and said, “Hayden, what makes you so happy? You call me by my name with a smile. I have known you for such a long time. This is rarely the case.”

Hayden had feelings for Kevin, but her attitude towards him was often cold.

That was also her character. She had developed a cold and serious temperament.

Hayden asked, “Do you really want me to be in a bad mood?”

“Absolutely not. I just hope that you will be in a beautiful mood, happy, and carefree every day, but the burden you have taken on is too heavy, which has caused you to be very stressed and not smile all day long. Every time I see Hugh, the way he was smiling makes me want to seal his mouth with tape.”

His beloved woman, Hayden, worked non-stop for the Queen Enterprise every day. Hugh, however, had a lot of time to spend with his confidante. The confidante made friends one after another but never saw him marry another one.

Hayden smiled and said, “Then go and seal his mouth. To be honest, sometimes I feel envious when I see his carefree look.”

She was the eldest and habitually took care of everything for Hugh.

In addition, she had been disguising herself as a man and had never thought about regaining her identity as a woman. She had always shouldered the heavy burden, thinking that it would be worthwhile to keep her brother happy and live a relaxed life.

After having Kevin, Hayden gradually began to envy Hugh.

She would also arrange more work for Hugh. Just as she said to Hugh at the beginning, the Queen Enterprise would one day be handed over to him.

She couldn’t really last her whole life. She also wanted someone to rely on and support her, and Kevin was the one who could support her.

“You don’t have to envy him. He will envy you in the future. As long as you hand over the company’s affairs to him bit by bit, you can relax easily. Otherwise, you will be like me, only responsible hotel management. I can still help you. I have been running hotels for many years and have experience. It won’t be a problem to help you manage a few more hotels. That way, you can relax.”

Hayden: “Come on, do you have anything to do with me?”

Kevin said with a smile, “I will come to you if I don’t see you any day. If I need anything, I will come to you. I will pick you up later and have dinner with Sister Liberty and Brother Duncan in the evening.

Brother Duncan is accompanying Sister Liberty to Farrell’s house now. They will be back soon.”

Hayden knew that Kevin was either for food or for fun.

Kevin dared to be the object of her envy.

Although the workload was heavy, since he had been in charge for several years, had experience, and also had capable subordinates, he did not have to do everything himself. As long as he arranged it properly, he could relax.

In order for him to pursue Hayden with peace of mind, his brothers also silently helped him share a lot of work.

Don’t think that Hayden didn’t know it; she knew everything.

Hayden had to admit that after getting in touch with him more often, she really liked the living atmosphere of the York family, which was harmonious, warm, and felt like home.

Her native family was also very harmonious, but their family was small and not as lively as York’s family.

She couldn’t blame her parents for betraying her so early. Parents like York’s family and many families with daughters couldn’t even find her with a lantern.

Hayden said, “Okay, then come and pick me up during my off-duty hours. Don’t come early and affect my work. I will attend a banquet tomorrow night. You can accompany me to the banquet as my boyfriend.”

Kevin said with a smile, “I didn’t accompany you to any banquet you attended. I no longer want to be your boyfriend. I want to be your husband, and I will be your husband for the rest of my life.”

Hayden scolded him for being shameless, but Kevin didn’t point out that there was something behind her words.

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