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Married At First Sight Chapter 2776-Let Kevin accompany her as her boyfriend. She planned to wear women’s clothes to the banquet tomorrow night. Tomorrow afternoon, she will take a half-day vacation, return to the Queen family’s old house, and let her mother help her pick out a dress for the evening. Dress and also practice walking in high heels so as not to appear at the banquet and find her unable to walk in high heels, which would be ridiculous.

Kevin didn’t realize it, and Hayden didn’t explain it either.

She wanted to give him a surprise tomorrow night.

It also shocked the entire town of Jensburg.

Hayden had confirmed her feelings for Kevin. If nothing happened, she would marry Kevin in the next two years.

Since she loved him, she didn’t want him to be labeled as gay anymore.

He was not gay; he was a normal man.

It was she who deceived everyone.

Kevin would definitely be overjoyed that Hayden was willing to act openly and honestly as a woman for him. However, the two of them might not have thought that Hayden’s image as a man was too deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Even if Hayden changed into women’s clothing to attend the banquet, there would be others who might think that she was the one who was favored between her and Kevin, and they might also think that she might be pretending to be a woman to please Kevin.

Kevin also pretended to be a woman in order to please her.

At that time, people in the Queen Enterprise thought that the “beauty” Kevin looked very familiar.

They thought she was Kevin’s sister, but the York family had no daughters, and Kevin had no sisters. Only later did they realize that it was Kevin who was pretending to be her.

That day was quite explosive gossip news in Queen Enterprise.

After ending the call with Kevin, Hayden called her mother. When her mother answered the phone, she called her “Mom” and then hesitated to speak.

Mrs. Queen: “Hayden, what’s wrong?”

Hayden hesitated to speak, which frightened Mrs. Queen.

Mrs. Queen thought something had happened to Hayden.

Ever since Hayden became sensible, she had behaved very well, never panicked or got confused when encountering anything, and was very stable.

Hayden asked, “Mom, are you free?”

Mrs. Queen: “Yes, I’m free all the time. Do you want me to help you with something? Just tell me, and I will do it for you right away.”

It must be a big deal for Hayden to take the initiative to ask her for help.

Thinking of a possibility, Mrs. Queen asked with concern, “Is your old friend here and having a stomachache?”

Hayden sometimes suffered from menstrual cramps.

Mrs. Queen helped her nurse her condition in private for a while.

“No, Mom, I have to attend the party tomorrow night. I want, I want… to wear women’s clothing. You can help me pick out an evening dress—not s*xy, but conservative. There are also high heels that are suitable for me—not too high. I’m afraid I can’t handle the high heels.”

Hayden finally said it out in one breath.

Mrs. Queen was stunned on the phone.

Did she hear it right?

Hayden said she wanted to wear women’s clothes and high heels!

Would her daughter finally regain her identity as a woman?

Hayden: “Mom, are you listening?”

Mrs. Queen came back to her senses and responded quickly: “I’m listening. I’m just surprised. Have you figured it out yet? Was it Kevin who accompanied you to the banquet? Hayden, you have really decided to resume your identity as a woman?”

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