Married At First Sight Chapter 2777 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2777-Hayden: “Mom, I’m a little hesitant. “

Hearing what Hayden said, Mrs. Queen said quickly, “Don’t hesitate. You are a girl, and you wear women’s clothes. You have been wearing men’s clothes for more than 20 years, and you should have changed back to women’s clothes long ago. Think about it if Kevin sees how happy he will be when you wear women’s clothes and let him accompany you to the banquet.

When everyone knows that you are a girl, they will no longer say that you two are gay. Every time I hear people come to me and tell me to stop you and Kevin from being together, they say that you are so good to Kevin. It’s such a waste. You’ve always looked normal. Kevin must have harassed you so much that you had no choice but to become gay.

“I really want to refute their claim that you two are normal and not gay. But you have been unwilling to resume your identity as a woman. It’s hard for me to say it, so I can only endure it and stay away from those people who like to come to me and say those things. “

Mrs. Queen and Donald were actually under a lot of pressure.

The couple could ignore the advice of outsiders and just stay away, but if relatives, friends, and powerful friends came to persuade them, they couldn’t ignore it and stay away.

She could only say that the child had grown up and that it was no longer up to the mother to take care of it. As long as the child was happy, she, the mother, would not care about it.

For this reason, those relatives and friends were very angry and said that she would regret it in a few years. They also said that she ignored Hayden and that Hugh would follow suit in the future. Both of her sons became homos*xuals and there was no chance to have a grandchild.

This made Mrs. Queen angry and helpless.

Mrs. Queen said, “I’m going to help you pick out some evening dresses right now. Choose them according to your preferences. There is also jewelry. Do you need to buy new ones? Why don’t you go to my jewelry store to pick out a few sets for use and buy a few pairs of high heels? When the time comes, you can wear whichever pair you find most comfortable.”

Hayden said, “Mom, you can help me decide. I will have a rest tomorrow afternoon and go back to try on dresses and high heels. I am used to leather shoes. I may not be able to walk in high heels. I have to practice walking to avoid making a fool of myself when I go out at night.”

Mrs. Queen smiled and said, “That’s right. You need to practice walking. People who are not used to it will wear high heels and want to take off their shoes after walking two steps. One afternoon may not be enough time. Can’t you rest all day tomorrow? People in the company, let’s leave the matter to Hugh.

That’s br*t, he’s not in love, so a single person should work more and let him do more things while you make time to rest.”

Mrs. Queen couldn’t wait to dress Hayden up beautifully immediately.

Hayden said, “Mom, I have a meeting tomorrow morning. The meeting is very important.”

Mrs. Queen said, “You are a workaholic. Do you need help preparing a wig? Look at your hair now. It’s so short. It might not look good when you put it on. It feels like a man putting on women’s clothes.”

Hayden: “…Isn’t it okay to have short hair? If it’s so troublesome, then forget it; I’ll just show up as a man.”

Hayden said, “Forget it; let’s have short hair instead of a wig. When you regain your identity as a woman, you can choose to have long hair. Girls look better with long hair.”

Hayden said, “Short hair is easy to take care of. You don’t even need to comb it when you get up in the morning. You can just pluck it with your fingers.”

Mrs. Queen: “…”

A daughter should give birth to a son, and Hugh should become a girl. But now, the daughter is more like a man than the son.


So sad.

Fortunately, with the nourishment of love, Hayden has finally changed a little; at least, she was willing to try women’s clothing.

In the past, no matter how Mrs. Queen tried to persuade Hayden, Hayden resolutely refused to wear women’s clothing, saying that she was used to being a man and would continue to be a man. She also said that people outside knew that there were two young masters in the Queen family, but they didn’t know that the Queen family actually had a daughter.

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