Married At First Sight Chapter 2778 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2778-Hayden said, “Mom, that’s it. I’ll be busy first. Kevin will pick me up from work later. Mr. Lewis from Wiltspoon Lewis & Co. is here. Let’s have dinner together in the evening.”

“Okay, you are busy. I will call your dad now, and we will help you buy a dress and high heels.” Mrs. Queen ended the call happily.

Mrs. Queen moved the phone away from her ear and shouted loudly, “Husband… Husband.”

Donald responded outside: “What’s the matter?”

Soon, he ran in from outside and said, “What happened? You screamed so loudly that I panicked.”

Mrs. Queen said, “Come on, change your clothes immediately, and go shopping with me to buy clothes. I want to help our daughter choose clothes myself. Now that she is willing to wear women’s clothes, she can finally buy those beautiful skirts and dress her up beautifully. “

Hearing this, Donald smiled and said, “Hayden said that? That’s really a good thing. Just ask someone to bring the pattern, and you can choose it. You don’t have to go out. Hayden is willing to wear women’s clothes. I want to give her the best. Let’s make it custom-made.”

Mrs. Queen said, “It’s too late to make a custom order. She will wear it tomorrow night. She will wear an evening dress for the banquet tomorrow night. I have a lot of new evening dresses that I have never worn. But mine is a mother’s dress, which is not suitable for her young age.

Let’s go buy a few ready-made sets for her in case of emergency, and we’ll make them custom-made when the time comes.”

Donald thought it was right and hummed, “Hayden is willing to wear women’s clothes. You can inform Kevin to order a wedding dress in advance. I believe they will get married soon. When Hayden gets married, we can also settle our relationship.”

Then the couple could free up their hands to take care of Hugh, who laughed and played around all day long.

Hugh, who was almost thirty years old, had a lot of confidantes, but none of them were girlfriends.

With the eldest daughter in front of them, the couple is currently considering the life events of the eldest daughter. When the eldest daughter’s affairs came to this point, she would basically not be able to travel, so it was the son’s turn. The two children were born in the same year, the same month, and the same day.

“Don’t tell Kevin about Hayden wearing women’s clothes to attend the banquet tomorrow night. I listen to Hayden. She suddenly wanted to wear women’s clothes and expose her identity as a woman. Kevin doesn’t know yet.”

Mrs. Queen warned Donald not to stab Kevin, the future son-in-law, too quickly.

“Just think of it as a surprise for Kevin. He will come to pick up Hayden tomorrow night. I guarantee that his eyes will light up and he will be astonished.”

Mrs. Queen was still very confident in Hayden’s appearance.

Donald said, “That’s it. Don’t look at whose daughter it is. When we were young, we were handsome. Both of our children are good-looking. Come on, I’ll go shopping with you to buy clothes.”

“Don’t you want to go upstairs and change?” Mrs. Queen looked at Donald’s clothes, frowned, and said, “What did you do outside? There is dirt on the clothes.”

Donald looked down and said, “I’m bored, so I was helping the gardener change the soil for some potted flowers. I changed the flower pots, and there was really some soil. Please wait for me for a few minutes; I will go back to the room and change clothes.”

Donald said that and ran upstairs in a hurry.

“Bring me the bag I usually use. After shopping, let’s eat out and then come back.”

The old couple hadn’t eaten out together for a long time.

Occasionally going out for shopping and eating delicious food could bring back the sweetness of youth.

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