Married At First Sight Chapter 2779 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2779-In the evening, the Maybach that Kevin often used drove into Queen Enterprise on time.

The car stopped at the door of the office building.

He got out of the car with a bouquet of flowers in his arms. He was always so handsome and extraordinary in his suit and ties.

“Mr. York.”

He walked in with a bouquet of flowers in his arms. Everyone saw him and said hello with a smile.

As soon as others walked by, the smiles of those staff members immediately faded.

Kevin knew very well that many people in the Queen Enterprise hated him.

If it weren’t for his prominent status, these people wouldn’t even bother to give him a fake smile.

Alas, maybe he didn’t work hard enough to pursue his wife. Even now, Hayden has no intention of regaining her identity as a woman.

He could only continue to parade around in the name of being gay and bear the hatred and disgust of the young women in Jensburg.

Soon, Kevin adjusted his mentality again.

From the day he pursued Hayden, he had been mentally prepared.

No matter what anyone said, he was after his wife.

This actually had its advantages; that is, no one knew that Hayden turned out to be a girl, and there was no real love rival.

As for those female love rivals, what was he afraid of? With Hayden’s identity restored, all the so-called female love rivals would collapse.

Kevin entered the elevator in a good mood and took the elevator straight to the top floor.

After getting out of the elevator, he didn’t need his secretary to knock on the door for him. He walked to the office, opened the door without knocking, and walked in quietly, wanting to surprise Hayden.

“Go out, knock on the door, and come in again!”

Hayden’s deep and cold voice sounded.

Kevin paused.

Hayden’s hearing was so good.


Hayden looked up with a serious expression.

Kevin surrendered immediately: “Okay, okay, I’ll go out, knock on the door, and come in again.”

Kevin wanted to give her a surprise, but she heard him opening the door and asked him to go out and knock on the door to come in.

Kevin had no choice but to exit the office.

The secretary saw Kevin exiting as soon as he entered. He guessed what was going on and snickered.

Hayden was always a very serious and strict person. Kevin would go in without knocking. She would never tolerate his impolite behavior.

No, Kevin was kicked out.

Kevin glared at the secretary. The secretary’s smile faded, but he stopped smiling.

Kevin knocked on the door again.

“Come in.”

Hayden’s voice came from inside, and Kevin opened the door and entered.

After closing the door, he walked towards Hayden with a smile, holding the bouquet, and handed the bright bouquet to her.

Although she always disliked him sending bouquets and said she couldn’t eat or drink anything, he could still see her happiness every time she received a bouquet.

Hayden took the bouquet and said for the first time, “This bouquet of flowers is very fragrant and beautiful. I like it very much.”

Kevin looked at her blankly.

The next moment, he leaned over and reached out to touch Hayden’s forehead.

He muttered, “The temperature is normal.”

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