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Married At First Sight Chapter 2780-Hayden raised her hand and slapped his hand away in a funny manner. “I said the bouquet is beautiful, and I like it. Do you suspect that I am confused because of a fever? Would you like me to express my disapproval of this bouquet of flowers, declare it unattractive, and request that you dispose of it in the trash can?

Kevin grinned and said, “No, every time I send you flowers, you say it’s a waste of money and ask me not to send you flowers. It’s been more than half a year since I sent you flowers, but your attitude has not changed. This time, it suddenly changed. Your attitude shocked me, but I’m very happy that you finally like the bouquet I gave you.”

Hayden looked at him steadily for a long time without saying anything. She then stood up, walked around the desk, and put the bouquet of flowers in the vase. She took a few steps back, examined it, and said, “This vase is just big enough.”

Kevin said, “The things I gave you are all just right.”

Hayden hummed.

Turning around, she returned to her desk and began to clean it up.

She kept her desk tidy before going to work, and she also kept it tidy when she got off work.

Hayden said, “Let’s go and eat. Don’t keep Sister Liberty and Mr. Lewis waiting.”

Kevin walked side by side with her and said, “When I came here, I called Brother Duncan. He said that he and Sister Liberty were on their way back. They were a little further away and would probably be later than us. Back to the hotel in a little while.

Now is rush hour again, and traffic jams are easy on the road.”

The two people walked out of the office together.

Hayden said to her secretary, “Tell Mr. Miles that the meeting time will be postponed for one hour.”


The secretary thought Hayden was going to cancel the meeting with Mr. Miles.

She just postponed the meeting for an hour so he could explain it to Mr. Miles.

Kevin asked her, “Are you going to discuss business tonight?”

Hayden turned to look at him. Kevin immediately understood the meaning in her eyes and smiled. “I am actually very busy, but I don’t do anything every day.”

It just depended on what he was busy with.

For him, chasing his wife was also a big deal.

He was also very busy chasing his wife every day, and he was not really doing anything.

Hayden said, “You are the most laid-back person I have ever seen. Grandma York is busier than you.”

Kevin said with a smile as he walked, “That’s true. Compared with Grandma, I am not as busy as her. She is busy looking for cabbage for the other pigs, and she always scolds us for growing taller in vain. She is so attractive but cannot eat cabbage; she is not a suitable pig.”

Hayden chuckled.

“Fighting grandma is fun.”

She really liked Grandma York, an old woman.

Grandma York was probably the only one who would describe her grandchildren as pigs who couldn’t eat cabbage.

Kevin said, “She is an old, naughty woman. She is already very old, but she is still jumping up and down every day. If my sister-in-law hadn’t been pregnant, she would still be flying around. I have never seen such an energetic old woman, surpassing many young people.”

Hayden said with a smile, “Grandma York’s high energy means that she is healthy and has a good attitude. Don’t you want to see a grandma like this? I hope that Grandma York will always be like this and live a long life.”

Kevin said, “My grandma will definitely live a long life. I’m just complaining about my grandma in front of you. I won’t say that in front of others. I have to pretend to be a grandson to her.”

The two entered the elevator.

Hayden said to him, “You are actually Grandma York’s grandson; there is no need to pretend.”

Kevin smiled. “Yes, I am her grandson.”

He was very lucky and very happy.

His grandma was the best grandma in the world.

Although Grandma York would arrange a target for them on their own initiative and ask them to take action, leaving them speechless, In the end, they all followed Grandma, and they gained happiness because of it.

As a dear grandma, she wouldn’t cheat them.

As soon as they entered the elevator, the elevator door closed. Kevin immediately took Hayden’s hand and was about to take her into his arms, but Hayden’s cell phone rang without warning.

She quickly pushed him away, took out her mobile phone, looked at the caller ID, and said to Kevin, “My mom’s call.”

When the mother-in-law calls in the future, Kevin will not be able to harass her.

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