Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3468

Chapter 542 – Advanced Abyssal Trial

An Advanced Abyssal Trial?

Shi Feng was caught off guard by the system notification.

He had visited the Golden Spire more than once in his previous life. He had even conducted detailed research on the spire, and the information he held was no less than what the various apex powers possessed.

However, he had never heard of the Golden Spire having an Abyssal Trial, much less an Advanced Abyssal Trial.

Normally, the Greater God’s Domain’s various powers could go all out to fight each other just to secure a clue relating to a Primordial God. Some upper-ranking hegemonic powers and conglomerates had even perished because of this.

Meanwhile, the Primordial Abyssal God was one of the strongest Primordial Gods that had ever existed. If it was made known that a clue relating to the Primordial Abyssal God was hidden in the Golden Spire, there was no way the various powers could sit still. Even the high and mighty apex powers wouldn’t hesitate to start a war with each other.

However, according to the information Shi Feng collected, the Golden Spire’s construction might involve Ancient Gods, but it was totally unrelated to Primordial Gods. Otherwise, the various apex powers would have long since occupied the Golden Spire. They would have never let other powers set even a foot into the spire.

System: You have three minutes to decide whether to activate the Advanced Abyssal Trial. If no response is given, the Advanced Abyssal Trial will not be activated by default.

Activate it! Shi Feng decided without hesitation.

The Primordial Abyssal God’s Legacy was extraordinary. Setting aside the fact that Primordial God Legacies were nearly impossible to find in the current Greater God’s Domain, just participating in an Abyssal Trial was a fortuitous opportunity in and of itself.

Shi Feng had no doubts he could get promoted to Tier 6 with his current capabilities. However, the Hundred Refinement Mana Body Quest required him to construct a Legendary Divine Body, which was no easy feat.

The construction of a Divine Body was different from a Mana Body. The stronger a Divine Body a player desired, the stronger the laws they needed to master to stabilize their Divine Body.

Typically, an Epic Divine Body required the mastery of one Advanced Law to stabilize. Although he had mastered three Advanced Laws, he wasn’t sure if that was enough to stabilize a Legendary Divine Body.

If he could master more Advanced Laws through the help of the Abyssal Legacy, it would greatly increase his chances of constructing a Legendary Divine Body.

System: Advanced Abyssal Trial activated. Please climb to a height of 20,000 meters in the Golden Spire’s upper level within two days. Rewards unknown.

System: The countdown will begin as soon as you take your first step onto the lower level’s staircase. Please pay attention to your remaining time.

Climb to a height of 20,000 meters in two days? Shi Feng gasped when he saw the trial requirements, and he couldn’t help but wonder if the Main God System was joking with him.

The Golden Spire was split into the lower and upper levels. Both levels measured 30,000 meters in height. Although players with the upper level’s key could gain access to the spire’s upper level, they still needed to start their ascend from the lower level. Moreover, for every 1,000 meters climbed, the trial’s difficulty would increase.

The average expert would typically need around two days just to get through the lower level. As for reaching the 20,000-meter mark on the upper level, that was an achievement that only five players had ever accomplished in Shi Feng’s previous life. In addition, over 99% of the players who challenged the upper level failed to even reach the 10,000-meter mark.

Currently, even if Shi Feng combined his past life’s experiences with his current capabilities, he was only confident in reaching the 10,000-meter mark. As for the 20,000-meter mark, even if he had unlimited time, reaching it would be a huge challenge, let alone reaching it in two days. That was simply an impossible request.

Just as Shi Feng and Aurebeth were about to start climbing the staircase before them, two flashes of light appeared near them. When the lights faded, they revealed the figures of Aqua Rose and Seven Melody.

When Seven Melody spotted Shi Feng and Aurebeth, she approached them without hesitation and warmly spoke as if they were long-time acquaintances, “Please wait a moment, Guild Leader Black Flame. I have a tempting offer to make to you and your companion. May I have some of your time?”

“A tempting offer? What is it?” Aurebeth asked as she scrutinized Seven Melody with a look of curiosity.

“It is something that will allow you to gain a great harvest, Third Vice Guild Leader Aurebeth. I promise,” Seven Melody said, exposing Aurebeth’s identity with a smile.

Aurebeth’s gaze turned a little wary when she heard Seven Melody’s words.

The changes to Azure Fang’s Third Vice Guild Leader position were made in secret, and only a few people in Azure Fang were aware of it. Most other people in the Guild only knew that someone else was sitting in the position of Third Vice Guild Leader. They weren’t aware of exactly who was sitting in the position.

“You don’t need to look at me like that, Miss Aurebeth. I’m not a monster,” Seven Melody said, smiling. “I am only here to discuss a collaboration between us. It is a collaboration that can bring both of our parties great benefits.”

“Collaboration? What kind of collaboration do you have in mind?” Shi Feng asked out of curiosity.

“Simple.” Turning to Shi Feng, Seven Melody said, “I have Legacy that holds a method to resist the lower level’s mana, and it is the only copy in the Eternal Realm. This method can drastically lower the difficulty of your ascent. I can share it with you, but in exchange, I need you to help us reach the upper level as quickly as possible. I believe that we can both benefit greatly from this collaboration.

“After all, the sooner you reach the upper level, the more lucrative the final rewards you will receive. In addition, we can further our collaboration if we come across the Scarlet Merchant Alliance’s chosen ones. If we work together with Scarlet’s chosen ones, not even the other pseudo-apex powers’ chosen ones will dare to find trouble with you.”

“A method to resist the lower level’s mana?” Shi Feng couldn’t help but look at Seven Melody in surprise.

He had never heard of a mana resistance method recognized by the Main God System for the Golden Spire’s lower level. Normally, players could only research their own method of combating the lower level’s mana. A standardized method was never found. After all, every player’s Mana Body was different, and different Mana Bodies would react differently to the Golden Spire’s mana.

“Yes. It is something that the beautiful Aqua next to me acquired after going through great difficulty. You will not find a second copy of it in the Eternal Realm,” Seven Melody said, nodding as she pointed at Aqua Rose. “You will most certainly regret it if you miss this opportunity.

“For your information, it has already been over two days since the seven pseudo-apex powers’ members entered the Golden Spire. They are probably scattered across both levels by now, and if you come across them, they will undoubtedly try to hinder your progress. Even if you can defeat them, it will take time and add difficulty to your trial. It will also affect the rewards you will receive.

“But with our mana resistance method, you can at least reduce some of the difficulties you will face and save yourself a lot of time.”

“Alright, I can agree to your conditions,” Shi Feng answered.

Personally, he was quite intrigued by Seven Melody’s suggestion. He was curious to see what kind of mana resistance method could be universally applied to all players. Not to mention, accepting Seven Melody’s offer would allow him to help and get acquainted with Aqua Rose.

“I’m fine with it, too,” Aurebeth said, nodding.

“Great! Let’s have a happy collaboration, then!” Seven Melody happily said before taking out an ancient stone tablet. Then, she continued, “Try to learn the method on this tablet as quickly as possible. There are going to be more people coming in in a moment.”

When Seven Melody took out the stone tablet, the corners of Shi Feng’s mouth immediately twitched after just taking a casual glance at it, the shock he currently experienced no less intense than when he triggered the Advanced Abyssal Trial.

A Primordial God Tablet!

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