Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3469

Chapter 543 – Primordial God-ranked Mana Technique

“Well? Are you two done learning it?” Seven Melody urgingly asked as she looked at Shi Feng and Aurebeth. “There is limited space in the trial area, and many more people will be entering soon! If we have to resist the trial’s attacks within a limited space, the difficulty we have to face will increase, so we need to move quickly!”

However, despite Seven Melody’s urging, Shi Feng dared not rush himself and completely immersed himself in the information conveyed by the stone tablet.

After all, this was a Primordial God Tablet they were talking about, and there were only a very small number of these tablets in the current Greater God’s Domain!

Before the Holy Race’s invasion, those who got their hands on a Primordial God Tablet were deceived by the tablet’s unremarkable appearance. At first glance, the tablets looked like nothing more than records casually left behind by the myriad Ancient Gods.

However, sometime after the Holy Race’s invasion began, players began to discover the uniqueness of the Primordial God Tablets.

Typically, a stone tablet left behind by an Ancient God would only contain one mana interpretation method. Or, more specifically, these Ancient God Tablets could only be interpreted using one method, and they would also only yield one outcome.

However, Primordial God Tablets were different in that they could be interpreted using numerous mana interpretation methods, and every different method used would yield a different result.

After only glancing at the tablet Seven Melody took out, Shi Feng had already discerned over ten methods to interpret it, which yielded him over ten different methods of resisting mana.

This situation allowed Shi Feng to understand why Seven Melody had determined that her stone tablet held a mana resistance method everyone could use.

Of course, the numerous mana resistance methods recorded in the Primordial God Tablet were only one of its multiple aspects. What made a Primordial God Tablet truly incredible was the Mana Techniques they contained.

Every Primordial God Tablet would have a Mana Technique Legacy hidden in it. As for whether players could obtain this Mana Technique Legacy, it all depended on whether they could find the corresponding mana interpretation method for it and whether they had the necessary talent and capabilities to learn the Mana Technique.

The passing down of Primordial God-ranked Mana Techniques had ceased during the Mythical Era. Although Saints of future generations would later develop Saint-ranked Mana Techniques, they were merely crude imitations of Primordial God-ranked Mana Techniques. They weren’t even 10% as powerful or effective. This was also why Primordial Gods were extremely powerful.

During his previous life, Shi Feng had tried to find opportunities to learn a Primordial God-ranked Mana Technique, but he never managed to secure one, even after offering to trade for it using a Legendary Equipment Set.

Yet, now, Seven Melody had given him this opportunity without hesitation. Even if she wasn’t aware of what she had in her hands, it was unbelievable nonetheless.

If he were to let this opportunity slip by him, he would definitely regret it.

“Are you two still not done?! It’s been two minutes already!”

Seven Melody started growing anxious when she saw that Shi Feng and Aurebeth were still stuck learning from the tablet. Previously, when she and Aqua Rose studied the tablet, they didn’t use more than thirty seconds. Meanwhile, as soon as they finished studying the tablet, the mana resistance method she spoke of was automatically generated and engraved in their minds.

Yet, now, Shi Feng and Aurebeth still weren’t done studying the tablet after two minutes. With this much time, even a pig should have finished learning the mana resistance method already.

“Just a little longer. I’m finding some parts difficult to understand,” Shi Feng awkwardly explained.

This was his first time interpreting a Primordial God Tablet. He had also never learned how to interpret a Primordial God Tablet, as only powers with Primordial God Tablets would know the proper methods to do so. However, none of these powers would share their methods or their Primordial God Tablets with others.

Even if these powers did share their methods, they likely wouldn’t be useful. After all, the correct interpretation methods for every Primordial God Tablet were different.

Meanwhile, in the two minutes he spent studying Seven Melody’s Primordial God Tablet, he had already tried over a hundred interpretation methods and obtained over a hundred answers. But none of these answers led to a Mana Technique.

Meanwhile, roughly five minutes after Shi Feng started studying the Primordial God Tablet, a large group of players appeared at the bottom of the staircase. At a glance, there were easily over a thousand players. After these players excitedly surveyed the Golden Spire’s interior, they promptly charged up the staircase, none even bothering to glance at Shi Feng’s group of four.

Seven Melody felt as if her head was about to explode when she saw this, and she couldn’t help but turn to Aqua Rose and whisper, “Aqua, are these two people truly experts? Why do I feel like they’re just two blockheads?”

“I don’t know.” Aqua Rose shook her head, similarly feeling puzzled as she watched Shi Feng and Aurebeth completely focused on the stone tablet in Seven Melody’s hand. “The tablet’s content is pretty simple. Logically, they should only need a few seconds to learn everything.”

Subsequently, time continued passing, and amidst Aqua Rose and Seven Melody’s hushed conversation, Aurebeth suddenly took a deep breath and smiled.

“I learned it!” Aurebeth reported to Seven Melody, looking quite proud of herself.

Hearing Aurebeth’s report, Seven Melody didn’t know what she should say in response.

Should she praise her?

Ten minutes!

Aurebeth had used ten minutes to accomplish what she had accomplished in less than thirty seconds, yet the Blood Elf behaved like a child who had just scored full marks on a test. For a moment, Seven Melody couldn’t help but wonder if she had taken out the wrong tablet…

At this time, Aurebeth noticed that Shi Feng was still staring at the tablet, his body remaining motionless.

“He seems to be stuck on something, just like you were before,” Aqua Rose explained when she saw Aurebeth looking at Shi Feng curiously.

“Well, it is quite difficult.” Aurebeth nodded to express her understanding. “If not for my foundation, I would have probably been stuck for a much longer time.”

“…” Seven Melody grew even more speechless when she saw Aurebeth expressing her understanding.

Were any foundations necessary to use a mana interpretation method on a stone tablet?

Wasn’t this something that could be accomplished by any player capable of manipulating mana?

Meanwhile, after half an hour, a joyful exclamation suddenly sounded at the bottom of the Golden Spire’s lower level. Hearing this, Seven Melody and Aqua Rose breathed a sigh of relief.

This was because the joyful exclamation came from none other than Shi Feng.

“Finally… At long last… I’ve finally learned it!”

At this moment, the joy on Shi Feng’s face was apparent even to an ordinary person. His excitement could even infect those looking at his expression.

However, Seven Melody and Aqua Rose could only roll their eyes at Shi Feng when they saw his behavior.

Thirty minutes. In the half-hour they spent waiting for Shi Feng to be done with learning the mana resistance method, they saw over 10,000 players entering the Golden Spire and ascending the lower level’s staircase. With the addition of so many competitors, it would become even more difficult for them to catch up to the first batch of experts the Scarlet Merchant Alliance had sent into the Golden Spire.

“Let’s go,” Shi Feng said, awkwardly smiling when he saw the impatient look on Seven Melody’s and Aqua Rose’s faces. “Don’t worry. I promise we can catch up to them in no time.”

Studying the Primordial God Tablet was not easy. He had used over a thousand mana interpretation methods before he finally found the one that led him to the Mana Technique recorded on the tablet.

Fortunately, the Mana Technique recorded on the tablet just so happened to be incredibly useful for him. This was because the Mana Technique was a sword technique meant for Swordsmen.

The Primordial God-ranked Mana Technique, Dark Moon!

It was a well-known Mana Technique in the Greater God’s Domain, and it was also the trademark technique of the Bloodsoaked Rakshasa!

What excited Shi Feng, even more, was the identity of the creator behind this Primordial God-ranked Mana Technique.

The Goddess of Space!

Despite not being a Primordial God, the Goddess of Space had created a Primordial God-ranked Mana Technique. For players who weren’t Primordial Gods, Dark Moon was undoubtedly the easiest to learn out of all Primordial God-ranked Mana Techniques in existence!

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