Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3470

Chapter 544 – Initial Mastery Over the Law of Space

“Catch up in no time?”

Seven Melody couldn’t help but roll her eyes at Shi Feng, feeling both angry and exasperated.

The Golden Spire’s trials were tailored toward individual players. If players could pass the trials, they could continue to advance. If not, they would be stuck where they were, and outsiders wouldn’t be able to help them.

In addition, there was limited space inside the Golden Spire. So, the more players there were challenging Golden Spire, the less space players had to maneuver around, which would, in turn, increase the difficulty of their trials.

Currently, more than 10,000 players were already inside the Golden Spire, and these players had nearly a 30-minute head start over their group of three. If they were to start their climb now, the difficulty of the trials they faced would be substantially greater, and the time they needed to overcome the trials would most certainly be longer than normal.

So, even if they did catch up to these 10,000-plus players, Seven Melody wasn’t even sure if she and Aqua Rose could outcompete the Scarlet Merchant Alliance’s paragons who had entered the Golden Spire in the first batch.

Apart from the chosen ones cultivated by the Scarlet Merchant Alliance, the competition between the Guild’s paragons was extraordinarily intense. While she might have an upper-level key for the Golden Spire in her possession, she couldn’t use it to enter the upper level at her discretion. Whether she could use it to enter the upper level still depended on the time she used to complete the lower level.

After all, upper-level keys were hard to come by. The Scarlet Merchant Alliance naturally wouldn’t waste such a precious resource on individuals who took too much time to complete the lower level.

However, Shi Feng didn’t bother to explain himself. He simply smiled and stepped onto the staircase before him.

Dark Moon, the Goddess of Space’s Legacy, was incredibly profound. The Mana Technique was split into seven moves: the Sword of Earth, the Sword of Water, the Sword of Wind, the Sword of Fire, the Sword of Time, the Sword of Illusion, and the Sword of Space. The seven moves were an advanced application of the Four Major Elements and the Three Supreme Elements.

There were no differences in strength between the seven moves. Each move had its strengths. Meanwhile, Dark Moon utilized the element of Space as its core, and the element allowed for the continuous integration of other magic elements.

When all seven elements were merged into one, the user of Dark Moon could fight Primordial Gods of the same tier.

Although Shi Feng had yet to master any of the seven moves, through the information he gained from the Goddess’s Legacy, he had already gained initial mastery over the Law of Space, which could be considered as him having learned the Dark Moon Mana Technique.

By manipulating the Space element, he could not only fully stabilize his mana, but he could even spread it out to create a Mana Domain inside the Golden Spire. While he couldn’t extend his Mana Domain as far out as he normally could, he could ensure its absolute stability within a 50-yard radius.

Gaining mastery over the Space element also enlightened Shi Feng on why, despite the Primordial God Tablet having various mana resistance methods, any of these methods could allow players to resist the Golden Spire’s rampant mana.

“Let’s go as well, Melody,” Aqua Rose said persuasively as she looked at the exasperated Cleric beside her. “There might be some changes to the plan, but at least none of those outside experts will dare to make a move against us.”

The Golden Spire had lucrative rewards. This was something everyone knew. But not everyone could get their hands on these rewards, and some selfish individuals might choose to sabotage others once they knew they had no chance of proceeding any further. However, with Shi Feng acting as a deterrent, it was unlikely anyone would dare to target their group.

“I guess you’re right…”

After thinking it over, Seven Melody could only use Aqua Rose’s reasoning to console herself.

Subsequently, Seven Melody and Aqua Rose also stepped onto the staircase, intending to pass through the lower level’s trials as quickly as possible.

Players would face a trial every 1,000 meters they ascended in the Golden Spire. According to the information the Scarlet Merchant Alliance obtained, these trials required players to break through a magic barrier while fighting against Magic Puppets of the same tier. Every Magic Puppet was at the Refinement Realm standard by default, and they could only damage the players they were summoned to target.

Moreover, the Magic Puppets would grow stronger with numbers.

For every three Magic Puppets on the battlefield, they could form a small battle array that would increase their Basic Attributes and elevate their combat standards by one rank.

For every three small battle arrays present, they could form a medium battle array that would elevate the Magic Puppets’ Basic Attributes to the standard of Archaic Species and combat standards to the Void Realm.

For every three medium battle arrays present, they could form a large battle array that would increase the Magic Puppets’ Basic Attributes to the standard of Ferocious Beasts and grant every one of them the ability to use Domains. If surrounded by these enhanced Magic Puppets, even fifth-floor experts would lose their lives if they weren’t careful.

While facing the attacks of these Magic Puppets, players needed to break the magic barrier hindering their advance as quickly as possible. Otherwise, once a set amount of time passed, the magic barrier would fully regenerate, and players would have to start breaking the barrier all over again.

Furthermore, for every trial players completed, the number of Magic Puppets they faced would increase by three. And for every 10,000 meters they climbed, the gravity they experienced and the volatility of the mana surrounding them would double.

Meanwhile, the instant Seven Melody and Aqua Rose ascended 1,000 meters up the staircase, their first trial began, and six Magic Puppets appeared a short distance away from them.

The six Magic Puppets charged at the two players in groups of three, and each group was empowered by a small battle array. In this rampant mana environment, a fourth-floor expert would have to expend a lot of energy just to cope with these Magic Puppets.

However, just as Seven Melody and Aqua Rose were about to rely on their formidable Basic Attributes to repel the Magic Puppets, a familiar voice suddenly entered their ears.


Following this voice, the crisp sound of three objects hitting the ground came from nearby.

When Seven Melody and Aqua Rose turned toward the source of these sounds, they saw three Magic Puppets falling flat onto the floor as if something heavy was crushing them…

“How is this possible?!” Seven Melody exclaimed, her mouth having difficulty closing when she saw the owner of the voice.

The person who had immobilized the three Magic Puppets was none other than Shi Feng, the person who had spent half an hour learning a mana resistance method.

“Mana Domain! He’s using his Mana Domain!” Aqua Rose muttered in shock as she looked at Shi Feng. She was able to quickly determine the cause of the three Magic Puppets’ situation. “He can use his Mana Domain here!”

Apart from a Mana Domain, Aqua Rose could think of no other explanation for how Shi Feng managed to suppress the Magic Puppets with words alone.

But the problem was that the Golden Spire’s mana environment destabilized players’ mana. In such a situation, even fighting normally was an impossible task, let alone creating a Mana Domain that was strong enough to suppress enemies thoroughly.

This situation was even more unbelievable than fantasy!

Has he already mastered the Law of Space?

At this time, Aurebeth was similarly looking at Shi Feng in astonishment, but the cause for her surprise was different from that of Seven Melody and Aqua Rose.

As someone who had learned the Goddess of Space’s Dark Moon Legacy, Aurebeth could more or less guess how Shi Feng could use his Mana Domain inside the Golden Spire. However, it was precisely because she knew how he did it that she couldn’t help but be astonished.

Previously, after spending ten minutes analyzing Seven Melody’s Stone Tablet, Aurebeth had arrived at the Goddess of Space’s Legacy. Then, after learning the Goddess’s Legacy, she gained basic mastery over the Space element, which allowed her to stabilize the mana in her body.

Originally, Aurebeth thought that she was already a fast learner. But now, it was revealed that, even though Shi Feng had taken more time to analyze the stone tablet than she did, he had gained greater mastery over the Goddess’s Legacy than she did. After all, the fact that Shi Feng could extend his mana beyond his physical body meant that he had already gained advanced mastery over the Space element, which also meant that he had already gained initial mastery over the Law of Space.

This was simply unbelievable.

“The rest of you kneel as well!”

When Shi Feng saw the six Magic Puppets targeting Seven Melody and Aqua Rose resuming their charge, he spoke again. Immediately afterward, all six Magic Puppets fell to the ground and stopped moving. Then, he calmly said:

“Let’s go to the next trial.”

TL Notes:


This should have been translated as “Get down!,” but it could be misunderstood as Shi Feng telling his allies to get down because he’s gonna use some powerful AOE move, so I opted for “Kneel!”

It also sounds cooler.

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