Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3472

Chapter 546 – Come and Meet Your Maker

Seven Melody breathed a sigh of relief shortly after Solitary Glow walked away.

Solitary Glow and Dragon Soul were the Scarlet Merchant Alliance’s chosen ones of this generation. They were slated to become the Guild’s Taboos in the future, and their status was so high that they didn’t even need to show respect to the Guild’s Vice Guild Leaders.

Even though Seven Melody was the successor of her family, out of the two chosen ones, only Dragon Soul came from her family. Solitary Glow, on the other hand, was nurtured by the Guild Leader’s family. So, if Solitary Glow refused to help her, there would be nothing Seven Melody could do about it.

“I’m sorry, Guild Leader Black Flame,” Seven Melody said as she looked at Shi Feng apologetically. “Big Sis Glow doesn’t mean any harm. It’s just that upper-level keys are incredibly precious, and she is worried that me and Aqua will waste this opportunity.”

“I understand.” Shi Feng nodded, not minding Solitary Glow’s attitude toward him. “If I were in her position, I wouldn’t dare to recklessly help an outsider in the Golden Spire, either.”

Solitary Glow and Dragon Soul were very famous individuals during Shi Feng’s previous life. It was especially so for Solitary Glow.

Aside from their strength, another factor that played into their fame was due to the splitting of the Scarlet Merchant Alliance. At the time, the Scarlet Merchant Alliance’s Guild Leader had suddenly left the Guild with a bunch of people to start his own Guild called the Blood Drinking Chamber of Commerce. Then, after its establishment, the Blood Drinking Chamber of Commerce fought restlessly against the Scarlet Merchant Alliance.

However, because the Scarlet Merchant Alliance’s Taboos remained with the Guild, the Blood Drinking Chamber of Commerce was never a match for it. If not for Solitary Glow having the strength to hold off three of Scarlet’s Taboos by herself at the time, the Blood Drinking Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t even be able to continue surviving in the Greater God’s Domain.

Back then, the Scarlet Merchant Alliance had made numerous offers to pull Solitary Glow back to its side. However, no matter how tempting an offer Solitary Glow received, she had never agreed to defect from the Blood Drinking Chamber of Commerce. Ultimately, though, the Blood Drinking Chamber of Commerce still met its destruction after the Scarlet Merchant Alliance produced a new Taboo, breaking the balance in strength.

Meanwhile, after the Blood Drinking Chamber of Commerce disappeared from the Greater God’s Domain, Solitary Glow seemingly disappeared with it. She never joined another power or showed herself in public afterward, and a few apex powers couldn’t help but lament the situation.

It wasn’t just because the Greater God’s Domain had lost a loyal and powerful asset such as Solitary Glow. It was more so because the Scarlet Merchant Alliance could have become one of the Nine Great Pseudo-Apex Powers and potentially even an apex power in the future had it not experienced such a sudden internal split.

Meanwhile, after meeting Solitary Glow in person, Shi Feng could tell that she was indeed devoted to her Guild, her behavior lacking any ulterior motives. If any other member of the Scarlet Merchant Alliance’s Guild Leader’s faction were in her place, they would be more than eager to see Seven Melody waste an upper-level key, as this would, in turn, weaken the influence of Seven Melody’s faction.

Not to mention, there were over a dozen Star Dynasty experts currently targeting their group of four in the temple. Among them, even the weakest among them was a Level 157 Saint, and every one of them also wielded a Legendary Weapon. If these experts were to work together, even if they were only at Tier 5, they could still reign supreme over any kingdom in the outside world, and no power would dare to underestimate them. With all these experts targeting their group, nobody could fault Solitary Glow even if she refused to help their group.

Honestly, if Zero Wing wasn’t in the middle of clashing with multiple apex powers in his previous life, Shi Feng would have tried to recruit Solitary Glow into Zero Wing.

Meanwhile, shortly after the exchange between Shi Feng and Seven Melody, Solitary Glow and Dragon Soul approached their group.

Dragon Soul was a giant of a man, his height coming in at six meters. He carried a large hammer made of white bones on his back, and every step he took shook the ground around him. Even though he was only a Level 158, Tier 5 Berserker, he gave off the feeling of a bona fide Tier 6 Berserker God.

“Let’s go.” After sweeping an indifferent glance at Shi Feng and Aurebeth, Dragon Soul said, “When the Star Dynasty’s people come for us later, Glow and I will stop their two chosen ones. As for the others, you will have to deal with them yourselves.”

“What arrogant words you have there, Dragon Soul. Do you really dare protect the people the Star Dynasty is targeting?” As soon as Dragon Soul finished speaking, a young male Demidragon clad in black armor and wielding a large saber suddenly spoke up. “Do you think you are invincible in the Golden Spire just because you managed to survive a fight with Sleeping Spark?”

“So, are you saying you can win against me, Black Tiger?” Dragon Soul said as he glanced at the Demidragon with disdain. “If I say I’m going to protect them, nobody can touch them!”

The Star Dynasty had four chosen ones. However, apart from Sleeping Spark, Dragon Soul did not consider any of the other three chosen ones as worthy of his attention. If not for the interference of the Golden Spire’s Magic Puppets, he and Solitary Glow could easily trample over the two other Star Dynasty chosen ones on the upper level.

“I would like to see you try, then!”

Suddenly, a low and crisp laugh sounded in the temple, and the nonchalant expressions of Dragon Soul and Solitary Glow immediately grew serious as they turned to look at the person who just spoke.

The person who just spoke was a gorgeous woman in a red dress. She had long fiery red hair that cascaded down her back, and she was akin to a fire elemental as her mere presence caused the surrounding space to heat up. Evidently, the woman had already surpassed the standard of Saints when it came to the use of the fire element.

“Are you planning to help the Star Dynasty, Scarlet?” Dragon Soul asked, his expression darkening and a hint of fear flashing in his eyes as he looked at the gorgeous woman.

At this time, Solitary Glow also wore an ugly expression as she whispered to Shi Feng and Aurebeth, “She’s Flaming Bee’s Scarlet Sorceress. She is no weaker than Dragon Soul and I. If she decides to help the Star Dynasty, I’m afraid you will have to give up on challenging the Golden Spire.”

Few people in the Greater God’s Domain knew about Scarlet Sorceress.

Firstly, it was because Flaming Bee had secretly nurtured Scarlet Sorceress as one of its chosen ones, and rarely would she take action in the Greater God’s Domain.

Secondly, most of those who had fought Scarlet Sorceress in actual battle had their existences immolated, with even their Immortal Souls being burnt to nothing.

If not for Scarlet Sorceress taking action on the Golden Spire’s upper level, none of them present would have known that Flaming Bee had been hiding such a chosen one.

“I have no intentions of helping the Star Dynasty,” Scarlet Sorceress said, shaking her head. Then, she turned to Shi Feng and continued, “I simply have some accounts to settle with Guild Leader Black Flame.”

“With me?” Shi Feng couldn’t help but grow confused. He failed to recall ever having provoked Flaming Bee’s Scarlet Sorceress.

“What a forgetful person you are, Guild Leader Black Flame.” Smiling faintly at Shi Feng, Scarlet Sorceress said, “Have you forgotten about Eternal’s auction already? Thanks to you allying with the Blaze Conglomerate, Flaming Bee lost its head start in the Underground Crystal Palace. I was present at the auction and watched as you happily outbid us. I bet you never thought about today, right?”

Following Scarlet Sorceress’s words, Solitary Glow, Seven Melody, and Aqua Rose couldn’t help but grow speechless at Shi Feng’s ability to offend pseudo-apex powers.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng laughed in response to Scarlet Sorceress’s words. Then, after stepping onto the staircase connected to the temple, he nonchalantly glanced at Scarlet Sorceress and the Star Dynasty’s members and said, “Do you think I need to?”

As soon as Shi Feng finished speaking, dense mana spread from his body, instantly causing the three Magic Puppets that had appeared before him to kneel on the ground. Even though all three Magic Puppets were at the fourth-floor standard, none could move an inch from where they stood, let alone get close to Shi Feng…

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