Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3473

Chapter 547 – Distinguished Results

“A Mana Domain?!”

“He can use his Mana Domain in the Golden Spire?!”

“How is this possible? How is he unaffected by the spire’s rampant mana?”

The players resting in the temple couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the Magic Puppets kneeling to Shi Feng as if he were their ruler. Even Scarlet Sorceress, who had been mocking Shi Feng just a moment ago, looked at this situation in stunned silence.

How did he do it? Shouldn’t it be impossible to control the Golden Spire’s volatile mana?

Solitary Glow was greatly confused by the situation taking place on the staircase. She even suspected that her eyes were currently playing a trick on her, and the three Magic Puppets weren’t actually kneeling before Shi Feng.

The biggest difference separating high-tiered players from low-tiered players was the ability to use Mana Domains.

During the initial launch of a God’s Domain, there was even a saying that players beneath Tier 4 were no different than ants. This saying existed because of the ability for Tier 4 players to use Mana Domains. With the assistance of a Mana Domain, a Tier 4 player could exert absolute suppression over players beneath Tier 4 and turn zerg tactics into jokes.

Although everyone present was currently at Tier 5, the difference between having and not having the ability to use a Mana Domain would result in a massive gap in combat power.

At this time, Dragon Soul also started to take Shi Feng seriously. He no longer dared to treat him as merely a friend of Seven Melody and someone needing protection.

Even though Shi Feng’s equipment was inferior to everyone present, his ability to unleash his Mana Domain in the Golden Spire’s environment would ensure he was not at a disadvantage. He would even be at an advantage when fighting on the staircase.

Once in a trial area, players would have to constantly face the attacks of Magic Puppets. If players were to fight other players in this situation, they would have to defend themselves against the attacks of both players and Magic Puppets.

However, the trials’ Magic Puppets were nothing but jokes in front of Shi Feng. If anyone were to fight Shi Feng in a trial area, they would not only have to fight the Magic Puppets and Shi Feng together, but they would also have to do so while being suppressed by Shi Feng’s Mana Domain. In such a situation, even ten chosen ones working together would not be a match for Shi Feng.

Seeing the various pseudo-apex powers’ members falling into a daze, Seven Melody and Aqua Rose couldn’t help but be amazed. It was especially so for Aqua Rose.

Aqua Rose could never imagine herself going against the chosen ones of two pseudo-apex powers. Yet, Shi Feng, someone who came from the same world as her, had not only done so, but he had managed to deter the two pseudo-apex powers’ chosen ones to a point where they didn’t dare to make a move against him.

“Let’s go,” Shi Feng said to Seven Melody and Aqua Rose. Seeing as neither Scarlet Sorceress nor the Star Dynasty’s members dared to escalate their aggression, he no longer wished to continue wasting his time with them.

After saying so, Shi Feng began making his way up the staircase.


Under the watchful eyes of the crowd in the temple, Seven Melody and Aqua Rose followed Shi Feng excitedly. As for Solitary Glow and Dragon Soul, it took them a moment to process the situation, but they quickly chased after Shi Feng’s group once they came back to their senses. At the same time, they couldn’t help but feel complicated by this unexpected development.

Originally, Solitary Glow and Dragon Soul thought they would be the ones helping Shi Feng progress on the upper level. But now, Shi Feng was the one helping them instead.

Shortly after Shi Feng’s group left, the upper level’s starting temple went into chaos. The spectating players were especially noisy. None of them thought that a newcomer on the Sacred Glory List would be able to overwhelm the Star Dynasty, one of the Nine Great Pseudo-Apex Powers, in such a leisurely manner. If news of this situation spread, it would definitely shock all the players and powers in the Greater God’s Domain.

“Are you just going to let them leave like this, Scarlet?” the Star Dynasty’s Black Tiger asked as he looked at Scarlet Sorceress. “Our reputation is going to take a hit after this.”

“If you’re worried about your reputation, why don’t you attack him?” Scarlet Sorceress said as she looked at Black Tiger in disdain.

“I would if I could beat him,” Black Tiger said before laughing in embarrassment. “If we weren’t in the Golden Spire, I would definitely let him know what despair is.”

“You don’t say?” Scarlet Sorceress rolled her eyes at Black Tiger. Then, she turned toward the direction that Shi Feng disappeared to and sneered, saying, “But this matter won’t end so easily. We might not be a match for him now, but we can simply wait for Sleeping Spark to finish challenging the spire. If we work with him, we can easily kill Black Flame and his group.”

Black Tiger nodded in agreement. He was also confident in Sleeping Spark’s strength.

Sleeping Spark might also be one of the Star Dynasty’s chosen ones, but he was much stronger and more talented than any other chosen ones. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say they stood on completely different levels. This was evident based on their respective performances in the Golden Spire.

None of the experts currently resting in the starting temple could reach the upper level’s 10,000-meter mark. Yet, Sleeping Spark had done so. He had even started to challenge the 14,000-meter mark already.

They also didn’t have to worry about not being able to encounter Shi Feng again.

Unlike the lower level, players would not be automatically teleported out of the spire when killed by the upper level’s Magic Puppets. Instead, they would be teleported back to the starting temple, scored by the system based on their performance, and given a few options for their rewards.[1]

Hence, they would have one more opportunity to redeem themselves later on.

Subsequently, time passed by quickly. After Scarlet Sorceress and Black Tiger waited in the starting temple for nearly a day, the ranking list available next to the temple’s treasury finally got updated. Immediately, they noticed several new names appearing on the stone tablet and Sleeping Spark, who originally occupied first place on the list, falling to third place.

“How is this possible?!”

Black Tiger and Scarlet Sorceress nearly lost their minds when they saw the updated ranking list.

The Challenge Tablet was something that had appeared after the Golden Spire’s upper floor had transformed. The tablet recorded the names of the players who had successfully climbed to the 10,000-meter mark, and players on the tablet were ranked based on the final height they achieved. The tablet could record the names of up to 100 players, and it was updated daily.

For the various pseudo-apex powers’ chosen ones and paragons present, the Challenge Tablet was the ranking list they wanted to enter the most. This was because it was far more credible than any ranking list published by the Seven Luminaries Alliance, as it placed more emphasis on players’ talent and potential.

The Seven Luminaries Alliance’s ranking lists were created based on observation and judgment, so not everyone on these ranking lists had actually fought each other before. As for the Golden Spire’s Challenge Tablet, while it also didn’t rank players based on duel performances, everyone ranked on it was subjected to the same challenges and enemies. So, it allowed players to compare their talent and strength without biases or deviations.

Before this, the Challenge Tablet only recorded one name: Sleeping Spark. Because of this, even the Scarlet Merchant Alliance’s Dragon Soul had no choice but to admit that he was inferior to Sleeping Spark.

But now, several new names appear on the Challenge Tablet, and most were very familiar to Scarlet Sorceress and Black Tiger.

7th – Seven Melody – Current Record: 10,647 meters.

6th – Aqua Rose – Current Record: 11,745 meters.

5th – Solitary Glow – Current Record: 14,582 meters.

4th – Dragon Soul – Current Record: 14,645 meters.

3rd – Sleeping Spark – Current Record: 16,458 meters.

2nd – Aurebeth – Current Record: 18,428 meters.

1st – Black Flame – Current Record: 19,786 meters.

TL Notes:

[1]Just a fyi:

The players resting in the starting temple were teleported back because Sleeping Spark reached the 10,000-meter mark. They weren’t teleported back because they were killed, so they(particularly Solitary Glow and Dragon Soul) can still challenge the upper level.

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