Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3477

Chapter 551 – Tier 6 God?


Shi Feng couldn’t help but be flabbergasted after looking at the weapon vaguely enveloped by black flames in his hand.

[Shadow Incinerator (Dark Soul)] (One-handed Sword, Sealed Godly Relic)

Equipment Requirement: Soul-Bound

Attack Power (490% of Strength)

Attack Speed (3% of Strength and Agility)

All Attributes (Increases according to the user’s level)

When equipped:

Attacks ignore 100% of all defensive effects;

Attacks have a 30% chance of triggering the Soul Devour effect;

Attacks have a 40% chance of being elevated by one rank and dealing 500% damage;

Attacks cause an additional 100% damage to all creatures below Tier 6;

Ignore Levels +60;

All Attributes increased by 170%;

Physique increased by 100%;

Reaction speed increased by 60%;

Effects of all attacks increased by two ranks (up to Tier 6 Peak);

The strength of Mana increased by one rank;

Concentration increased by one rank.

Additional Passive Skill-

Incinerator’s Body: Weakens all damage received by 60% and increases World Perception by one rank.

Additional Active Skill 1-

Incinerator’s Phantasm: Sacrifice 10 Levels to summon the Phantasm of a player. The Phantasm can only be two tiers higher than the Shadow Incinerator’s wielder (up to Tier 6).

Duration: 5 minutes

Cooldown: 5 natural days

Additional Active Skill 2-

The End: With death as the price, incite all of the Shadow Incinerator’s power to deal a devastating blow to a 10,000-yard radius. The stronger the soul sacrificed, the stronger the attack will be (up to Tier 6 Peak).

Additional Active Skill 3-

Scorching Flame: Sacrifice 1 Level to attach the Flames of Shadow to the Shadow Incinerator. The Flames of Shadow can damage and destroy all weapons and equipment below the Legendary rank.

Duration: 3 minutes

Cooldown: 1 natural day

The myriad Ancient Gods have placed four seals on the Shadow Incinerator. One of the seals has been lifted thus far. Wielding the Shadow Incinerator will cause continuous mental scorching. Deaths while wielding the Shadow Incinerator will result in a loss of 100 points in all Attributes.

The Shadow Incinerator was already on par with top-tier Legendary Weapons in Basic Attributes, while it surpassed top-tier Legendary Weapons in Attack Power. Even the Solomon’s Sword he wielded in his previous life was inferior to it.

With the current Shadow Incinerator, I can fight Tier 6 experts without having to use Holy Mana’s Shadow.

While wielding the Shadow Incinerator, Shi Feng felt as if he was no different than an actual Tier 6 player. Now, he was only missing Tier 6 Skills and Spells.

If he were to fight against Nightmare Chaser again, unless the other party had grown stronger, he was confident he could achieve victory in seventeen moves or less.

Now that I’ve achieved my goals here, it’s time I head back.

After glancing at the staircase leading to the top of the Golden Spire, Shi Feng opened the system interface and chose to give up on his challenge. Immediately, his body transformed into a streak of light and disappeared from the staircase’s 20,000-meter mark section.

After reaching the upper level’s 20,000-meter mark, players would only receive additional rewards if they could reach the 30,000-meter mark. If they couldn’t do that, they would simply be investing their time and energy into honing their skills.

However, as far as Shi Feng could recall, nobody in his previous life had ever climbed to the upper level’s 30,000-meter mark. Not even the Bloodsoaked Rakshasa managed to do it.

Currently, Shi Feng was only at Tier 5. Although he had undone one of the Shadow Incinerator’s seals, he had yet to master Dark Moon. He was still nowhere near comparable to the Bloodsoaked Rakshasa in his previous life.

So, he would simply be biting off more than he could chew by trying to challenge the upper level’s 30,000-meter mark now. Rather than waste his time and energy on a fruitless endeavor, he would be better off returning now and choosing his reward from the starting temple.

Golden Spire, upper level’s shrine:

A brilliant light descended upon the starting temple. Immediately, the hundred or so experts gathered in the temple promptly turned to where the light had fallen.

When the light faded, a cloaked man carrying two longswords by his waist appeared in everyone’s sight.

“Look! He’s back!”

“He’s back already? Are the trials beyond the 20,000-meter mark so difficult?”

“The trials undergo a qualitative transformation every 10,000 meters, so it’s not strange to see him fail. Not to mention, that’s the 20,000-meter mark we are talking about. Even someone as strong as Dragon Soul only managed to climb to the 14,000-meter mark.”

“I guess that’s true. But I wonder what the Star Dynasty will do? Now that Sleeping Spark is back, after including Flaming Bee’s Scarlet Sorceress, they will have four chosen ones on their side. The four of them could probably kill a Divine monster if they worked together. Black Flame also looks to have exhausted himself. If the four of them attack together, Black Flame will most likely meet an untimely end.”

“That’s not necessarily true. Don’t forget that Black Flame has Azure Fang’s Saintess behind him. She’s second on the Challenge Tablet. If the two of them work together, it’ll be hard to say which side will win.”

Many players in the temple began to whisper among themselves when they saw Shi Feng returning. Some also expressed their excitement and anticipation as they watched Shi Feng making his way to the temple’s exchange room.

While many experts would often clash with each other in God’s Domain, fights would rarely occur between experts who had reached the fifth-floor standard. As for fights between chosen ones, they were even rarer than fights between players and Tier 6 Gods.

If tickets were sold for a fight between chosen ones, they would definitely sell like hotcakes throughout the entire Greater God’s Domain.

Also, aside from getting to watch a fight between chosen ones, everyone also looked forward to seeing how strong Shi Feng was. After all, he was someone who had surpassed Sleeping Spark at climbing the Golden Spire.

The Golden Spire did not prohibit players from fighting each other. The only reason nobody had started a fight on the upper level thus far was simply that they wished to avoid starting a war between the various pseudo-apex powers.

However, it was a different story for Shi Feng, someone who lacked the backing of a pseudo-apex power. Nothing stopped the Star Dynasty’s chosen ones and Flaming Bee’s Scarlet Sorceress from taking action against him.

Subsequently, just as Shi Feng was making his way toward the exchange room, four individuals emerged from the room. These four individuals were none other than Scarlet Sorceress and the Star Dynasty’s three chosen ones. The four of them had just finished selecting their rewards, and only 100 yards separated them from Shi Feng. Seeing this, the surrounding spectators immediately focused their attention.

For Tier 5 experts, a distance of 100 yards could be crossed with no more than a step.

“Will they make a move?”

Everyone widened their eyes and held their breaths, afraid they would miss the instant the fight broke out.

90 yards… 50 yards… 30 yards…

When less than 30 yards separated both sides, the Star Dynasty’s Black Tiger and Candle Bearer, as well as Flaming Bee’s Scarlet Sorceress, took out their weapons one after another. They planned to use this opportunity to teach Shi Feng a lesson.

Previously, the three of them dared not take action. However, now that they had Sleeping Spark on their side, they were brimming with confidence.

“Hey! You three! Stop messing around!” Sleeping Spark was startled when he saw the three people beside him preparing for a fight. Hurriedly, he warned them, “He might be a Tier 6 God!”

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