Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3478

Chapter 552 – They Are Very Bold

Tier 6 God?

Scarlet Sorceress nearly dropped her staff when she heard Sleeping Spark’s warning, and she couldn’t help but look at the other party in disbelief, wondering if he was joking with her.

It should be known that Sleeping Spark was the one who had declared he would kill Shi Feng, and she had simply decided to go along with it. Yet, now that Shi Feng was in front of them, and they had their weapons at the ready…

Sleeping Spark was telling them that Shi Feng might be a Tier 6 God?


That Shi Feng might be one of God’s Domain’s apex existences?

“Please tell me you’re kidding, Spark!” Black Tiger whispered to Sleeping Spark as his gaze stayed on Shi Feng’s approaching figure, an additional hint of wariness appearing in his eyes. “Now isn’t the time for jokes!”

It should be known that the various pseudo-apex powers’ experts were all watching them. Now that they had drawn their weapons, their intentions couldn’t be any clearer, so there was no going back for them.

“I’m not joking.” When Sleeping Spark saw the looks of doubt he was given, he wryly smiled and said, “Even if he isn’t at the standard of Tier 6 Gods, he should be close to it.”

In reality, Sleeping Spark doubted that Shi Feng had already reached the standard of Tier 6 Gods. After all, that was the standard of the Greater God’s Domain’s apex combatants.

However, after returning to the starting temple, Sleeping Spark had coincidentally overheard Aurebeth, Azure Fang’s Saintess, speaking about the monsters and magic barrier she faced at the 18,000-meter mark. Hence, he was now 100% certain that the shocking scene he had seen taking place on the staircase and the Tier 6 God’s mana that subsequently rained down on him was Shi Feng’s doing. Not to mention, Shi Feng ascended to the 20,000-meter mark as soon as those phenomena occurred.

“An existence nearing Tier 6 Gods?” After hearing Sleeping Spark’s words, Black Tiger took another look at Shi Feng and immediately got goosebumps when he saw Shi Feng’s calm composure.

Even though Shi Feng was clearly suffering from Concentration exhaustion, he could still behave so calmly in front of the four of them. Besides Shi Feng having strength nearing Tier 6 Gods, Black Tiger couldn’t think of any other explanations for Shi Feng’s behavior. Moreover, Sleeping Spark had no reason to deceive them.

“Dammit! You bastards tricked me!”

Scarlet Sorceress switched her gaze between her staff and Shi Feng’s slowly approaching figure. She had no idea how she should get out of this awkward situation and safely leave this place.

While she might be a chosen one of Flaming Bee, due to the limitations of her tier and her lack of a Divine Artifact, she didn’t even have the strength to resist a Tier 6 God, let alone fight one. If she tried to fight a Tier 6 God now, she would suffer a miserable defeat and be at huge risk of having her soul annihilated. Should that happen, she would forever lose the qualifications to enter God’s Domain.

In the Greater World, where God’s Domain meant everything, her life would be as good as over if she lost access to God’s Domain…

“I suddenly remembered I have urgent matters to attend to, so I’ll be logging off first. Good luck, you guys.” Black Tiger suddenly slapped his forehead and chose to log off with a smile.

“Black Tiger! You!” Scarlet Sorceress gnashed her teeth when she saw Black Tiger going offline. But immediately afterward, she, too, chose to go offline forcibly.

As for Candlelight Bearer, after seeing Black Tiger and Scarlet Sorceress logging out of the game, he also decisively logged out, his body collapsing to the ground.

In the blink of an eye, three of the four chosen ones standing before Shi Feng were lying on the ground, the sight shocking everyone present.

What’s going on? Shi Feng was also puzzled to see Black Tiger, Scarlet Sorceress, and Candlelight Bearer forcibly logging out of the game. After all, he hadn’t even done anything yet.

It should be known that forcibly logging out of the game came with consequences. If fortunate, players would only lose a handful of levels from doing so. But if unfortunate, they could be prohibited from logging into the game for up to half a month. Now that the Eternal Realm was still in its early exploration stage, losing half a month of progress would be no different than losing a limb.

“Sorry, they suddenly disconnected,” Sleeping Spark awkwardly explained as he used mana to pick up the three motionless bodies around him. “I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until next time for your duel with them.”

After saying so, Sleeping Spark promptly stepped away from the exchange room’s entrance with the three offline players’ bodies. Only, nobody present believed a single word Sleeping Spark said.

The two sides were just about to start fighting, yet three people on one side suddenly disconnected?

There was definitely something strange about this situation!

“Those three sure know how to flee quickly.” Seven Melody, who had just exited the exchange room, couldn’t help but smile when she saw Sleeping Spark leaving with the three bodies. “Had they been a step slower, they would probably have to bid farewell to God’s Domain forever.”

“They made the right choice,” Dragon Soul, the six-meter-tall giant standing next to Seven Melody, said. “If it were me, I would have probably hesitated for a while.”

Standing next to Dragon Soul, Solitary Glow silently nodded in agreement with him.

An existence nearing Tier 6 Gods was not something Tier 5 players like themselves could face. So, Black Tiger, Scarlet Sorceress, and Candle Bearer had made the right decision to log out of the game decisively.

Of course, if Solitary Glow were to stand in their shoes, she would have probably hesitated to forcibly log out of the game, even if she knew the consequences of fighting a Tier 6 God. After all, there was only a possibility that Tier 5 chosen ones like herself would face a permanent death from going up against a Tier 6 God, whereas forcibly going offline would guarantee her a major setback in the Eternal Realm.

“Did all of you finish choosing already?” Shi Feng asked, feeling a little surprised when he saw Seven Melody and the others exiting the exchange room so soon. “I heard that there are more than ten thousand treasures in there. Even if you glance through them, it should still take some time.”

It had been, at most, twenty minutes since he reached the upper level’s 20,000-meter mark. So, Seven Melody and the others couldn’t have spent more than twenty minutes in the exchange room. Such a short time definitely wasn’t enough to look through all of the items in the exchange room.

The Golden Spire held many treasures left behind by various Gods. Aside from weapons and equipment, the Golden Spire’s treasury also held various Legacies, tools, and designs. Every one of these items could tempt the hearts of players in the outside world. Although every player was only allowed to select one item for their reward, the higher players managed to ascend in the Golden Spire, the more items that would be made available for them to choose from.

“Mhm. We’re done choosing,” Seven Melody said, nodding. “Actually, we’ve already decided what we would pick before coming to the Golden Spire. So, we quickly chose the treasures we came for after browsing for a bit.”

Dragon Soul and Solitary Glow nodded in agreement. Although they didn’t spend much time in the exchange room, they were all very satisfied with their harvests.

Meanwhile, after Seven Melody finished speaking, Aqua Rose, who had remained silent all this time, suddenly took a deep breath and walked up to Shi Feng with a serious look.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, this might sound rude of me, but I hope you can do me a favor,” Aqua Rose said as she retrieved a golden book from her bag. “This is the Gold Ancient Tome I exchanged from the exchange room. It can be used to search for clues about any item in existence. I believe it will be of some help to you.”

Shi Feng looked at the Gold Ancient Tome in silence for a moment. Then, he looked at Aqua Rose and admitted, “This thing is indeed useful to me, but may I know what it is you need my help with, Miss Aqua?”

The main reason he visited the Golden Spire this time was to obtain a Gold Ancient Tome.

However, the Golden Spire only had a very limited number of Gold Ancient Tomes. There were probably only a couple of dozen in total. During his previous life, all of them were exchanged shortly after the Golden Spire opened.

Currently, even if he entered the exchange room, he couldn’t guarantee that there would be any Gold Ancient Tomes remaining.

After all, Gold Ancient Tomes were incredibly useful. So long as players knew the name of a Fragmented Divine Artifact, they could immediately get their hands on clues pertaining to it with the help of a Gold Ancient Tome. Hence, unless they had a specific item in mind, the various pseudo-apex powers’ experts would typically choose a Gold Ancient Tome for their reward.

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