The Mans Decree (chinese) 3696

“I will go to this Ten Thousand Souls Formation to look for Miss Xia’s soul, it would be best if I can find it, if I can’t, I will break this formation, if we are letting this formation run, I am afraid that within a few years, Elder Xia’s family members will all become demented!”

Kai said!

Elder Xia looked at the grand formation that was constantly flickering with light and hurriedly nodded!

This hand of Kai was much better than others!

Kai slowly walked towards where the centre of the formation was located, accompanied by a ripple in the void, Kai ’s figure disappeared.

Seeing this, Patriarch Jiang pinched a cold sweat for Kai !

Kai appeared in a void at the moment, and as far as the eye could see, it was all white.

There was only a formation pattern that flickered with a faint light, letting Kai know that he was in the Ten Thousand Souls Formation!

“Kid, you are also bold enough to charge in without understanding the Ten Thousand Souls Formation at all, aren’t you afraid that you won’t be able to get out?”

The Red Cloud Demon Lord asked curiously!

“Of course I’m not afraid, I understand, don’t I still have you, if I can’t get out, you’ll be trapped here with me, I don’t think you’re willing to be trapped either!”

Kai said with a faint smile!

The Red Cloud Demon Monarch was stunned, and then let out a bitter laugh “Good boy, you are hitting on my idea ah, but this Ten Thousand Souls Formation, though vicious, is indeed a child’s play for me!”

“Now I will open the Heavenly Underworld Eyes for you, under the Heavenly Underworld Eyes, all falsehoods will have nowhere to hide, all illusions will dissipate!”

Kai was stunned, his eyes filled with incredulity!

Kai was aware of the power of the Heavenly Underworld Eyes, back in the Divine and Demonic Battlefield, he had been chased by Qi Peijia with no way to escape because of the Heavenly Underworld Eyes!

After Qi Peijia opened the Heavenly Underworld Eyes, Kai simply had nowhere to run!

I never thought that this Red Cloud Demon Lord would want to open the Heavenly Underworld Eyes for himself!

Kai was about to open his mouth to say thank you, but he heard the Red Cloud Demon Monarch continue “Don’t be too happy yet, me opening the Heavenly Underworld Eyes for you doesn’t mean that you have the Heavenly Underworld Eyes, as long as I leave your Sea of Consciousness, there is no way for your Heavenly Underworld Eyes to be opened.”

“If you really want to learn the Heavenly Underworld Eyes, when the time comes, I will tell you the technique, and you will have to practise hard on your own before you can do so, if I am not a remnant of a soul right now, imparting the Heavenly Underworld Eyes to you will not be that difficult!”

“Unfortunately, I’m only a remnant soul right now, helping you to open the Heavenly Underworld Eyes would be pretty good, there’s no way I could pass it on to you at all.”

The Red Cloud Demon Monarch’s words caused Kai ’s newly excited mood to instantly become low!

It turned out that this Heavenly Underworld Eye still needed the Red Cloud Demon Monarch to be in one’s Sea of Consciousness in order for it to work!

It was impossible for this Red Cloud Demon Sovereign to be in Kai ’s Sea of Consciousness for the rest of his life, which meant that Kai ’s Heavenly Underworld Eye was only temporary!

“Temporary is not bad, you can open it for me!”

Kai said after thinking it through!

The Red Cloud Demon Lord nodded, then a red light shot out from Kai ’s Sea of Consciousness and shone along Kai ’s brow!

At the centre of Kai ’s brow, a scar much like an eye appeared!

At this moment, when Kai was looking around, it was no longer that white, but a grey haze, and the atmosphere had become quite depressing!

But underneath this grey haze, there were actually a few black shadows, and with a glance, Kai found that these black shadows were human souls!

Apart from that Elder Xia’s daughter’s, there were other people’s souls, which were trapped here, wandering aimlessly!

Seeing this, Kai let out a long sigh of relief!

If these souls were refined, then it would be over, now that they had not been refined, Kai could bring out the soul of Elder Xia’s daughter!

But just as Kai was walking towards Elder Xia’s daughter’s soul, go was suddenly pulled by a suction force!

A beam of light was then seen shining on those souls, and those souls revealed expressions of pain!

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