Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1157 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1157

Jessica pouted and did not say anything else. She turned around, went back to her room, and slammed the door hard.

“Darling, darling.”

Hank called her twice.

Mrs. Brown said to her son, “Leave her alone. She just doesn’t want you going on an outing. with Liberty. It’s not like you’re going out with Liberty alone. We’re all coming along, but she still chooses to be jealous.

“Did she forget that she snatched you from Liberty?”

. Mrs. Brown disliked Jessica a lot.

She used to think that her son was capable. At this moment, she disdained Jessica for being a homewrecker.

The Brown family decided to pick up Sonny and Liberty to go to the zoo tomorrow afternoon. The weather was neither too cold nor hot-just lovely for an outing.

On the other hand, Serenity and her husband returned home after lingering in her sister’s house for a while.

On the way back, she told Zachary, “In the past, the Brown family said they loved Sonny, but those were just empty words. They never lent a hand. My sister and I raised Sonny by ourselves. They never raised Sonny, yet they wanted him to get close to them. What’s this absurdity?

“I was the one who took care of my sister after she gave birth. I lost six pounds in that month because of exhaustion.”

Serenity loved her sister. After her sister gave birth, she never let her do anything and told her to lie down and rest. She brought food to her sister’s room and forbade her to even wash the dishes. She feared her sister would get joint pains if she were in contact with cold water.

The month after Liberty gave birth, the newborn Sonny often cried and made a fuss. Sometimes, he would cry for a long time at night and refuse to sleep.

Hank had to work, so he moved to the guest room to sleep. As Sonny’s aunt, Serenity had no choice but to carry the crying Sonny and walk around because she wanted to let her sister rest well. She could only rest after Sonny fell asleep.

Liberty talked to Hank about asking Mrs. Brown to come over to tend to Sonny during that time. Hank said his parents had to care for Lucas and could not leave. He added that Serenity could take care of her sister and nephew since she was around.

“They’re jealous that Sonny is close to me but didn’t think who raised him. Hank always

complained about me living in his house. If it weren’t for my sister and nephew, I would’ve moved out long ago.

“I just care about my sister and nephew.”

Zachary held his wife’s hand lovingly. “It would’ve been nice if we knew each other earlier.”

“If the timing weren’t right, we wouldn’t recognize each other even if we walked past.”

“They’re trying to get close to Sonny now because they want to ease the tension and improve our relationship to make me let Hank off the hook. If so, Hank will be able to get a job. They want your sister and Hank to remarry too.”

Zachary had seen through all of the Brown family’s plans.

Serenity figured everything out too.

“They can try everything they want, but my sister won’t fall into the same pit twice.”

Zachary agreed. He thought, ‘Duncan must’ve not figured out his feelings yet.’

The Brown family kept bothering Liberty-maybe this could aid and encourage Duncan and his sister-in-law to get together.

Zachary had long felt that his friend and sister-in-law were destined for each other.

They would bump into each other frequently.

Duncan mentioned that he would always meet Liberty whenever he drove a new luxury car.

After that, minor problems would easily arise in his car. Subsequently, whenever he drove a new car and met Liberty by chance, he would park the car far away and walk over to greet her.

Zachary and Serenity returned to the villa on the hilltop.

However, when they arrived at the gate, an expensive car blocked their road.

Their driver honked and the person in the car moved.

He pushed the door open and got out. Then, he walked over in big strides.

The driver and Jim, who was in the passenger seat, recognized the person. It was Duncan.

Jim turned his head and said to Zachary, “Mr. Zachary, it’s Mr. Lewis.”

Zachary thought, ‘I really can’t talk about someone behind their backs. Speak of the devil.’


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