Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1158 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1158

“Ask him what he wants.’

Did Duncan have nothing better to do than drive a car and block his way in the middle of the night?

Jim lowered the window and asked Duncan, who was walking over, “Why are you here, Mr.Lewis?”

“Zachary’s in the car, right? Zachary, I want to stay at your place for some time. I’ve already brought my luggage. However, Sam said he could not make the decisions and didn’t let me enter. I had no choice but to wait for you here.”

Zachary was speechless.

If Duncan were not an old friend, he would have asked the driver to step on the gas and hit the car blocking the way.

Serenity was surprised. Seeing her husband’s dark expression, she asked Duncan, “You want to move here, Mr. Lewis? Why?”

“That woman keeps staying in my house and refuses to leave. She knows the address of the other houses I own too. She’ll be able to find me no matter where I stay. It’s annoying. I have no choice but to bring my luggage and trouble you two.”

The woman Duncan spoke of was Lily Harmon.

Lily was the most suitable daughter-in-law candidate in Mrs. Lewis’s eyes. Most importantly, Lily did not mind the scar on Duncan’s face. Therefore, Mrs. Lewis was trying her best to get them to be together.

Duncan did not want to return to Westwood Manor, so Mrs. Lewis brought Lily to a villa owned by her son.

Duncan’s mother knew how many properties he owned.

He could not avoid it, so he was going to use Zachary as a shield again. He packed a few sets of clothes and came rushing to Zachary with his luggage.

Although Duncan was dense, he knew he was disturbing his friend’s romantic time with his wife by coming over.

However, no one but Zachary’s name could help him to block Lily.

Josh could not as well.

If Josh could help Duncan to block Lily, Duncan would have moved in and stayed with him.

Josh would probably think he dodged the bullet if he knew what was going on.

Serenity glanced at her man. She said to Duncan with a smile, “Mr. Lewis, you can drive your car inside or move it first. We can resume talking after we get inside.”

Zachary said with a darkened face, “I’ll let you stay in Seaview Villa.”

Duncan immediately said, “Seaview Villa is too far. It takes two hours to get to the seaside from the city by car. It’s inconvenient for me to go to work.”


Serenity said gently, “Babe, let’s talk after letting Mr. Lewis in.”

Zachary let out a hmph. “Old third-wheeler.”

Serenity and Duncan were speechless.

Duncan resigned to the fact that he was a third-wheeler. He was thirty-six years old. Well, he would be considered old compared to those in their twenties. He had simply accepted himself as an old third-wheeler.

However, Zachary was not a young man in his twenties either. He was in his early thirties.

Duncan was only five years older than Zachary.

Although Zachary was unhappy, he still let Duncan move into his villa.

The romantic set-up Zachary decorated for his wife was still there.

Duncan entered the house after the couple with his luggage in tow. When he saw the interior of the house, he stopped. He suspected he had come to the wrong place.

Was this Zachary’s house?

It was decorated nicely with a romantic atmosphere.

Duncan did not think an iceberg like Zachary had a romantic side to him.

Duncan touched his nose. He could not blame his friend for not letting him inside his house anymore. He was really a third wheel.


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