Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1159 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1159

Zachary owned many properties. He and Serenity usually lived in the villa on the hilltop and their house in Brynfield.

These two houses were near their workplaces, which made it convenient to commute.

Duncan did not want to travel far for work, so he had no choice but to brazenly stay with Zachary for some time.

“Zachary, did you plan all these?” Duncan asked his friend, who had a dark expression.

“It’s decorated so nicely, like a proposal or a wedding setup. You can have the same design as this when you and Serenity hold your wedding. It’ll surely impress many women.”

Zachary snapped, “Who else could it be if not me? You?”

“I don’t have such a high EQ to think of these ideas to make women happy.”

Zachary glared at him. “Of course you don’t. The only thing you know is to collect money.”

Duncan asked, “What money did I collect?”

Zachary did not explain further.

Duncan was puzzled.

Serenity poured a glass of warm water each for the two guys. She was about to go and prepare some fruits.

Zachary pulled his wife to sit beside him. He said, “Honey, just ignore him. He comes here often and is more familiar with this villa than you are. He can help himself to whatever he wants to eat.”

“That’s right, Serenity. Don’t bother about me. I’m familiar with this place.”

Duncan did not dare let Serenity serve him.

His friend’s face had been as dark as charcoal ever since he saw him.

It was as if his face was covered in a layer of soot.

“What happened? Lily hasn’t left yet?” Zachary asked his friend with a cold expression.

“She hasn’t. I don’t know how long she intends to stay. My mom likes her a lot. She calls me every few days to ask me to go shopping with Lily and buy her a meal. I refused all of them with the excuse that I was busy.

“However, my mom brought her to live in my villa. She’s my mother, so I can’t chase them out. Since they’re not budging, I left.”

Duncan sounded aggrieved.

He was probably the man who was most pestered to get married in the whole world.

Unfortunately, it was his mom nagging him to get married. He could not do anything to her.

Lily was thick-skinned too. No matter how Duncan acted, she would accompany his mom happily.

Lily also managed to please his mom to the point he lost his mom’s favor. She listened to everything Lily said.

Duncan knew Lily was the vice president of Harmon Corporation. She was a strong

woman. Harmon Corporation and Lewis & Co. were equally excellent. Although they were not in the same city, he obtained detailed information about Harmon Corporation because of Lily.

His mom must have taken a liking to Lily not only because she was old friends with Mrs. Harmon but also because she had her eye on the Harmon family’s wealth and status.

“If you want Ms. Harmon to leave, then it’s simple-bring a woman home.”

Duncan’s face fell. “Who can I bring back? You know I’m single. I’ve never met a woman I’m attracted to-someone I want to marry and protect. I keep thinking my woman isn’t born yet.

“Maybe I’ll have to wait about twenty more years to meet her and end my life as a single guy.”

Zachary and Serenity were speechless.

“Zachary, I’ll just stay here for a few days. I don’t believe Lily won’t leave after a few days.”

Duncan said brazenly, “I can pay rent. Just treat it as if I’m renting your place.”

Zachary said with a glum face, “You even brought your luggage-what else can I say? You can stay here as long as you want. Serenity and I will move back to Brynfield tomorrow.”


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