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Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1163

Duncan was passing by All You Can Eat at eight o’clock when he stopped the car.

He paused for a moment before getting out of the car. Halfway out, Duncan was struck by a thought and retraced his steps. He unlocked the car and retrieved one of many boxes from the backseat.

It was a box of Legos.

He was fond of Sonny, so he bought a lot of toys and stashed them in his car. That way, he would have something for Sonny every time he dropped by the diner. It went without

saying that his trips to the diner were for the boy and not Liberty.

Duncan used to give Sonny pinwheels, but the boy had grown out of them.

That was why he bought new toys.

With a box of Legos in hand, Duncan stepped into All You Can Eat.

“Morning, Mr. Lewis.”

Seeing that Duncan entered through the door, Liberty greeted him with a smile and asked, ” Same order?”

“Yes. The same old.”

Duncan believed breakfast at his buddy’s place did not fill his belly. With his workload heavy in the morning, how could he go on on an empty stomach?

It was best if he had another meal at Liberty’s place.


Spotting Sonny drawing behind the cash register, Duncan made his way there and handed the box of to Sonny. He ingratiatingly said, “Sonny, this is my gift for you today.”

Sonny had grown accustomed to getting gifts from Dunc.

He took the shoppingmode Lego and thanked Duncan.

“Open it up. I can help you with the Lego build.”

Sonny opened the box and poured out the bricks. It was a set for a robot. It was difficult for Sonny’s age to accomplish such an intricate build.

However, Sonny was into Lego bricks.

The boy could be at it the whole day when given a box of Legos. He would explore the bricks on his own.

Duncan had his reason to give Sonny a build that was not quite for his age. He could jump in and play with Sonny since the boy was too young to finish the build all by himself.

It was a great way to bond while building bricks with Sonny. By then, Sonny would warm up to Duncan. At least, Duncan could finally get his hugs.

“Mr. Lewis, Sonny has a lot of toys. Stop buying him more.”

Seeing that Duncan had given Sonny another toy, Liberty helplessly uttered, “He has enough toys to open a toy shop.”

She glanced at the while set on her way to serve a customer.

“The set is too hard for Sonny right now.”

“It’s fine. He can take his time. I can help him when I’m free,” Duncan said and sat behind the cash register to lend Sonny a hand.

Once Liberty made his breakfast, Duncan dug in while guiding Sonny to assemble the bricks.

“How’s business?” Duncan asked.

Now that the morning rush had eased, Liberty could take a breather and answered with a smile, “You can tell how busy we are when you pass by every morning. The morning rush really runs us off our feet. We only have time to tidy up and go home for a rest after the people who get off their night shifts are done.”

Those on the graveyard shift would often finish their meals at about nine o’clock in the morning.

Liberty and two employees would start tidying up and cleaning around ten o’clock.

By the time they finished the tasks, lunchtime would roll around. Liberty was occupied the whole morning.

“You came later than usual today.”

Duncan would usually turn up at the diner at a little past seven o’clock.


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