Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1164 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1164

“I was up late today.”

Duncan lied. He did not tell Liberty that he had breakfast at his buddy’s place and it was just not quite enough.

The loving couple had him lose his appetite, but now that they were out of sight, the hunger caught up to him, so Duncan had to drop by Liberty’s diner to fill his belly.

Seeing that Duncan was showing her son the ropes in the middle of breakfast, Liberty drew close, sat next to her son, and said, “I’ll help you, Sonny.”

She picked up the assembly instruction for a look and stared at the pile of bricks, feeling at headache coming.

Oops. It seemed bricks were not quite her thing.

Serenity was good at it though. She was nifty with her hands at crafting, so bricks were not a problem for her.

With a customer entering the diner, Liberty put down the assembly instruction and told her son, “Take your time, Sonny. I’ll be right with you.”

“Mom, you don’t know how to do it, but Dunc does.”

Sonny was attached to Duncan when they assembled Lego bricks together as Duncan had a knack for it.

“Do you want to come with me later? You can assemble the bricks over at my place, and i can teach you if you get stuck.”

Sonny pondered the offer before asking, “Will my mom go too?”

“Your mom is busy, so she can’t come along.”

Sonny declined. “I won’t go if Mom doesn’t go.”

Running his fingers along the little man’s hair with affection, Duncan said to Liberty, “Sonny has his guard up.”

Liberty smiled.

A while later, Duncan finally ate his fill. Although he was tempted to stay and help Sonny build a robot, his schedule was packed.

He told his secretary to push his itinerary into the afternoons so he could spend a bit of time at Liberty’s diner in the mornings.

“Liberty, I sent the money via Pay.”

Rising to his feet, Duncan said to Liberty and to Sonny, “I got to go to work now, Sonny.

We’ll pick this up once I’m off.”

“Bye, Dunc.”

Sonny was a lot nicer now that he received from Duncan. At least, he was saying goodbye to Duncan without being told.

Duncan gently pinched Sonny’s little face. Oh, the boy was adorable. If only he could nibble on the face.

After a quick chat with Liberty, Duncan was on his way out.

He was walking to his car when the person inside the car parked next to his wound down the window. The person greeted him with a smile.


It was Lily.

That ruined Duncan’s mood.

He went up to her with puckered brows and asked, “What brings you here, Ms. Harmon?”

“I made you breakfast, but you didn’t come home last night, so I went to your office. I thought I was seeing things when I saw your car parked here.”

Lily was forthcoming about the reason she was here.

Fixing her gaze on the breakfast place Duncan came out of, she asked, “Duncan, is the food good at that place? Is the hygiene at the breakfast diner up to standard?”

She was not one to dine at a small business like that. The hygiene upkeep would be atrocious for all she knew.

Nevertheless, Lily understood that Duncan was ungallant and laid-back as he had mingled with alternative crowds before. Duncan was happy to get a meal from a food truck, much less a diner.

“The hygiene is definitely up to standard, and there’s a health permit to prove it.” Duncan did not divulge to Lily that Liberty owned All You Can Eat.


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