Married at First Sight Chapter 2153 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2153 by desirenovel“I am very interested in the story of Uncle Lafayette and Auntie.” Serenity whispered, “My family, Zachary, would occasionally say a few words to me, but the words were not detailed, but it made my heart itch.”

Jane said with a smile: “I only know about my parents’ affairs later on. I don’t know about their past affairs. Ask my dad, but my dad usually doesn’t talk about it. Ask my mom, and my mom just smiles. She said that it was a thing of the past. She doesn’t want to mention it.

No matter how they were in the past, now they have a good relationship, that’s fine.”

Jane knew that her mother was unwilling to recall the past, because her disappearance was the most painful time for her mother, and her mother had been crazy for more than 20 years because of this.

And her father seemed ruthless, but he was actually for bearing.

In a word, her mother was suffering, and her father was also suffering.

Now all suffering was over.

The future of the Lafayette family was clear, her parents had reconciled, and her father had stepped down as the head of the family to accompany her mother wholeheartedly and make up for her.

As a daughter, she also hoped that her parents would spend the rest of their lives happily.

Therefore, she no longer asked about her parents’ past.

“Yes, as long as you have a good relationship. If my parents are still alive, they will also have a good relationship.”

Serenity envied Jane, Jane was much luckier than her.

Jane had adoptive parents who treated her like their own daughter, as well as her biological parents. The Murphy family and the Lafayette family were now walking around as relatives. And her closest relative was only her sister.

Jane held Serenity’s hand and silently comforted her.

Serenity quickly adjusted her mood.

She was now a guest at FC Manor, so don’t be sad.

The magnificent hall was full of people.

The elders of the Johnson family were all there.

Serenity met Jane’s biological parents, said hello to Rafael and Ezra.

Ezra smiled kindly, and waved to Serenity, “Serenity, come here and let auntie see you.”

Serenity stepped forward with a smile.

Ezra took her hand, looked at her carefully, and said to the in-laws beside her: “My in-laws, do you think Serenity has lost a lot of weight?”

“It’s a little thinner.”

Alannah nodded, she asked Serenity with concern: “Have you been busy recently?”

Serenity: “It’s a bit busy.”

Alannah, who used to be the head wife of Johnson family, understood the pressure Serenity was under. She patted the back of Serenity’s hand and said in relief, “It will be fine slowly.”

Ezra also asked Serenity in various ways. Although she saw Serenity for the second time, she felt very sorry for this child who was about the same age as her daughter.

Jane sincerely said jealously: “Mom, just pull Serenity to talk, and you don’t even want me as your own daughter.”

“Everything hurts, everything.”

Ezra smiled and pulled her biological daughter over.

At this time, the two babies in the crib woke up.

Enzo was the same as before, crying when he woke up, his short legs kicked off the quilt first, and his hands moved wildly, as if he wanted to grab something.

Anyway, when he cried, he danced.

Avah next to him could also kick the quilt, but she usually didn’t cry.

Most of the time, she turned her head to watch her brother perform hard, attracting adults to come and hug them.

Ezra, who was holding Jane and Serenity to ask for warmth just now, heard her grandson crying, immediately left the two of them, and hurried to hug the child.


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