Married at First Sight Chapter 2154 by desirenovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2154-But in the blink of an eye.

Ezra hugged Avah.

Jane’s adoptive mother, Galilea, was holding Enzo.

None of the Johnson family and seniors caught it.

Jane leaned into Serenity’s ear and whispered: “You see, I have fallen out of favor seriously. The next generation, the next generation, my parents and the others only kiss two little guys now. I will go back to my mother’s house without bringing two Little guy, my mother will ask me what to do at home?”

Serenity expressed her understanding.

Just like when she went back to Wildridge Manor, her in-laws were not happy without Sonny.

Zachary, who was being entertained by Ben and his two uncles, stretched his neck and looked at the little baby girl when Ezra sat back on the sofa with Avah in her arms.

Tim said: “You don’t need to read Mr. York. You have no chance to hug my niece. It’s hard to get me as an uncle.”

Tim was able to hug his niece from his wife’s hand only after his wife snatched his niece.

His niece, it was no exaggeration to say that she was loved by thousands of people.

Jared Murphy said rather embarrassingly: “It’s my uncle who is lucky. Jane often takes the child home. I can hug my niece at my house for as long as I want.”

After the sound fell, he received envious and jealous eyes from Tim.

Jared became even more embarrassing.

The elders began to chat about the doll scriptures.

Young wives also had topics to talk about.

Ben had no choice but to call several CEOs outside and sit down under a gazebo in the yard.

Ben said to Zachary: “Come here this time, stay a few more days.”

Zachary nodded and said, “There is such a plan, Serenity likes the two children very much.”

“You two… haven’t moved yet?” Ben asked in a low voice with concern, “Mr. Miracle Doctor is on his way back, do you want him to help you and your wife take the pulse and check?”

Before Zachary could speak, Tim said: “Why is it so strange that after one year of marriage, a woman is not pregnant? You and your spouse have not yet made any progress, are in no hurry, and no one has given birth. You both are extremely cool.”

Ben: “It’s very cute to watch other people give birth. When I have a child, I will become irritable if it cries every day.”

At the end, he added: “Refer to Tim.”

Tim and his wife were like that.

Before Fabian was born, the young couple eagerly looked forward to the baby’s birth. When Fabian was born, the little guy liked to cry the most, and the noise made the couple dizzy. If it wasn’t their own, they would throw it into the trash can inside.

The latter sentence was what Tim said angrily when he was annoyed by his son crying.

The young couple hoped that the old miracle doctor would come over soon, and they would be able to escape when they became grandpas.

Strange to say, when Fabian was handed over to the old genius doctor, he was very obedient and would not cry much.

The old man blamed the young couple for not being able to bring a baby.

As a new parent, it was normal to have no experience in raising children.

The old man also said that Lilian was a difficult child when she was a child, she cried all day long, and was often sick. If he hadn’t liked Lilian’s qualifications, he probably would have thrown Lilian away long ago.

Lilian: …So, the son inherited her crying gene?

Lilian couldn’t accept it.

She looked through the photo albums collected by Master and looked at photos of herself when she was a child. She always thought that she was a cute, sensible, cute and smart little doll.

she didn’t expect her son to be a crying cat.

Jared also said: “Don’t worry, you’ve only been married for a year, so why worry? In Tim’s words, let’s live a two-person world first, and at least have to play for two or three years before having a baby.”

Lilian regretted having a child early. She should live a two-person world with Casey for a few years before having children.


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