Married At First Sight Chapter 2781 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2781-“mom.” Hayden answered Mrs. Queen’s call.

Mrs. Queen: “Hayden, are you off work?”

Hayden: “Well, I was just getting ready to get off work; what happened?”

Mrs. Queen asked, “In addition to evening dresses, do we want to help you buy a few more sets of casual clothes for daily wear?”

Hayden refused without even thinking, “No need.”

She just wore an evening dress to attend the banquet tomorrow night and told everyone that she was actually a woman. It was normal for her to like Kevin. Kevin was also a normal man and was not gay. People no longer needed to look at Kevin through colored glasses.

Everyone always thought that Kevin caused her harm, so they always looked at Kevin through colored glasses, but they didn’t look at her that way.

“Why don’t you need it? Don’t you want to regain your identity as a woman?” Mrs. Queen asked puzzledly, and soon she added, “Are you just going to wear women’s clothes tomorrow night and then continue to wear men’s clothes?”

Hayden said, “Same as usual.”

That meant she didn’t need fake bre*sts anymore.

However, she looked a bit like Princess. Even without fake bre*sts and wearing a suit jacket, she still looked like a man.

Mrs. Queen: “You have already decided to reveal your identity, so why do you still pretend to be a man? It’s so tiring.”

“Mom, that’s my habit. It’s been a habit for more than 20 years. I can’t change it all at once. Mom, you can just buy it for me as I ask. I can arrange future things by myself. Mom, you don’t have to worry about it. If you are worried, worry about your son.”

Mrs. Queen said, “Don’t worry about Hugh, the br@t. Okay, I will buy it as you asked. In addition, I will buy you a few more sets of home clothes and put them in the cabinet. You can take them out and wear them whenever you want.”

Hayden hummed.

“It’s okay; you can get off work. Your dad and I are going to eat first. We haven’t gone shopping for a long time. After shopping for a while, your dad said that his feet were tired from shopping and he wanted to go to eat. We’ll go shopping slowly after dinner.”

Mrs. Queen said that and hung up the phone.

Donald asked her from the side, “Doesn’t Hayden want it?”

The couple helped their daughter look at a lot of new clothes, all of which suited her cold temperament.

“She said no, let’s just buy it. Buy it back and put it in her dressing room. One day she gets a whim and wants to surprise Kevin, so she will naturally take it out and wear it. Dresses are so beautiful that I have wanted to give them to her for a long time. My daughter bought a dress, but she didn’t want it.”

Although she clearly had a daughter, she couldn’t dress her up like a princess. When she thought about it, Mrs. Queen regretted that she had followed her daughter’s wishes and allowed her to pretend to be a man. As a result, Hayden had been pretending to be a man for more than 20 years.

As a result, her maternal family thought they had remembered it wrong and that she had really given birth to twins, not twins.

The main reason was that Hayden was more like a man than Hugh.

Donald said, “Then buy it. Why are you saying that I’m tired after walking around the street? Hayden may think that I am a useless father and make me feel shameless in front of my children.”

Mrs. Queen said to him, “Isn’t it? You usually go out to ride horses with friends, play ball, etc., and you don’t feel tired. When I asked you to go shopping with me, you just said you were tired. It was you who said you were tired, and you didn’t let me tell the child.

Still, do you hate going shopping with me? Do you want to accompany a young and beautiful v!xen?”

Donald couldn’t laugh or cry. “Okay, okay, it’s my fault. I’m not tired. I can go shopping with you until you don’t want to go shopping. I want to find a young v!xen. I’ve been looking for it for a long time. Have I found it? We have been married for decades, and I have never betrayed you.”

Their family tradition was not good, and Grandma York would not like their daughter.

Of course, their daughter was very outstanding, so she was chosen by Grandma York to bring her daughter and Kevin together.

Kevin over there asked casually after Hayden finished talking to his future mother-in-law, “What did you ask Auntie to buy for you? Just tell me what you need, and I’ll buy it for you.”

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