Married At First Sight Chapter 2782 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2782-Hayden didn’t tell Kevin but just said, “My parents were shopping outside. I remembered that I needed some daily necessities, so I asked my mom to buy them for me to save my butler a trip.”

Kevin said, Oh, and didn’t ask any more questions.

The elevator took the two people down to the first floor.

Kevin wanted to kiss her in the elevator, but he had no chance.

In the Queen Enterprise, he still dared not be presumptuous. Hayden needed to save face and maintain her dignity. After all, she was the head president of the Queen Enterprise.

Kevin drove Hayden away from the Queen Enterprise in his car, and Hayden’s driver and bodyguard also followed.

Because after dinner, Hayden still needed to discuss business with Mr. Miles.

When Kevin and the others arrived at the Fortress Hotel, Liberty and Duncan had not returned yet. They waited for about half an hour before Liberty and the others returned to the Fortress Hotel.

Liberty was in a bad mood. She pushed Duncan into the hotel. Duncan kept turning his head to talk to her, and she didn’t answer much.

Duncan knew the reason for her bad mood.

Even though she said too many words of comfort, it failed to improve her mood, so Duncan stopped saying any more words of comfort.

Liberty needed to adjust her mentality.

She felt better after going upstairs to the private room arranged by Kevin.

“Brother Duncan.”

When Kevin saw Liberty pushing Duncan in, he quickly stood up and went forward to help Liberty.

Liberty said, “Kevin, your brother Duncan can walk a few steps on his own.”

Without Kevin’s help, Liberty pushed Duncan to the table and stopped. Duncan stood up on his own, walked two steps, and then sat down in front of the table.

Hayden also stood up. She greeted the two politely.

“On the way back, there was a traffic jam, and I kept you waiting.” Liberty adjusted her mood and became strong and confident again.

“It’s okay; we have just arrived. Sister Liberty, has everything been taken care of?”

After everyone sat down, Hayden poured a cup of hot tea for each of them and asked Liberty with concern.

Liberty hummed.

“That’s good. Mr. Lewis, will you go back tomorrow?” Hayden asked in a low voice.

Duncan said gently, “I just came here to take a look. I will go back tomorrow afternoon. There are many things in the company. I picked up Sonny on Friday afternoon. I will bring him over again. He said he misses his mother.”

Hayden said, “Sonny is so young. Sister Liberty, you left him in Wiltspoon, and it’s already great that he doesn’t cry. It’s normal for him to miss you.”

Fortunately, Liberty and Serenity took care of Sonny when he was a child. Liberty was not at home, and he could accept it with Serenity taking care of him.

Duncan said, “This time I came here on an impromptu basis and didn’t tell Sonny. Sonny didn’t know I was coming to Jensburg until he went to my house. He called me to complain that I wasn’t honest, and I didn’t even say a word to him when I came over.”

Mentioning Sonny, Duncan smiled.

It could be seen that he really loved Sonny.

No wonder he conquered Liberty’s heart in the end. His love for Sonny was sincere.

For women who are mothers, their children are their bottom line.

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