Married At First Sight Chapter 2783 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2783-Everyone laughed.

Kevin had arranged in advance that after Duncan and Liberty returned, the waiter would start serving the dishes.

The meal was also lively, and everyone was happy.

After the meal, Hayden quickly said goodbye. She needed to return to the Greenrest Hotel to discuss cooperation with Mr. Miles.

Fortunately, the Greenest Hotel and the Fortress Hotel were very close to each other, diagonally opposite.

No matter how close they were, Kevin insisted on sending Hayden there.

Liberty pushed Duncan out of the hotel and wandered around the streets near the hotel, visiting the night market in Jensburg and enjoying the night view of Jensburg.

“Do you feel better?” Duncan asked Liberty behind him.

After Liberty was silent, she said, “I have calmed down. In the future, the things I encounter will be more cruel than what I encounter now. If I can’t face what happened this time, I don’t have to stay in Jensburg. Now, let’s go back to Wiltspoon and continue to manage my restaurant.”

That would be a failure to live up to Audrey’s trust and expectations.

“That’s fine if you can think about it. You’ve been shopping for so long, and there’s nothing you want to buy?” Duncan turned to her and asked, “What do you want? Let’s buy it, and I’ll give it to you.”

Liberty smiled. “I can buy it myself; I don’t need you to give it to me.”

“I am your boyfriend now, and I will be the man you spend the rest of your life with. We don’t have to be so clear about it. I haven’t given you any gifts. If I did, you wouldn’t want them. To be honest, there is a guest room at home, and the guest room is filled with all kinds of gifts that you women like.

They are all gifts I prepared for you. Some are for you, but you don’t accept them. Some are gifts I haven’t given yet, and I know you won’t accept them, so I have to put them there first. From now on, we will become a family. Those things naturally become yours.

If you don’t use it, it will be a waste of our little family’s money. After all, you are reluctant to let our little family’s money be wasted.”

Liberty: “…”

In the past, she did not accept Duncan, saying that she did not want to remarry; she only wanted to make money, start a career, and raise her son. Therefore, she almost refused to accept the gifts Duncan gave her, not even the bouquets and expensive luxuries.

It turned out that he had more expensive gifts that he had not sent to her, and he guessed that she would not accept them.

Liberty: “Even if we form a small family in the future, how much jewelry can I wear? How many skin care products and cosmetics can I use? How many sets of clothes can I wear? How many bags can I carry?”

Duncan: “You can change it to a different style every hour.”

Liberty said amusingly, “I’m not a model. I wear the same clothes on and off the stage.”

Duncan also laughed, “Then I will buy less clothes and more jewelry. If you have worn it and don’t want to wear it, you can leave it. When Sonny gets married in the future, you can give it to our daughter-in-law, or you can leave it to your granddaughters to inherit. I want to be a grandfather as well as a father.”

Duncan blushed slightly and smiled. “Thinking about the good days in the future, I am confident and motivated to persist in rehabilitation, strive to recover as soon as possible, and marry you. Liberty, I will definitely give you a grand wedding, like Zachary and Serenity’s; you will have everything Serenity has, and you will have everything she doesn’t have.”

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