Married At First Sight Chapter 2784 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2784-Liberty said, “What do I have that Serenity doesn’t have? You insist on doing rehabilitation. When I am not in Wiltspoon, you have to take care of yourself. When you are free, go and see Sonny. The boy should also come to see you. He treats you better now than his own father.”

Duncan said proudly, “That’s because I treat him with all my heart. His father will only say bad things about me in front of him, saying how bad I am. Sonny is so smart, and his heart is like a mirror. He can clearly tell who is good and who is bad. The more his dad talks bad about me, the less he likes to be close to his dad.”

At this point, Duncan turned to look at Liberty and saw that she looked calm.

When Hank was mentioned, Liberty’s mood did not change.

Liberty said, “What are you looking at? Do you think I still care about Hank? He is just Sonny’s father now. Do you think I still love him? Do you think that mentioning him will make me feel depressed? How long has it been? How could I still love him? How could I still be susceptible to his influence? He would never have divorced in the first place if he really loved me.

If you are determined to get divorced, it’s better to divorce as soon as possible.”

Hank kept his word. Neither he nor his family disturbed Liberty’s life anymore. The only connection between the two people was Sonny.

But Hank still couldn’t watch Liberty and Duncan together calmly. He was even more afraid that Duncan, the quasi-stepfather, was a better person than he was his biological father, so he couldn’t help but speak ill of Duncan in front of Sonny and discredit Duncan.

When Sonny was still afraid of Duncan, Hank said that Duncan was a bad person in front of his son. Sonny would speak up for Duncan, resolutely denying his father’s denigration of Duncan, not to mention that Sonny and Duncan are now in a very good relationship.

Every time father and son met, Hank could not help but say something bad about Duncan in front of Sonny, saying that Duncan was disabled and that Liberty was dragging Liberty down by being with him.

He also talked about Liberty’s plan for Duncan’s family property and said that Liberty envied her sister for marrying into a wealthy family. If she had the opportunity to marry into a wealthy family, she would marry even if Duncan was disabled.

In short, it was all kinds of destruction.

Especially when Sonny returned to Brown’s house, Mrs. Brown, Chelsea, and others spoke even more harshly.

Every time Sonny met Hank, he was unhappy when he came back. He always said that he didn’t want to go to his grandparents’ house and that he didn’t like Hank anymore.

Even Hank would buy something for Sonny. But Sonny was surrounded by wealth; what had he not seen before?

Sonny would not dislike Hank’s flattery. He was still a very simple child and would not be too dissatisfied with one thing or another. He simply didn’t like that Hank always spoke ill of Duncan, and sometimes he would also say bad things about Liberty.

In the heart of Sonny, his mother is the best. Anyone who spoke ill of his mother was considered a bad guy.

“Next time Hank says those words in front of Sonny, I will go to him to settle the score. How many times have I told him not to say those words in front of children, but he just can’t listen? The morality of their family will not change.”

Every time Sonny came back and told her mother, Liberty would communicate with her ex-husband and ask him not to speak ill of Duncan in front of Sonny.

What happened to her and Duncan was her freedom, and Hank had no right to care about it. Besides, Hank also promised that he would not disturb her life again. What’s the point of saying those words in front of Sonny?

Hank apologized every time and promised not to say it again.

If he didn’t say it, Mrs. Brown would say it, Chelsea would say it, and even Chelsea’s children would talk nonsense in front of Sonny.

As a result, Sonny became increasingly reluctant to see Hank.

It was the Brown family who personally pushed Sonny to Duncan’s side.

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