Married At First Sight Chapter 2785 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2785-“Surely Hank is still thinking about you in his heart.” Duncan said.

He didn’t mind Hank speaking ill of him in front of Sonny.

Hank always said that the more Sonny disliked him, the deeper the relationship between Duncan and Sonny.

Duncan understood that Sonny was very kind to him every time he came back from Brown’s house.

Sonny probably felt sorry for him.

Because Hank said bad things about him.

“He lost love for me a long time ago. If he had love, he would not betray me or hurt me, nor would he let his family bully me during the marriage. If a man really loves a woman, how could he be willing to let her be bullied? Even if there is a conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, he will find a way to solve the problem instead of letting his parents and sisters blame her.

He is just unbalanced in his heart. Just like I said about them at the beginning, if Hank and Jessica lived happily, without so many things happening, and neither of them lost their jobs, they would live happily and wait for a new life. When life is born, how can I care whether I live or die?

My feelings for Sonny will fade away because they have a love affair. Hank’s feelings for Sonny have never been deep. He has never taken care of his son. How many feelings can he have?”

Duncan thought for a while and hummed.

Duncan said, “Let’s not talk about those people and things that make people feel bad. I will go back to Wiltspoon tomorrow. Liberty, please accompany me to buy some new clothes and toys for Sonny. Please help me to choose toys that he likes. Every time I give them to him, he doesn’t seem to like them.”

Liberty didn’t want to talk about her ex-husband all the time. Even though she had already faced everything calmly, she was still worried that Duncan would be jealous when she mentioned her ex-husband in front of him.

After the car accident, Duncan became much more vulnerable. Mainly due to the disability of his legs, he lost his self-confidence, which made him vulnerable.

Liberty was very careful when dealing with him, for fear of hurting his self-esteem.

“Sonny has a lot of new clothes, many of which he hasn’t worn yet. Children grow up quickly, so they don’t need to buy too many new clothes. They grow up before they can wear them, and he has no younger siblings to pick them up.”

Liberty hadn’t bought new clothes for Sonny for a long time.

There was no need for her to buy them. With so many people doting on Sonny, the most important things Sonny needed were clothes, shoes, and toys.

Even the school bags had dozens of new ones.

As soon as they enter kindergarten, some new schoolbags will be given to this one and some new schoolbags to that one.

Liberty felt that Sonny had so many things that he could open a store.

“I didn’t tell Sonny, but I came over to see you. Sonny was already angry. If I don’t bring him some gifts back, he will be even more angry. Let’s buy a larger size so that he can still wear it next year.”

Liberty smiled and said, “That’s up to you.”

The two of them went shopping all night. They originally agreed to buy only two sets of clothes and two toys, but when they returned to the hotel, they were packed with big and small bags.

Back in the room, Duncan took pictures of tonight’s results and sent them to Zachary so that Zachary could show them to Sonny.

After Zachary received the photo from Duncan, he replied with a voice message: “Sonny went to bed. He has to go to kindergarten tomorrow. I will show it to him when he gets up tomorrow.”

Duncan said, “Forget it; I will go back tomorrow. When I go back, I will pick him up from kindergarten and show him again to give him a surprise.”

Zachary smiled. “Okay, will you be back tomorrow?”

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