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Married At First Sight Chapter 2787-Liberty didn’t know how to answer the question, and she could only hug Duncan silently.

After a while, Duncan gently pushed her away and said warmly, “Go back and rest. It’s very late. Good night.”

“Good night. You should go to bed early. You have to go back to Wiltspoon tomorrow.”

After the two said good night to each other, Liberty left Duncan’s room. Duncan took her out of the room in a wheelchair and watched her enter the next room before closing the door.

There was nothing more to say all night.

The next day, after Duncan had breakfast, he left the Fortress Hotel by car, with Liberty seeing him off.

Liberty did not follow him to the airport but only sent him to the car and stood at the door of the hotel to watch him leave.

Eventually, she will say goodbye to him as he travels thousands of miles away. She will be less willing to part from him if she sends him off too far.

It wasn’t until the car Duncan was sitting in was out of sight that Liberty led the bodyguard team to the two cars she was using temporarily.

Duncan returned to Wiltspoon, and she had to continue busy with her affairs.

When they were busy, time passed very quickly.

It seemed that the genius was bright.

In a blink of an eye, it’s evening again.

Kevin didn’t know that Hayden would not return to the company in the afternoon. As usual, he drove to Queen Enterprise in the evening to wait for Hayden to get off work.

Then they went to dinner together.

Hayden was very busy and didn’t have much time for him. Every day’s meal time was the best time for him and Hayden to cultivate their relationship.

The car drove into Queen Enterprise and stopped at the same place. Kevin took the bouquet from the passenger seat and got out of the car.

He met Hugh at the door of the office building, who was walking out.

Hugh was also talking with several company executives as they walked.

Seeing Kevin, the group stopped.

“Why do you still come to the company?” Hugh asked immediately.

Kevin was a little puzzled by the question, so he asked him, “Why can’t I come to your company?”

He came every day.

Could Hugh still drive him out?

Hugh dared to kick him out, so he immediately called Donald and complained to him.

The president of Queen Enterprise was Hayden, but most of the company’s shares were still in the hands of Director Donald, who was the top leader of the company.

What was the purpose of Hayden instructing the people in the security department not to let Kevin enter the Queen Enterprise?

When Donald came, he gave Kevin special privileges and allowed Kevin to enter and leave the Queen Enterprise freely. Even Hayden, the president, had no choice.

Hugh chuckled. “My brother is not in the company, but you still come to Queen’s. Are you looking for me? Are you giving this bouquet of flowers to me? Come on, come on, hold it for me. Such a big bouquet of flowers, it’s hard for you to hold them, so if you give them to me, let me hold them myself.”

As Hugh spoke, he reached over to take the large bouquet of roses from Kevin’s hand.

He also said, “I have never received a bouquet from a handsome guy in my life. Kevin, you have such good taste. This bouquet of flowers you bought is so beautiful. I have to take a photo and send it to Moments to show off. For a moment, let my confidante learn from this and send me flowers, and they should send such a big bunch.”

Kevin slapped Hugh’s hand away.

The senior executives watched this scene in silence, all muttering in their hearts: Have Mr. Donald Queen’s two sons been turned over by Kevin?

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