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Married At First Sight Chapter 2788-Hugh was doing much better. At least Hugh often hangs out with his confidante and even brings a few confidantes with him when eating, drinking, and having fun. Kevin has really ruined Mr. Queen.

Even if Kevin is very good and comes from the York family, the largest wealthy family in Wiltspoon, so what?

Homos*xuality was still not recognized by the secular world in Wiltspoon.

“What a wonderful thought. This flower is not for you. Your brother is not in the company.”Kevin asked, “He went out?”

Hugh was not angry, even after his hand was slapped away. He deliberately said to Kevin, “It seems that you have been pestering my brother every day, but you still haven’t tightened your grip. You don’t even know where my brother has gone. My brother didn’t reply in the afternoon. You don’t know the company either.”

Kevin really didn’t know.

He only knew that Hayden told him to pick her up in the evening and accompany her to tonight’s banquet.

The banquet that Hayden attended tonight was held in the mansion of a wealthy family in Jensburg, not in a hotel, so Kevin came over as soon as he finished his work.

He didn’t even change his clothes, and he didn’t need to. He wore a suit every day, and he kept wearing a suit every day.

A naturally handsome man like him can easily become the focus of the crowd, even if he is dressed casually.

“Looking at your expression, I can tell that my brother didn’t say anything to you. Haha, Kevin, you have been pestering my brother for more than half a year and forcing him to become a homos*xual. But now it seems that my brother is obsessed with you. My feelings are just mediocre.”

After saying that, Hugh patted Kevin on the shoulder sympathetically and said with a smile, “I don’t have time, so I won’t chat with you. You can go in or leave; whatever you want, goodbye.”

Hugh really left Kevin behind, took the senior executives away, and continued to talk about work matters while walking.

Was Kevin someone who his brother-in-law could hit so easily? He immediately turned around and walked back to the front desk, asking the receptionist, who had not yet gotten off work, “Did Mr. Queen really not return to the company this afternoon? Or did Vice President Queen lie to me? “

The receptionist said, “Mr. Queen did not return to the company in the afternoon.”

Kevin said, Oh, and asked again, “He didn’t say where he was going? Is he going to discuss business?”

When he sent the message to Hayden, Hayden didn’t say he was going to discuss business.

The receptionist kept smiling and replied, “We don’t know Mr. Queen’s whereabouts. Mr. York, you’d better ask Vice President Queen, or call Mr. Queen yourself.”

They are just the front desk, not Mr. Queen’s secretaries. How could they know that Mr. Queen has so many schedules?


Unable to ask anything from the front desk, Kevin walked out of the office building holding a bouquet of flowers.

After returning to the car, he put the bouquet back on the passenger seat, then took out his mobile phone and called Hayden.

Hayden quickly answered his call. After hearing Hayden’s voice, Kevin breathed a sigh of relief.

At least, it could prove that Hayden was not running away from him; she was just too busy at work and never told him what she did.

Kevin laughed, feeling that he cared too much about Hayden. After Hugh said a few words, he was worried that he would be abandoned by Hayden. He felt that he had never really entered Hayden’s heart.

“Hayden, where are you? I came to your company and met Hugh. He said that you didn’t return to the company in the afternoon.”

Hayden was still practicing walking in high heels. She thought it was very simple—just walking. It was indeed not difficult, but she was not used to it.

After taking two steps in the high heels, she took them off and told her mother that she would rather go barefoot than wear high heels. They were uncomfortable and not as comfortable as her leather shoes.

Mrs. Queen said to her, “When you wear an evening dress, you must wear high heels. I have never seen rich ladies in our circle wearing evening dresses with leather shoes.”

Therefore, she could only practice walking in high heels. She took off her high heels countless times and walked back with her shoes.

Mrs. Queen stared at her again and again, almost turning her into a wasp’s nest.

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