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Married At First Sight Chapter 2789-Kevin’s call gave Hayden an excuse to stop and take a rest.

Hayden whispered to her mother, who was supervising her step out of the world of ladies, “Mom, it’s Kevin’s phone number.”

Mrs. Queen hummed.

Hayden strode to the sofa and sat down. Her pace made Mrs. Queen frown, and she followed her with a look of helplessness.

Hayden, who was used to dressing up as a man, put on women’s clothes and high heels. It didn’t mean that she couldn’t walk, but she couldn’t follow her mother’s instructions and follow the elegant steps of a lady. She walked with flying speed in high heels.

As she walked, she would tilt up and down twice, as if she were about to twist her heel.

Anyway, Mrs. Queen was very dissatisfied with the way Hayden walked in high heels.

After Hayden sat down on the sofa, she immediately took off her high heels.

Mrs. Queen didn’t care about her condition. She bought her a high heel for the first time she wore it and asked her to wear it to practice walking.

Hayden was still dissatisfied inside.

But Mrs. Queen said to start from the difficult to the easy so that she could easily control the high heels under her feet at the banquet.


Hayden called Kevin gently. She had never looked forward to Kevin’s call as much as she did now, and she had never called Kevin’s name in such a gentle tone.

She had a cold personality. Even if she fell in love with Kevin, she didn’t show him much tenderness, nor did she act coquettishly like other women.

Occasionally, she would smile a little when talking to Kevin, and Kevin would be entertained for several days.

“I didn’t go back to the company in the afternoon. I gave myself half a day off to rest in my hometown.”

Hayden was so gentle that she used Kevin’s name, and when she spoke again, her tone was normal again.

“Are you OK?” Kevin asked with concern, “Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

Hayden was a workaholic. She rarely took a break during the working day. Even on weekends, when she rested at home, she was actually doing business.

That is to say, she had some downtime over the weekend after Kevin’s constant pestering.

Sometimes, she would go out to play ball with the bosses, ride horses, go to sea, and race cars.

However, there were not many bosses who could personally accompany Hayden, so this situation was rare.

“No,” Hayden replied. “I’m in very good health; I don’t feel any discomfort.”

“Is there something going on at home? Why did you take half a day off during the working day? You must be exhausted. I told you not to be so tired and leave some things to Hugh. He is only ten minutes younger than you.

Don’t take everything on yourself; otherwise, you will be exhausted.”

Kevin felt very sorry for Hayden.

Although the future father-in-law pretended to be the chairman, he actually had very little control over the big and small matters in the company. They were all left to Hayden and Hugh. Hayden took the lead, and Hugh was much more relaxed.

From the fact that Hugh often had time to take a group of confidants around to eat, drink, have various gatherings, and have fun, it could be seen that Hugh’s life was more than twice as easy as that of Hayden.

The Queen Enterprise was so big, and Kevin knew how tiring it was to be the president, so he felt particularly sorry for Hayden and had a lot of dissatisfaction with his future brother-in-law.

Hayden said, “I’m fine. Come pick me up at my hometown now. When you get here, you’ll know why I took half a day off.”

Kevin hummed, “I’ll pick you up now.”

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