Married At First Sight Chapter 2790 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2790-Hayden said, “Drive carefully on the road.”

Kevin said, “Don’t worry, I’m an experienced driver. Just get ready. I’ll pick you up, and then I can accompany you to the banquet.”

Hayden hummed, “Then I’ll wait for you at home.”

Kevin: “Okay, see you later.”

Hayden said that Kevin would know why she took half a day off when he got there, but he did not ask further on the phone.

Let’s rush to the Queen family’s old house first.

After ending the call with Kevin, Hayden wanted to put down her phone, but when she saw Mrs. Queen sitting opposite, she retracted her hand and pretended to send a message to Kevin.

“Stop pretending.”

Mrs. Queen stood up and walked over, reached out, took away her mobile phone, and put it on the coffee table.

“Mom, I can’t leave my phone without my phone. If anything happens in the company, please contact me.” Hayden wanted to take her phone back as a shield.

Mrs. Queen said, “Didn’t you leave all the matters in the company to Hugh and let him handle them?” He doesn’t have to attend the banquet tonight anyway.

He’s not much younger than you, just ten minutes younger, but he is a boy, and he should be the one to shoulder the heavy burdens. Sons are preferred over girls. Of course, men should shoulder the heavy burdens.”

Hayden said with a smile, “Mom, what are you talking about about favoring boys over girls? That is the old feudal idea.”

“For others, it is an old feudal idea. In our family, the explanation is that men should bear the heavy burden and daughters should take it easy. This is our family’s preference for sons over daughters.” Mrs. Queen said this and then sat down next to Hayden.

Hayden didn’t want to argue with Mrs. Queen, so she responded: “Yes, yes, my mother is the most beautiful, and everything she says is right.”

Mrs. Queen stared at her.

Hayden: “Mom, what’s wrong with me? You glared at me more in one afternoon than in the past twenty years combined.”

“Sitting position!” Mrs. Queen patted Hayden’s thigh and said, “Sit like a lady; don’t act like a big man. You are now a rich lady, a lady from a famous family, not the eldest young master of the Queen family, not the CEO of the Queen family.

Also, don’t take off your high heels as soon as you sit down. Which lady do you see taking off her high heels as soon as she sits down?”

Hayden said, “When I usually wear leather shoes, I never take them off when I sit down. Mom, these two haters are hard to control. My feet hurt after walking for so long. I don’t take them off if I don’t take them off. Let my feet slow down; I’m afraid I won’t be able to walk at night.

Otherwise, I’d better wear leather shoes.”

She really didn’t like wearing high heels.

Mrs. Queen said to her, “Have you seen any rich lady wearing leather shoes when attending a banquet? If you wear a suit, leather shoes will be leather shoes. You said you wanted to wear a girl’s evening dress, so I bought you an evening dress. You’re back; how can you do it if you don’t deserve a pair of high heels?”

Hayden’s face fell. “Then I’ll continue to be the eldest young master of my Queen family. It’s not easy to be a young lady in the Queen family. Evening dresses are hard to wear. I can’t even walk fast when I put them on. The hem of the skirt restricts my steps, so that I can’t stride like a meteor or fly like a flying star.”

Mrs. Queen: “…”

She wanted to slap her away.

Finally, she endured it.

If it were Hugh, Mrs. Queen would definitely slap him away.

“In the future, when Kevin and I are alone, I will put on women’s clothes. If I wear women’s clothes in front of him, he will not ask me to wear high heels. He said that I can wear whatever I feel comfortable with. Yes, he can tolerate everything about me.

He said, He and I have become the talk of the town anyway, so we don’t need to worry about creating more topics.”

Mrs. Queen: “…”

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