Married At First Sight Chapter 2791 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2791-After a while, Mrs. Queen said, “Forget it; I can’t control you. Just do whatever you want. I still want to live a few more years.”

Hayden: “Mom, I am a loyal child.”

Mrs. Queen: “I never said you were unloyal, but if you continue to care for me after regaining your femininity, you will utterly s**** me to death. In order for you to still have your mother and for your mother to still be able to survive, if I live a few more years and see you getting married and having children, I will decide not to care about you.

You can do it as a woman or as a man. Anyway, I don’t care about other people’s opinions. Why do I care so much? If you are a big girl, you can’t help me. You couldn’t have helped me a long time ago.”

After saying that, Mrs. Queen got up and walked out.

Hayden: “Mom, where are you going?”

Mrs. Queen: “I go out and get some air, relax, and chat with your dad.”

Donald was watering the flowers outside the house.

Hayden snorted, “Then go out and chat with my dad. After that, you will feel that I am the best.”

Mrs. Queen was angry and funny, and she walked out of the main room directly.

Donald, who was watering the flowers, saw Mrs. Queen coming out and asked, “Have Hayden practiced?”

Mrs. Queen said, “Hey, don’t mention it. I just want to train her now. It’s difficult. She has been used to it for more than 20 years. In just one afternoon, she can let go of her 20-year-old habits and become a lady. That is impossible.”

Donald smiled and said, “I can only imagine that this will be the result.”

He continued to water the flowers. “Forget it; as long as the children are happy, it doesn’t matter what capacity she lives in.”

Everyone knew that Hayden was his eldest son. Hayden suddenly turned into a woman, which might cause a sensation in Jensburg.

Thinking about being bombarded with phone calls, Donald almost wanted to shut down his phone in advance.

“She said she would wear an evening dress, but not high heels, just leather shoes. Well, if I had known better, I wouldn’t have let her do this nonsense. This nonsense has transformed a good daughter into a son over the past twenty years.”

“No one knew it earlier. She can wear whatever she likes. She is the one who is being pointed at, not us.”

Donald was open-minded because he had long given up on his dream of making Hayden a lady of the world.

She was raised as a boy, but when she grew up, she still pretended to be a boy. She pretended to be a boy for more than 20 years, and no one noticed it. This showed how successful her daughter was at pretending to be a man. In just half a day, she wanted to turn herself into a lady; it’s so easy to transform into a god.

Donald: “Even if someone told us, it’s not like we haven’t heard the slander about Hayden. When Kevin first pursued her, how many people came to us and said it? Don’t be concerned about what others said at the time. What? The mouth is on someone else’s body, and we can’t stop what they want to say. As long as the child is happy, it doesn’t matter.”

After listening to Donald’s words, Mrs. Queen sighed again. “That’s all we can do. Leave her alone. She is almost thirty years old anyway. She has her own ideas and is an independent person. Let her go.”

At worst, turn off their cell phone these two days to avoid being bombarded by relatives and friends.

After Mrs. Queen gave up the idea of training Hayden to become a lady, her mood improved, and she and Donald took care of the flowers and plants in the front yard until Kevin came.

Every time Kevin came to Queen’s old house, he would come empty-handed. This time, he still got off the bus with large and small bags, not forgetting to hold the bright and dazzling bouquet of roses.

“Uncle, Auntie.”

Even though he wasn’t out of the car yet, he smiled and said hello. Then he walked over to Donald and his wife, carrying both big and small bags.

The couple turned around and saw Kevin. Mrs. Queen hurriedly stepped forward and took something from Kevin’s hand while saying to him, “Kevin, how many times have I told you, just come and don’t buy things like this again? We have everything at home.”

Kevin said, “It’s not anything expensive. Auntie, is Hayden at home?”

When parking the car, he actually saw the Maybach that Hayden usually rode in.

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