Married At First Sight Chapter 3305

Married At First Sight Chapter 3305-Tatum returned to his room. One of the two male bodyguards was taking a shower, and the other was watching TV.

Tatum only said hello to them and entered his small room.

After arriving in Duatemalo, he didn’t need to be with Elora, so his small room had already been packed.

He just had to wait for the shower.

Look at the time; it was zero hour. Tatum sent a message to the family group: “Brothers, is anyone still asleep? Chat with me.”

Soon, the eldest brother Zachary responded to him in the group: “Chat privately; don’t chat in the group, so as not to disturb the elders’ rest.”

And his beloved wife.

Serenity usually went to bed at ten o’clock in the evening.

Tatum then chatted privately with Zachary.

He sent a voice message.

He knew that Zachary didn’t like typing and chatting, and he disliked the slow typing time.

“Brother, aren’t you asleep yet?” Tatum asked with concern. “So late to socialize again?”

“Aren’t you asleep too? Are you waiting to make a midnight snack for Elora?” Zachary responded to him in a low voice, “Wait a minute; I’ll go outside to the balcony so as not to disturb your sister-in-law.”

With that said, Zachary put on a coat, walked out of the bedroom, and went outside to the balcony.

Tatum said, “I’ve finished serving Elora. I can rest after taking a shower.”

Zachary said, “Didn’t you say that your dormitory is a suite? Do you have to exclude taking a shower?”

Tatum smiled and said, “Brother, I went to Duatemalo with Elora for a business trip tonight and stayed at the Duatemalo Hotel. Elora’s secretary arranged for me to live with two male bodyguards in a two-room apartment. My room does not have a bathroom; they are showering, so I will wait.”

Zachary paused and said, “She wants to take you with her on a business trip. She will starve to death when she is away from home. Can she cook by herself?”

If she doesn’t know how to cook, if something happens one day, won’t Elora starve to death?

There are still people who starve to death these days, and they starve to death because of their picky mouths. That is really… the majority of netizens will say that she deserves to starve to death!

Tatum said, “I don’t know if she can cook. She just needs to know how to cook. She will marry me as my wife in the future. Even if her family goes bankrupt, I can support her as long as I am here, and I will not let her starve to death.”

Zachary smiled and said, “You protected her before you even scratched her horoscope. The Ormond family is strong and will not go bankrupt easily. Elora is very capable in business. It’s difficult to run a large family business as a young woman.

Elora was different from Hayden.

Hayden had always been raised as a boy, and she also regarded herself as a boy. Her father came into the business world and taught her step-by-step.

Elora’s parents were not in good health, so they retired early and let Elora take over.

The primary reason was that Elora was a girl. Even though she had been advocating for gender equality for decades, women faced significant challenges in real life.

Even though Elora was the daughter of a wealthy family, she had no choice but to take over the job at a young age. With so many veterans in the company and relatives who wanted to carve up the company, her management path was much more difficult than Hayden’s.

Therefore, Zachary said that Elora was not easy.

After Elora stabilized the situation, Elora’s parents didn’t have to worry about the company. They took good care of themselves for several years before they were in good health now.

A few years ago, Mrs. Ormond would lie down for two or three days when she came back, let alone play cards and go shopping.

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