Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3479

Chapter 553 – Myriad Hands

“That’s good to hear.” Aqua Rose breathed a sigh of relief when she heard Shi Feng’s answer. Then, with an earnest look, she said, “What I need help with isn’t anything complicated, Guild Leader Black Flame. You only need to conduct a little investigation to know that I am currently targeted by Demon’s Gate, an apex power.

“Now that the entrance to our homeworld has been partially opened, it will only take another month or so before it becomes fully open. To give our world’s younger generation a head start, the Green God Corporation has selected 10,000 budding geniuses to bring over to the Greater World ahead of time, and it will be conducting a talent fair in Silver Frost City, a second-tier city in the Greater World, so that the Greater World’s various powers can absorb some of our world’s young talents.

“My younger cousin was lucky enough to be selected by the Green God Corporation and become one of the 10,000 geniuses.

“However, Demon’s Gate is pursuing me relentlessly. While I am safe for the time being since I am currently in the Eternal Realm in God’s Domain and living in a first-tier city in the Greater World, I’m worried they will target my cousin. I hope you can head to the talent fair and recruit my cousin. I only request that you let her stay in Star Lake City for three or four months.”

Originally, Aqua Rose had not planned to ask Shi Feng for help. After all, the existence targeting her was Demon’s Gate!

Whether in the Greater God’s Domain or the Greater World, Demon’s Gate was an apex power known by all. Just mentioning this name could send shivers down the spines of countless upper-ranking hegemonic powers.

Demon’s Gate was notorious for being vicious and ruthless in the Greater God’s Domain. Its members would stop at nothing to achieve their goals, and it was especially so for its core members.

Although other apex powers deeply resented Demon’s Gate, nobody could do anything about Demon’s Gate, for it was too strong. It could even fight against two or three apex powers simultaneously at its peak.

If she hadn’t received the protection of one of the Scarlet Merchant Alliance’s Taboos, deterring the Demon’s Gate member from targeting her to a certain extent, she would have already perished in the Greater God’s Domain.

Hence, when it came to matters involving that Demon’s Gate member, Aqua Rose couldn’t even rely on her friends and family, even if she wanted to.

But after seeing Shi Feng singlehandedly suppress the chosen ones and paragons of two pseudo-apex powers and revealing strength nearing Tier 6 Gods, Aqua Rose saw a ray of hope.

Anyone with strength nearing Tier 6 Gods would be considered an apex existence in the Greater God’s Domain. Even that person from Demon’s Gate would have to tread carefully around such an existence. It was especially so now that they were in the Eternal Realm, where numerous powers were competing.

In the Eternal Realm, many powers would be more than willing to do anything to try to win the favor of such an existence. Even opposing an apex power like Demon’s Gate wouldn’t necessarily be out of the question.

“Demon’s Gate?” Shi Feng frowned a little.

He had experienced getting hunted by Demon’s Gate countless times during his previous life, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Demon’s Gate’s existence was omnipresent. If not for Demon’s Gate being too strong, he would have long led Zero Wing to annihilate the apex power. He didn’t think Aqua Rose would have provoked his old enemy in this life.

“If you find my request too difficult to fulfill, you can also have someone else take my cousin into hiding for a month,” Aqua Rose hurriedly said when she saw Shi Feng frowning. “I’ll try to hurry over as soon as possible.”

“No, it’s not a difficult request,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. Then, he calmly continued, “It’s just Demon’s Gate. It’s nothing significant.”

In his previous life, Demon’s Gate had failed to do anything about him after countless attempts. Now that he wielded the Godly Relic Shadow Incinerator and the Goddess of Space’s Dark Moon Legacy, the apex power would only be even helpless against him..

Meanwhile, as soon as Shi Feng finished speaking, Dragon Soul and Solitary Glow couldn’t help but be at a loss for words.

Demon’s Gate was one of the few apex powers in existence, and its influence spanned across the entire Greater God’s Domain. The top ten players on the Divine Glory List were the only individuals qualified to deem Demon’s Gate insignificant.

It should be known that every player ranked within the Divine Glory List’s top ten was an existence that had long transcended humans. Every one of them could easily kill an Ancient God, and some of them had even slain the taboos of apex powers before. Hence, the various apex powers greatly feared the Divine Glory List’s top ten experts.

While Shi Feng might have strength nearing Tier 6 Gods and would most definitely become even stronger once he got promoted to Tier 6 in the future, it was still far-fetched to say that he could match the top ten experts on the Divine Glory List.

“Does that mean you will accept my request, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Aqua Rose asked eagerly.

Personally, Aqua Rose wasn’t confident that Shi Feng would agree to her request. After all, nobody would want to offend an apex power, much less one as notorious as Demon’s Gate.

Had she posed her request to any other Tier 6 expert in the Greater God’s Domain, most, if not all of them, would have turned around and walked away as soon as they heard the mention of Demon’s Gate.

In some Realms, Demon’s Gate’s name was even considered a taboo that must never be mentioned.

In her opinion, it would already be a miracle if Shi Feng agreed to find a proxy to shelter her cousin for a month. While a month wasn’t as much time as she would like, it was enough of a buffer for her to secure a slot in a first-tier city for her cousin with the Scarlet Merchant Alliance’s help.

As for keeping her cousin in their homeworld, that would be impossible. Her cousin had worked desperately to secure a slot to enter the Greater World in advance. Even if she tried to persuade her cousin, the other party was unlikely to heed her advice. Not to mention, she was the cause of her cousin being targeted by Demon’s Gate.

“I can,” Shi Feng calmly said. “I can also promise to enter your cousin into Zero Wing, and so long as Zero Wing continues to exist, no harm will come to her. However, I will need you to promise me one thing in exchange.”

“What do you need me to promise you, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Aqua Rose asked, her determined voice suggesting she would agree to any demands.

“When I need your help in the future, you must unconditionally help me once,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “If you can promise me that, I will guarantee your cousin’s safety.”

Although he had never heard of Aqua Rose having any cousins in his previous life, this was a good opportunity for him to get closer to her.

“No problem.” Aqua Rose nodded and smiled. “So long as it is something I can help you with.”

Shi Feng’s condition couldn’t even be considered a demand. It was practically a gift for her. After all, Shi Feng was someone who could closely rival Tier 6 Gods as a Tier 5 player. He stood on a completely different level than she did. If there were something he needed her help with, it would be her fortune to help him.

“I will take your word for it,” Shi Feng said. He could tell what was going through Aqua Rose’s mind, and he couldn’t help but chuckle. “What is your cousin’s name?”

“My cousin goes by the name of Silk Radish in God’s Domain. She has only come into contact with God’s Domain for a short time, and she is still a university freshman. She isn’t interested in grinding and adventuring, but she is greatly interested in God’s Domain’s engineering system. She has been researching it since she entered God’s Domain,” Aqua Rose introduced.

Silk Radish? Engineering?

Shi Feng was stunned by the incredibly familiar name from Aqua Rose’s mouth.

Myriad Hands Silk Radish!

She was one of the only six Pseudo-Divine Craftsmen in the Greater God’s Domain in his previous life!

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