Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3482

Chapter 556 – World’s Initial Opening

Shi Feng’s words were plain, yet they caused the Level 155 Elementalist and Level 157 Guardian Knight to look at him in disbelief. At the same time, though, their eyes showed hints of expectation and yearning.

“Are you telling the truth?” the Elementalist questioned.

“Don’t be joking with me here, little bro,” the Guardian Knight said, nodding in agreement with the Elementalist. “Don’t mention an advanced membership, even if it’s just a basic membership, so long as you can get me one, I’ll make sure everything you said is taken care of!”

The Secret Crystal Trading Firm might have as many as 5,000 basic membership slots, but they were still incredibly precious in the Crystal City of Secrets. Many players were willing to pay anywhere from three to five Eternal Gold just to hire a proxy to purchase Common Secret Treasures.


After all, even though the Underground Crystal Palace dropped Common Secret Treasures, players could only equip the Secret Treasure they acquired if it suited their class. Not to mention, the various powers had already made the Underground Crystal Palace their backyard, harvesting and monopolizing anything that was of significant value in the secret land. By now, independent players only had access to the various powers’ unwanted scraps.

“Don’t believe me?” Seeing the doubtful looks on the two people’s faces, Shi Feng retrieved two Common Secret Treasures from his bag and said, “What do you think of these two Secret Treasures?”

When the Elementalist and Guardian Knight saw the two Common Secret Treasures, their eyes widened in disbelief.

“Brother! Just tell us what to do!” the Guardian Knight said without hesitation.

The value of Secret Treasures was known by all in the Crystal City of Secrets. The act of giving away even one Common Secret Treasure was already considered mind-blowing, let alone two. Not even the executives of upper-ranking hegemonic powers could afford to do such a thing. Not to mention, the two Secret Treasures Shi Feng had taken out were perfectly suited for their classes.

“Hurry up and tell us what to do!” the Elementalist followed, a look of excitement on her face.

Chuckling, Shi Feng said, “What I need you to do is simple. Just spread the news that a Guild called Zero Wing is partnered with the Secret Crystal Trading Firm and that any fifth-floor expert willing to join Zero Wing for more than a month will be guaranteed a basic membership in the trading firm. Those who perform well might even get advanced membership. As for fourth-floor experts, as long as they contribute sufficiently, they will have the opportunity to purchase Common Secret Treasures from the trading firm, and those who perform outstandingly will also have a chance to gain advanced membership.”

“Is that all we have to do?” The Guardian Knight was a little stunned by Shi Feng’s simple request.

He had originally expected to cross dangerous valleys and oceans of fire to get his hands on Shi Feng’s promised Common Secret Treasure. Yet, all he needed to do was spread some news. Not to mention, even without his intervention, the news in question would spread like wildfire once released.

“Is what you just said real?” The Elementalist blinked her eyes in disbelief.

She had never heard of a Guild going by the name of Zero Wing. It should be known that even the various pseudo-apex powers had failed to secure a partnership opportunity with the Secret Crystal Trading Firm. So, how could an unknown Guild accomplish it?

“Wouldn’t you know once you give it a try?” Shi Feng chuckled.

Previously, he had been ruminating over how he should go about recruiting the Crystal City’s independent players into Zero Wing. After all, every player operating in the current Eternal Realm was an extraordinary existence in the Greater God’s Domain. Independent players of such caliber had long grown used to operating by themselves or in small groups, so they did not care about joining any Guild.

However, he now had an opportunity to recruit these independent players through the Secret Crystal Trading Firm.

Whether it was fourth-floor experts or fifth-floor experts, both were hard to come by in the Greater God’s Domain. It was especially so for fifth-floor experts. Even upper-ranking hegemonic powers would only have a limited number of such experts under their command.

“If that’s the case… I’m a titled expert, so I should be qualified to join.” After pondering for a moment, the Guardian Knight asked, “Where can I join this Zero Wing you mentioned, Brother?”

“I’m also a fourth-floor expert! I should be able to join Zero Wing, right?” the Elementalist asked anxiously.

Seeing the Elementalist and Guardian Knight expressing their intentions to join Zero Wing without hesitation, Shi Feng smiled and said, “You can join so long as you meet the requirements. As for where you should go to sign up, didn’t I already say that Zero Wing is partnered with the Secret Crystal Trading Firm?”

“Are you saying we can sign up at the trading firm directly?” The excitement in the Guardian Knight’s eyes grew even more apparent after hearing Shi Feng’s words. “Then, I’ll head there right away!”

“Me, too!” the Elementalist said before dashing toward the Secret Crystal Trading Firm.

Meanwhile, after the two arrived at the crowded Secret Trading Firm and waited for their turn at a counter, they tentatively asked the NPC behind the counter about joining Zero Wing. Then, they received an answer that thoroughly stunned them.

“If you two are adventurers who have conquered the World Tower’s fourth floor, you are indeed qualified to join Zero Wing. If you wish to join Zero Wing, please fill in the form here,” the female elf behind the counter said before placing two forms before the Guardian Knight and Elementalist. “After joining Zero Wing, if you wish to become a member of the trading firm, you will have to accumulate 5,000 Guild Contribution Points in Zero Wing first. Once you fulfill this condition, you can directly a basic membership for the next weekly refresh.”

After the Guardian Knight and Elementalist had their questions answered, the other players waiting in line nearby couldn’t help but widen their eyes in disbelief.

The Secret Crystal Trading Firm’s membership was incomparably precious, so much so that even the various pseudo-apex powers had failed to get their hands on any. Yet, it was now possible to purchase this membership just by joining Zero Wing?

After a short silence, the surrounding players started frantically shouting and expressing their intentions to join Zero Wing. This situation confused the players still waiting in line at the back.

“Are these people crazy?”

“Why are they shouting to join Zero Wing?”

“Could it be some kind of hidden code?”

When the crowd in the building saw the several dozen players going crazy in front of the counters, they couldn’t help but wonder what these players were losing their minds over. But less than a minute later, everyone else in the building also started to go crazy. Then, in no time at all, Zero Wing’s name quickly spread across the entire Crystal City of Secrets.

While the Crystal City’s independent players were losing their minds, Shi Feng spent a hundred Eternal Gold Coins to purchase a Guild Residence for Zero Wing.

Then, in less than a day, the Guild Residence welcomed the addition of over 10,000 fourth-floor experts and 100 fifth-floor experts…

With so many fifth-floor experts, Zero Wing can probably afford to pick a fight with the city’s pseudo-apex powers already… When Shi Feng saw the list of new guild members, he didn’t know whether he should be celebrating or weeping.

While the sudden influx of so many experts was certainly a cause for joy, the poverty of Zero Wing’s Guild Warehouse would most likely cause these experts to leave the Guild as soon as they accomplished their goals.

If he couldn’t find a solution quickly, the Guild’s current prosperity would be fleeting.

While Shi Feng was pondering how he could go about adding more Secret Treasures into the Guild Warehouse, he suddenly received a message from Xia Qingying, informing him that their world was already in its initial stages of opening up to the Greater World.

Because of this, the Green God Corporation had selected 10,000 geniuses to bring into the Greater World in advance, and the corporation welcomed all partnered powers to head to Silver Frost City to inspect, and hopefully recruit, these geniuses. Xia Qingying had even booked a flight to Silver Frost City for him, saving him a lot of trouble.

Ten thousand geniuses, is it?

After reading Xia Qingying’s message, Shi Feng couldn’t help but recall the many young paragons he had missed out on recruiting in his previous life because of Demon’s Gate persistently hunting him. Now that he no longer had such a burden on him, he could use this opportunity to recruit some of these potential paragons in addition to Myriad Hands Silk Radish.

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