Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3483

Chapter 557 – That Man?

Silver Frost City was a second-tier city situated on the Starlight continent, and it was a gigantic steel city that slowly traveled about a snowy and desolate land. The city’s exterior was covered in snow all year round due to its travel route, but the inside of the city experienced spring all year round.

At the city’s entrance, there would almost always be a trail of armored buses coming in and out of the city. These buses either came from other mobile cities or set out from Silver Frost City to other mobile cities. Even at night, there was no end to the arrival and departure of these armored buses.

“Be careful, all of you! We are no longer in the world we are used to living in! If anyone misbehaves, I will kick them off the bus and send them packing back to our world!”

On one of the buses entering the city, a one-star mental strength grandmaster representing the Green God Corporation lectured the hundreds of young men and women on the vehicle while exuding a terrifying mental deterrence.

“Incredible! Is this how strong mental strength grandmasters are?”

“As expected of the Green God Corporation. Even the representatives they sent to guide us are mental strength grandmasters. I have only ever met a mental strength grandmaster once in the Upper Zone, yet out of the dozens of buses used to transport us, every one of them is led by a mental strength grandmaster. No wonder none of our world’s other corporations dare defy the Green God Corporation. They’re in completely different leagues from each other.”

“I heard that the city we are in is a second-tier city on this continent, and over a hundred third-tier mobile cities are operating around it. I also heard that the residents of Silver Frost City could easily live past 500 years old, and many people have a chance of becoming mental strength grandmasters. It feels like we are entering a city of miracles.”

“It’s a pity I didn’t get selected by the Green God Corporation last time. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have to be competing for the qualifications to stay in a third-tier city right now.”

The young men and women on the bus were awed by the elderly man serving as their guide. They were also awed by the urban scenery outside the bus as they could see mental grandmasters, which were incredibly hard to come by in their homeworld, in every corner of the city.

Moreover, shortly after the bus entered the city, they could feel their bodies getting rejuvenated. They could feel a mysterious energy present in the space around them, and simply inhaling this energy accelerated their thought processes and improved their bodies’ flexibility significantly.

“Alright, we’re here! Everyone, off the bus!” the elderly guide urged when he saw the bus coming to a halt.

Under the guide’s urging, the hundreds of youngsters on the bus alighted from the armored vehicle. They were then greeted by the sight of several dozen other armored buses parked in a spacious arena, and the youngsters who had alighted from these other buses had already gathered in front of the arena’s central stage with expectant and confident looks on their faces.

“Are you really not going to reconsider, Radish?” a girl in a light-blue dress asked as she looked at the girl standing beside her. The other girl in question was of similar age, but she looked more mature and charming, and she wore a blue, short-sleeved dress.

Then, the girl in a light-blue dress continued, “Ever since your cousin went missing, the other members of your family have clearly distanced themselves from you. I also heard that Star Cherry, your cousin’s archenemy, has recently entered the good graces of a big shot. That big shot is the commander of another power. Are you sure you don’t want to go to Ice Forest Town with me? We just need to wait five more years and wait to take a city power’s test.”

“I trust in my cousin’s message,” Silk Radish, the girl in the blue, short-sleeved dress, said in a determined tone. “Since she says everything is fine, it must be so. Moreover, I look forward to competing with the Greater World’s geniuses. Even if I lose, I need to know how I lost.”

The Green God Corporation had brought 10,000 geniuses to the Greater World for its partners to recruit. However, it wasn’t compulsory for these partners to recruit these geniuses. So, those who failed to get recruited would be returned to their homeworld, and they could only rely on their own capabilities to enter and live in the Greater World in the future. After all, the Green God Corporation still wasn’t powerful enough to let so many people live in the Greater World’s cities.

However, the Green God Corporation had also given the unselected geniuses a second option. Should these unselected geniuses choose not to return to their homeworld, they could choose to live in a town for five years. During this period, some powers originating from the various mobile cities would come to recruit talents. And if these geniuses could catch the attention of these powers, they would be able to migrate into a mobile city.

Meanwhile, knowing that her chances were slim, Silk Radish’s friend Jade River had preemptively chosen to live in one of the Greater World’s towns and wait for an opportunity to migrate into a city.

“Why are you so gullible?” Jade River couldn’t help but look at her friend as if she was looking at a fool. “Your cousin suddenly contacts you after going missing for more than a year, and the first thing she says is that some man will show up to solve all your problems. How can you even believe such a thing? Are you sure your cousin isn’t being tricked by that man?”


Silk Radish fell silent. She, too, agreed with her friend’s words. Before her elder cousin had suddenly gone missing for over a year, her cousin would rarely come into close contact with any man. Yet, now, her cousin had suddenly reappeared and told her that a man would appear during the Green God Corporation’s talent fair and take care of all of her problems. No matter how she thought about it, this situation sounded very suspicious.

While Silk Radish and Jade River conversed, several dozen individuals stepped onto the central stage. These individuals were all executive members of the Greater World’s various powers. Meanwhile, the person hosting the talent fair this time was Xia Qingying, the Green God Corporation’s Vice President. She was also the chief supervisor of the Green God Corporation’s branch in Silver Frost City.

When Xia Qingying appeared, all of the youths standing below the stage cheered and reacted in astonishment.

Firstly, it was because of Xia Qingying’s figure and identity.

Secondly, it was because of Xia Qingying’s frightening mental strength. Despite not being much older than them, Xia Qingying was already a mental strength grandmaster. In contrast, none of them were even mental strength masters yet.

“Our time is precious, Qingying.” Before Xia Qingying could even say anything, a handsome young man impatiently interrupted, “Do as we said to you before. Apart from those in the top 100 of the list, have everyone else get lost!”

The young man’s abrupt words caused the youths below the stage to fall silent. As for the various powers’ executives standing on stage, they also kept quiet, with some behaving nonchalantly, some smiling, and some nodding their heads in agreement. In one way or another, all of them expressed their agreement with the young man.

Meanwhile, Xia Qingying, who was just about to start hosting the talent fair, reacted grimly to the young man’s words.

“Aren’t you acting a little too hastily, Mr. Xiao Quan?” Xia Qingying spoke in a low voice. “The Green God Corporation has selected these talents out of tens of millions of youths from our homeworld. It is a pity to disqualify them so soon.”

Xiao Quan might look like a young man, but he was already well into his forties. Meanwhile, nobody in Silver Frost City dared to offend him, and any power wishing to operate in the city would have to show him a certain amount of respect.

This was because Xiao Quan was not only a vice commander of the city’s Silver Frost Legion, but he was also the son of the city’s City Lord.

Originally, the talent fair should have been the Green God Corporation’s affair, but Xiao Quan suddenly came running here for some reason. Moreover, without even waiting for her to speak, he abruptly declared the end of the talent fair. Such behavior was simply incomprehensible.

TL Notes:

[1]Silk Radish(绫萝 Líng Luó):

I am unsure if Silk Radish’s real name is Ling Luo, or if she is just having others address her with her God’s Domain ID. My hesitance to deem it as her real name stems from the way Aqua Rose introduced Silk Radish in Chapter 553:

“My cousin goes by the name of Silk Radish in God’s Domain.” (“我那位表妹在神域中叫绫萝。”)

The way Aqua worded it really made it sound like Silk Radish/Ling Luo is just a character name.

Fyi, Aqua Rose(水色蔷薇)’s name is 100% a character name and not Aqua’s name in real life. 水色 = water-colored/light blue || 蔷薇 = rose

There might be people named 蔷薇(rose), but the surname 水色(water-colored) does not exist, as far as I know, at the very least.

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