Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3484

Chapter 558 – I’ll Be Taking Them!

“Hasty?” Xiao Quan scrutinized Xia Qingying in amusement. Then, he faintly smiled and said, “In all the years you have spent in Silver Frost City, you have never taken more than two seconds to turn down my invitations, Qingying, but you’ve never seen me saying anything about it, have you? Moreover, I’m not the only one holding such an opinion, right?”

“Mr. Xiao Quan is right. These youngsters don’t look particularly talented to me. Only the top 100 on the list are decent. There’s no need to have the others remain.”

“I agree. You know full well that the various cities have limited space, Vice President Xia. We should save these precious resources for more talented individuals.”

The executives of the various powers present hurriedly nodded and voiced their agreement with Xiao Quan, making it sound as if everything Xiao Quan had just stated was true.

“As you can see, Qingying, this is everyone’s opinion. It isn’t mine alone,” Xiao Quan said as he swept a glance at the various powers’ executives. Then, he smiled and continued, “A large part of why the Green God Corporation can have its current position in Silver Frost City is due to the efforts of these people here, so you shouldn’t act too arbitrarily. Otherwise, you might put the Green God Corporation in a vulnerable position in Silver Frost City.”

Xia Qingying’s expression had turned indescribably ugly at this point.

While the Green God Corporation had multiple branches established across the Greater World, only a handful were in second-tier cities. So, the corporation would suffer a heavy blow if it lost even one of these second-tier branches.

Right now, Xia Qingying couldn’t help but hesitate. Should she protect the 10,000 talents she had brought with her? Or should she protect the Green God Corporation’s second-tier branch?

Are all of us going to get kicked out, just like that? Jade River’s face turned pale.

Xia Qingying’s silence already made it apparent that the situation was not in their favor. It was also obvious that the young man was not someone Xia Qingying could afford to offend.

Jade River deeply yearned for the Greater World. She had even planned to go down the most difficult and conservative path to stay in the Greater World. Yet, now, she wouldn’t even be allowed to go down this path.

Even Vice President Xia doesn’t have a solution? Silk Radish thought as she stared at Xia Qingying in disbelief.

Unlike the other young talents present, she knew a lot more about the Greater World thanks to her cousin. Her cousin had entered the Greater World much sooner than everyone else, and she had even made some accomplishments for herself here. Meanwhile, out of all the people her cousin had talked extensively about, Xia Qingying was one of these people.

Even in the Greater World, Xia Qingying could be considered a remarkable figure. Her individual strength was leagues above the geniuses and paragons of their God’s Domain, and even upper-ranking hegemonic powers would have to show her some respect.

Yet, now, Xia Qingying was looking helpless in front of the young man on stage, and all she could do was swallow her opinions.

If even Xia Qingying was in such a state, what could budding talents like themselves possibly do in this situation?

“Are you still unconvinced, Qingying?” Seeing Xia Qingying’s silence, Xiao Quan snapped his fingers, summoning a young man to his side. “I’ll make things simple. He’s the most useless member of the Silver Frost Legion. So long as any of your talents can beat him, I promise I won’t say another word!”

Xiao Quan’s words immediately aroused the hopes of the young men and women below the stage.

The young man beside Xiao Quan looked seventeen years old at most, whereas the youngest among them was seventeen, while the older ones were already nineteen. With a two-year gap between them and the young man, they might have hope of winning, even if the young man in question was an inhabitant of the Greater World.

However, before any of the youths below the stage could act on their revitalized hope, the guides representing the Green God Corporation hurriedly whispered to them, “Don’t act recklessly, you fools! That young man isn’t a wastrel! He’s already a three-star mental strength master!”

A three-star mental strength master?

The many youths in the arena gasped.

A seventeen-year-old three-star mental strength master?

It should be known that there wasn’t even one mental strength master among them…

Three-star mental strength masters were individuals wielding great authority in their homeworld’s Upper Zones. Most of their families didn’t even have a three-star mental strength master, and many of them made it their lifelong goal to become one.

Yet, now, it was revealed that the seventeen-year-old before them had already accomplished their lifelong goal…

“What? Nobody’s coming forward?” Xiao Quan sneered as he looked at the youngsters below the stage. “What a bunch of useless people. If you can’t even make use of the opportunity I’ve given you, why should I bother recruiting you?”

The youths in the arena clenched their fists and gritted their teeth in silent hatred when they heard Xiao Quan’s words, and they couldn’t help but get the urge to take on the seventeen-year-old young man.

However, they also understood that they would only be bringing shame to the Green God Corporation and Xia Qingying if they were to give in to their urges now. After all, none of them had even the slightest chance of defeating a three-star mental strength master.

“Since nobody has any more objections, this event is over!” Xiao Quan declared after sweeping his gaze across the crowd in the arena. “What a waste of my time.”

After Xiao Quan finished speaking, the various powers’ executives also got ready to leave, none showing any intentions of speaking up for Xia Qingying.

However, immediately after the various powers’ executives got up from their seats, a deep voice echoed throughout the arena.

“Vice President Xia! I don’t care about everyone else, but I will be taking them. Do you have any objections?”

Following these words, the arena fell silent once again as everyone turned to look at the voice’s origin. Then, everyone saw a man in his thirties casually walking over to Xia Qingying on the stage, looking as if he was having a light conversation with an old friend.

“Guild Leader Shi Feng?” Xia Qingying was stunned when she saw Shi Feng.

Although she had never officially introduced Xiao Quan, everybody present could more or less guess by the behaviors of the various powers’ executives that Xiao Quan wasn’t someone to mess with. Meanwhile, Shi Feng’s publicly recruiting someone as soon as Xiao Quan declared the end of the talent fair was no different than a slap to Xiao Quan’s face.

Immediately, Xiao Quan’s expression could be seen darkening, and everyone present felt a chill crawling down their spines. Of course, Shi Feng was an exception as he behaved as if he didn’t even see Xiao Quan as he pointed at two young women below the stage.

Is he talking about us? Jade River couldn’t help but grow confused when she saw Shi Feng pointing at her and Silk Radish. Although she tried searching her memories, she failed to recall having ever met this casual-looking man.

Could he be the man Big Sis was talking about? Silk Radish couldn’t help but grow a little worried when she saw Shi Feng’s appearance.

Silk Radish’s goal was to remain in the Greater World, but now that a big shot like Xiao Quan had already declared for them to leave, they would most likely be sent back to their homeworld if nothing unexpected occurred. So, she couldn’t help but wonder if her cousin’s helper could truly help her out of this predicament.

“Who the hell are you, kid? How dare you run your mouth on this stage?!”

“The Green God Corporation is getting worse and worse! How can such a rude nobody be invited to such an important event?!”

When the executives of the Green God Corporation’s partnered powers failed to recognize Shi Feng, they started questioning and condemning him as if they were denouncing a criminal.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng smiled as he swept his gaze across the various powers’ executives. Then, he said:

“Who am I? Someone you cannot afford to offend!”

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