Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3485

Chapter 559 – Two-Star Limit Grandmaster?

Is he crazy?

Xia Qingying couldn’t help but gape in shock when she saw Shi Feng completely disregarding Xiao Quan and the various powers’ executives.

It was one thing for Shi Feng to provoke Xiao Quan previously. After all, Shi Feng wasn’t aware of Xiao Quan’s identity at the time. At worst, he would simply lose the ability to operate in Silver Frost City in the future.

However, it was a different story to show such contempt for the various powers’ executives.

Xiao Quan cherished his reputation dearly, so even if he were to take action against Shi Feng, he wouldn’t do so openly. The various powers’ executives, on the other hand, were all dominant figures of third-tier cities, and they had fought using all sorts of means to achieve their current positions.

Moreover, unlike Xiao Quan, Shi Feng had no special background in the Greater World. So, the various executives absolutely wouldn’t have any qualms about escalating the situation and picking a fight with Shi Feng.

“Someone we cannot afford to offend? What bold words you have there, you little punk!”

“It seems becoming a one-star grandmaster has gotten to your head! Do you really think of yourself as some kind of big shot?”

“Since the Green God Corporation is unwilling to teach this kid a lesson, we’ll do it instead!”

“Anyone interested in volunteering?”

The various powers’ executives openly discussed teaching Shi Feng a lesson, none of them treating him with any significance.

According to their senses, Shi Feng was only at the one-star mental strength grandmaster standard. And going by his appearance, he should be someone in his thirties.

In third-tier cities, anyone capable of becoming a one-star grandmaster in their thirties would indeed be considered a rare genius. In fact, Shi Feng could still be considered a genius even in a second-tier city like Silver Frost City.

Take the seventeen-year-old standing beside Xiao Quan, for example. The young man might have become a three-star master at such a young age, but his chances of becoming a one-star grandmaster before he entered his thirties were considerably slim.

There might only be a one-rank difference between a three-star master and a one-star grandmaster, but the gap was like a chasm. There was even a clear division in status between individuals at the two ranks.

So long as a person became a one-star grandmaster, they could unconditionally enter any mobile city in the Greater World. They wouldn’t have to provide any credentials or pay any fees. This held true even for first-tier cities.

Of course, whether a one-star grandmaster could gain residential qualifications in a first-tier mobile city was another matter.

Meanwhile, so long as a person wasn’t a mental strength grandmaster, even if they were to become a three-star mental strength master before the age of ten, they would need credentials to even enter a third-tier city. Otherwise, they could only look at the city from the outside.

While the various powers’ executives were talking, Xia Qingying, who had originally planned to mediate the situation, became frozen in place.

A one-star grandmaster?

Xia Qingying couldn’t help but doubt her senses. At the same time, she couldn’t help but feel as if she was meeting Shi Feng for the first time.

She clearly remembered that the first time she met Shi Feng, the other party wasn’t even a one-star mental strength master. And even by the end of the Star Lake Legion’s recruitment test, Shi Feng had only become a two-star master.

How long had it only been since Shi Feng joined the Star Lake Legion?

How had he become a one-star grandmaster already?

“Vice President Xia, while I don’t know why the Green God Corporation would invite such an arrogant punk, if I don’t teach him a lesson now that he has offended us like so, I’ll be unable to show my face in Morning Dew City,” a savage-looking man suddenly said as he looked at Xia Qingying. The man looked to be in his forties, and he had a towering body with a height of two and a half meters. “I hope you can show some understanding.”

After saying so, the tall and savage man strode toward Shi Feng, not showing Xia Qingying, the host of today’s talent fair, any respect.

However, nobody on the stage found the savage man’s behavior and words surprising. Even Xiao Quan simply smiled in response to the savage man’s actions.

“Old Xun is as impulsive as ever,” Xiao Quan commented as he looked at the savage-looking man. Then, he turned to Xia Qingying and smiled, saying, “Don’t take Old Xun’s behavior to heart, Qingying. He has always been like this. If anything happens, I can have someone send that kid to the hospital.”

Morning Dew City’s Madman Xun!

Even in Silver Frost City, this name was considerably famous.

Madman Xun was only 43 this year, yet he had already crippled over a thousand mental strength grandmasters in Morning Dew City, with quite a few of his victims being two-star grandmasters. Madman Xun had even crippled the head of one of Silver Frost City’s powerful families without a second thought after the other party provoked him.

Although Xiao Quan was also a two-star grandmaster and possessed a wealth of combat experience like Madman Xun, even he couldn’t help but be a little fearful of the savage man.

This was because Madman Xun was not only crazy, but he was also ruthless in battle. Every one of his moves was executed with either the intent to kill or cripple. Without putting his life on the line, Xiao Quan was not the least bit confident in winning a fight against Madman Xun.

Meanwhile, as Madman Xun moved closer and closer to Shi Feng, the crowd below the stage couldn’t help but worry for Shi Feng.

This was because Madman Xun didn’t look like a human at all!


Madman Xun could no longer be considered a human!

After all, just a second ago, Madman Xun was clearly only 2.5 meters tall. Yet, a second later, his body started to bulk up in size, his muscles visibly expanding and his veins bulging like earthworms crawling all over his body. Then, in only five seconds, Madman Xun had transformed into a three-meter-tall giant.

So, this is the body manipulation ability of two-star grandmasters?

Silk Radish was greatly shocked when she saw Madman Xun’s transformation.

What separated mental strength grandmasters from mental strength masters wasn’t just their mental strength but also their ability to control their bodies. A mental strength grandmaster could break the limits on not only their physical strength but also their physical growth.

However, before today, Silk Radish had only ever heard of such a feat being possible. This was her first time seeing it happening in person.

“Kid! You said earlier that you are someone we cannot afford to offend. How about you try saying it again?” Madman Xun threatened as he stood imposingly in front of Shi Feng.

As soon as Madman Xun finished speaking, he raised his hand and slapped his hand down on Shi Feng. With his current height of three meters, Madman Xun’s arms were as thick as water buckets, while his hand was like a large pot. And as he smashed down with his hand, an explosive noise could be heard coming from the surrounding air.

Seeing Madman Xun’s attack, everyone present did not doubt that Shi Feng would be flattened by it. Even if Shi Feng tried to defend himself with his arms, nothing would change.

However, even after seeing the huge palm descending toward him, Shi Feng remained unfazed as he lifted one of his hands.

The next moment, Shi Feng’s “dainty” hand could be seen grabbing onto Madman Xun’s wrist, stopping Madman Xun’s hand in its tracks. Immediately afterward, Shi Feng rotated his body and executed a throw.

Subsequently, Madman Xun’s three-meter-tall body could be seen spinning across the air like a ragdoll and crashing onto the stage’s solid ground, the heavy impact causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood. Then…he fell unconscious.

Suddenly, the whole arena fell silent as everyone stared at Madman Xun’s unconscious body in disbelief.

“You are…a two-star limit grandmaster?”

When the various powers’ executives snapped out of their daze, they turned to look at Shi Feng with a grave expression.

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