Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3486

Chapter 560 – Xia Qingying’s Madness

“Radish! This person is so strong!” Jade River exclaimed to Silk Radish when she saw how easily Shi Feng had stopped Madman Xun’s attack and subsequently thrown the giant of a man. Then, she turned to Silk Radish and asked, “Say, do you think we have a chance to stay here?”

Previously, Jade River hadn’t thought much about Shi Feng’s declaration to recruit her and Silk Radish. After all, even a big shot like Xia Qingying dared not go against Xiao Quan.

However, after seeing how handily Shi Feng had defeated the monster-like Madman Xun, Jade River couldn’t help but start to think that Shi Feng might truly be able to let her and Silk Radish remain in the Greater World.


Silk Radish also grew excited when she saw Shi Feng’s performance. She never expected her cousin to find an expert of such caliber to come and recruit her.

A two-star limit grandmaster!

Those ignorant of the Greater World’s matters, such as Jade River, wouldn’t necessarily understand the significance of a two-star limit grandmaster. However, as Aqua Rose’s cousin, Silk Radish knew just how exalted the status of two-star limit grandmasters was.

For 99% of the individuals who manage to become a one-star mental strength grandmaster in the Greater World, the best they could hope to achieve within their lifetimes would be the two-star grandmaster standard. This was the case for the various powers’ executives standing on the stage. None of them had any hopes of ever becoming a two-star limit grandmaster.

This was because becoming a two-star limit grandmaster meant taking half a step into the realm of three-star grandmasters, and it would only be a matter of time before they became a full-fledged three-star grandmaster.

It should be known that three-star mental strength grandmasters were existences capable of becoming the lord of a city in the Greater World, and even in conglomerates, they would occupy core executive positions.

While two-star limit grandmasters weren’t three-star grandmasters, they would still be regarded as big shots in second-tier cities, and the various families and corporations operating in these cities would have to show them a certain degree of respect.

This kid’s a two-star limit grandmaster? A frown formed on Xiao Quan’s face as the abrupt turn of events took him by surprise.

Madman Xun was first-rate even among two-star mental strength grandmasters. Aside from three-star grandmasters, only two-star limit grandmasters could defeat him so easily.

As for the possibility of Shi Feng being above the three-star grandmaster standard, that likelihood was close to zero. This was because every one of these existences could shake the entire Starlight Continent with their actions. It was highly unlikely any existence above the three-star grandmaster standard would concern themselves with existences like the Green God Corporation.

However, after Xiao Quan experienced a brief surprise, a hint of coldness appeared in his eyes.

A two-star limit grandmaster might be able to scare powers operating in third-tier cities, but he was the son of Silver Frost City’s City Lord. Even three-star grandmasters would have to show him some respect, let alone a two-star limit grandmaster.

“Don’t you think it is a bit too much to use such heavy-handed tactics?” Xiao Quan said to Shi Feng as he glanced at the unconscious Madman Xun. “Or do you think you can act with disregard in Silver Frost City simply because you are a two-star limit grandmaster?”

Following Xiao Quan’s words, the various powers’ executives on stage regained some of their confidence.

“That’s right! You are in Silver Frost City right now! This isn’t a place where you can behave as you wish!”

“Mr. Xiao Quan is the City Lord’s son! Even three-star grandmasters will have to be polite with him. What right do you have to act so arrogantly as a two-star limit grandmaster?”

The various powers’ executives all stood with Xiao Quan and began to clamor. It was especially so after they saw the arrival of the city’s security teams.

It was true that two-star limit grandmasters enjoyed an exalted status in the Greater World. If they were currently in a third-tier city, they would absolutely try to avoid provoking Shi Feng as much as possible. Only the City Lord and the various powerful families and corporations’ old monsters would have an advantage over him.

However, it was a different story in a second-tier city like Silver Frost City. The security force here was so strong that even three-star grandmasters wouldn’t dare to go against it directly, let alone a two-star limit grandmaster.

All second-tier mobile cities had a security force consisting of Advanced Enforcement Robots. Meanwhile, every one of these was strong enough to match a two-star limit grandmaster, while a team of them could go up against a three-star grandmaster.

Meanwhile, after detecting the fight between Shi Feng and Madman Xun, Silver Frost City’s automated security system mobilized as many as three security teams to the fight scene. If these three teams worked together, apprehending a two-star limit grandmaster would be a piece of cake.

Less than ten seconds after they appeared, the three security teams had already arrived on the stage and surrounded Shi Feng, their performance astonishing those who lived in third-tier cities.

Advanced Enforcement Robots were a luxury that most third-tier cities could only afford to use in areas of great importance. As for maintaining the city’s security, third-tier cities would normally rely on their respective city legion’s grandmaster members for that. This was also one source of income for a city legion’s grandmaster members.

It seems this city is quite wealthy, Shi Feng thought as he looked at the three security teams that consisted entirely of Advanced Enforcement Robots.

Advanced Enforcement Robots could only be produced by a small minority of conglomerates, and even the likes of the Paimon Conglomerate lacked the ability to do so. As a result, Advanced Enforcement Robots were incredibly expensive to purchase. On top of that, they also cost a ton to maintain, with the maintenance cost of each Advanced Enforcement Robot being more than the cost to sustain ten two-star mental strength grandmasters.

As for whether Shi Feng could win a fight against three teams of Advanced Enforcement Robots, the chances of that happening were essentially zero. After all, he was only a one-star grandmaster right now, not a two-star limit grandmaster.

The reason Shi Feng could defeat Madman Xun so easily was entirely because of the Mental Condensation technique he had learned from the Primordial Abyssal God’s phantom in the Golden Spire. When he tried to replicate this technique in the real world, it allowed him to condense his mental strength, enhancing it to the limits of the two-star grandmaster standard. This, in turn, allowed him to just barely manipulate his strength at a cellular level. If not for this, he would have needed a lot more time to defeat Madman Xun.

If Shi Feng wanted to win against the Advanced Enforcement Robots, his mental strength would have to reach the two-star grandmaster standard. Before that, his only option would be to flee or face defeat.

Meanwhile, along with the Advanced Enforcement Robots’ appearance, Silk Radish and Jade River couldn’t help but despair. They never thought that Xiao Quan would be the son of Silver Frost City’s City Lord.

If such a person declared for them to leave the Greater World, who could possibly keep them here?

They also no longer placed any of their hopes on Shi Feng. After all, Shi Feng clearly wasn’t in an optimistic situation. If he dared to take action, the Advanced Enforcement Robots would probably suppress him without hesitation.

“What are you guards still waiting for? Why haven’t you driven this troublemaker away yet?” the various powers’ executives commanded the Advanced Enforcement Robots as they pointed at Shi Feng. “We suspect he isn’t an invited guest and is only here to cause trouble!”

Xiao Quan also nodded, indicating for the Advanced Enforcement Robots to take action.

The city’s Advanced Enforcement Robots operated on the basis of maintaining the city’s security. However, those wielding advanced authority in the city could have the Advanced Enforcement Robots inspect whether certain individuals possessed citizenship in the city. And if an individual was found to not be a resident, they could command the Advanced Enforcement Robots to expel said individual from the city.

The Advanced Enforcement Robots promptly closed in on Shi Feng after receiving Xiao Quan’s approval. Seeing this, nobody present was surprised by this outcome.

Shi Feng might be a powerful expert, but Silver Frost City was Xiao Quan’s home ground. Even if a third-tier city’s City Lord came here, they would be helpless against Xiao Quan, and their only option would be to grit their teeth and leave.

“Wait! He is my guest! Rather than him, these people here are the ones making trouble!”

Just as the Advanced Enforcement Robots were about to take action, a crisp and loud voice rang out and echoed throughout the arena, causing a stir among the crowd.

Meanwhile, the speaker was none other than Xia Qingying, the host of the talent fair this time.

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