Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3487

Chapter 561 – Zero Wing’s Value

“Did Xia Qingying lose her mind?”

When everyone heard the words that came out of Xia Qingying’s mouth, they couldn’t help but doubt their ears.

Is Vice President Xia crazy? Those are the Green God Corporation’s distinguished guests we are talking about! Xiao Quan is even among them! How dare she do such a thing?! a one-star mental strength grandmaster from the Green God Corporation mentally exclaimed as he stared at Xia Qingying with his mouth hanging wide open.

Those invited to attend the talent fair this time were all distinguished powers operating in the various third-tier cities. These powers shared plenty of business transactions with the Green God Corporation, and they were even vital investors in some of the Green God Corporation’s projects.

Yet, now, Xia Qingying was reporting the representatives of these powers as uninvited troublemakers to the city’s security force. Such behavior was no different than an act of war against all of these powers!

“What kind of relationship does that guy have with the vice president?”

“Crap! I must have forgotten to wake up today!”

The other Green God Corporation members present were similarly confused by Xia Qingying’s actions. They couldn’t comprehend why she would try to offend the various powers and thoroughly sever any ties she had with Xiao Quan.

Xiao Quan was the son of Silver Frost City’s City Lord. If he were to get kicked out of an event held within Silver Frost City, it would be a disgrace to the city. There was no way the City Lord would ignore this slight, and the least he would do was drive the Green God Corporation out of the city.

“Who is this man? How did your cousin find such a helper, Radish?” Jade River couldn’t help but ask Silk Radish while her eyes stayed on Xia Qingying.

It should be known that Xia Qingying was still enduring the humiliation brought to her by Xiao Quan and the various powers’ executives previously. Yet, because of Shi Feng, she had chosen to sever all ties she had with these people!

“I have no idea,” Silk Radish said with a look of surprise and shock.

In their eyes, Xia Qingying was akin to a legend. This was also the case for all of the youths living in their homeworld’s Upper Zones. After all, she was someone who succeeded in becoming a Senior Vice President of the Green God Corporation at such a young age.

Yet, now, this legendary individual had chosen to sever the ties she had with numerous powers in the Greater World for a man they had never even heard of. She had even offended a second-tier city in the process of doing so.

Xia Qingying’s decision was simply incomprehensible.

If the Green God Corporation’s directors were to learn of this matter, Xia Qingying would absolutely lose her position as Senior Vice President. Numerous powers and Silver Frost City would also target her.

“Are you insane, Xia Qingying?” Xiao Quan questioned Xia Qingying, his voice containing a mix of surprise and anger. “You’re going so far just for a two-star limit grandmaster?”

Besides feeling anger, Xiao Quan also failed to comprehend Xia Qingying’s behavior.

The Green God Corporation held an extremely high status in Silver Frost City, and this status could only be matched by the ancient families and corporations with three-star mental strength grandmasters.

Yet, now, Xia Qingying chose to abandon this status?

“Just for a two-star limit grandmaster?” Looking at Xiao Quan, Xia Qingying calmly said, “He is not just a two-star limit grandmaster. He is also Zero Wing’s Acting Guild Leader.”

“Zero Wing?”

“The Guild of the Lord of War Goddesses?”

Xiao Quan and the various powers’ executives promptly gasped upon hearing Xia Qingying’s words.

If it was any other Guild in the Greater God’s Domain, they would most likely be unfamiliar with it. However, Zero Wing had already become a name known by all throughout the Starlight Continent. This was because almost everyone knew that the Sacred Glory List’s eleventh-ranked expert belonged to a Guild called Zero Wing.

Although most people were unfamiliar with the player named Black Flame, they knew the significance of the Sacred Glory List’s eleventh rank. It was enough to strike fear into the Starlight Realm’s various powers.

Not to mention, ever since Black Flame single-handedly repelled the joint army of three upper-ranking hegemonic powers in the Miniature Ancient World, many upper-ranking hegemonic powers in the Starlight Realm had sought to partner with Zero Wing.

He’s Zero Wing’s Acting Guild Leader?

Silk Radish and Jade River also gasped in surprise when they heard Xia Qingying’s words.

Zero Wing!

This was the Guild that all of the younger generation players from their world wished to join. Some people had even abandoned all of their progress on the main continent so that they could take Zero Wing’s recruitment test in the Miniature Ancient World.

Unfortunately, Zero Wing had stopped recruiting members from the real world. Otherwise, geniuses like them wouldn’t have bothered participating in the Green God Corporation’s audition. Instead, they would have gone to apply for Zero Wing.

“So what if you have latched onto Zero Wing? Don’t forget that you have offended everyone present, Xia Qingying. At the end of the day, Zero Wing is only a Guild with potential. It has no way of resolving your current problems!” After recovering from his initial surprise, Xiao Quan sneered at Xia Qingying. “Moreover, you have no idea who and what power you have just offended!”

Before Xiao Quan could continue speaking any further, the Advanced Enforcement Robots had already removed him and the various powers’ executives from the arena.

The arena they were in was reserved for the Green God Corporation’s talent fair. As the event’s host Xia Qingying had absolute authority over the entire venue. Hence, even if Xiao Quan held advanced authority in the city, the Advanced Enforcement Robots would prioritize Xia Qingying’s commands over his. This was something not even the City Lord could change.

Meanwhile, after seeing Xiao Quan and the various powers’ executives removed from the arena, those remaining in the venue couldn’t help but be shaken.

At the same time, news of this situation quickly spread throughout Silver Frost City, shocking everyone in the city.

“Madness! This is madness! A major upheaval is going to happen in the city after today!”

“I heard that the City Lord has promptly contacted all of Silver Frost City’s top-tier powers after learning of this matter. It seems he’s planning to thoroughly expel the Green God Corporation from the city.”

“Do you think Silver Frost City is the only one taking action? I heard that all of those third-tier powers involved this time have withdrawn their investments from the Green God Corporation. Xia Qingying is absolutely in deep trouble. I also heard those powers have secretly contacted the other powers of their respective cities, asking them to reject any talent from the Green God Corporation’s homeworld. By the looks of things, they plan to thoroughly isolate the Green God Corporation and Zero Wing.”

Less than ten minutes after Xiao Quan and the various powers’ executives were removed from the arena, information regarding Xia Qingying’s actions had already spread to all corners of the city, inciting the astonishment of the various powers and families based in the city.

Was it truly worth sacrificing so much just for an up-and-coming Guild?

Meanwhile, half an hour after Silver Frost City had announced its intentions to expel the Green God Corporation and Shi Feng from the city, news of this incident was displayed in the conference room of the Green God Corporation’s main headquarters.

“Everyone, give your opinions. What should we do about this?”

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