Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3488

Chapter 562 – Next Stop: Zero Wing

Silver Frost City, Green God Corporation’s Branch Headquarters:

Following Silver Frost City’s eviction order against the Green God Corporation, almost everyone in the city no longer dared to get close to the corporation’s branch headquarters. Currently, the only people present in the branch headquarters were the corporation’s members.

“You have terrible luck, Luosha. You just joined the Silver Frost Legion, yet you got kicked out before you could enjoy any of its benefits,” a tanned woman with an attractive figure and beautiful appearance said as she looked at the suitcase-carrying girl beside her. “With your talent, you could have definitely become a vice commander in the future. It’s unfortunate that the ruthless City Lord refuses to spare even newcomers like yourself.”

“Isn’t it even worse for you, Big Sis Fire Dance?” Jun Luosha said, sighing as she looked at the tanned woman beside her. “You have won multiple energy mines for the city, and you relied entirely on your own strength and achievements to become Silver Frost City’s Fifth Vice Commander. Yet, as soon as the City Lord’s eviction notice came out, the shameless commander told you to leave without hesitation. He has completely ignored the fact that it was thanks to your vote that he barely managed to become the Silver Frost Legion’s commander and didn’t even bother to plead with the City Lord for some mercy for you.”

Hearing Jun Luosha’s words, Fire Dance shook her head and nonchalantly said, “It’s nothing. If I didn’t give my vote to him, Xiao Quan would have become the commander. Had that happened, we would have been in a far more miserable situation.”

“I guess that’s true…” Jun Luosha nodded.

Xiao Quan possessed considerable strength as he received the City Lord’s full support and guidance. Hence, he was qualified to become the Silver Frost Legion’s commander.

However, Xiao Quan was very opinionated toward the Green God Corporation’s members because Xia Qingying constantly rejected his feelings for her. Had he become the Silver Frost Legion’s commander, all of the Green God Corporation’s members in the legion would have had difficulties getting by.

As for the Green God Corporation’s members’ dismissal from the Silver Frost Legion this time, the City Lord’s eviction order wasn’t actually the main driving force. Had the City Lord been the only party to desire this outcome, the removal of the Green God Corporation’s members would have never happened. The only reason it happened was because many parties wished for it. After all, the city legion had limited membership slots. Once these limited slots were filled, nobody could join the legion unless someone from the legion left.

“What plans do you have for the future?” Fire Dance asked Jun Luosha. “We can’t stay in Silver Frost City any longer. But with our history of being part of the Silver Frost Legion, it shouldn’t be too difficult for us to get into the city legion of other second-tier cities.”

“I don’t plan to join any other second-tier city’s legion,” Jun Luosha said. Then, a smile suddenly appeared on her face as she continued, “Actually, even if I weren’t kicked out this time, I would have still left sooner or later.”

“You were planning to leave all this time?” Her curiosity piqued, Fire Dance asked, “Did you find a place offering better benefits?”

“Naturally. It’s easily a thousand times better than the Silver Frost Legion,” Jun Luosha stated confidently. “Why don’t you come with me, Big Sis Fire Dance?”

“Which place are you talking about?” Fire Dance asked after giving the offer some thought. “Could it be the legion of a first-tier city?”

“No!” Jun Luosha answered, smiling when she saw the confused look on Fire Dance’s face. “It’s a place that you’ve heard about recently.”

“Are you talking about Zero Wing?” Fire Dance was exasperated. “Have you forgotten who’s responsible for me losing my vice commander position?”

“It’s merely the vice commander position of a second-tier city,” Jun Luosha said disdainfully. “Zero Wing is vastly stronger than any second-tier city, and it easily outmatches the Silver Frost Legion.”

“Keep boasting,” Fire Dance said, rolling her eyes at Jun Luosha’s claim. She felt that Jun Lusoha was simply being stubborn.

The Silver Frost Legion was a second-tier city’s city legion, and it was a gathering place for numerous geniuses and paragons. Many upper-ranking hegemonic powers’ paragons were even members of the legion. This was why competition for the Silver Frost Legion’s membership was extraordinarily intense.

Zero Wing might have been able to suppress three upper-ranking hegemonic powers in the Miniature Ancient World, but Black Flame was the sole contributor to that accomplishment.

In reality, Zero Wing couldn’t even be put on the same level as the Silver Frost Legion, which housed the paragons of many upper-ranking hegemonic powers. So, saying that Zero Wing outmatched the Silver Frost Legion was simply nonsense. After all, no matter how powerful Black Flame was, could he kill hundreds of paragons in a simulated battle all by himself?

“Wouldn’t you know whether I’m telling the truth if you make a trip to Star Lake City with me, Big Sis Fire Dance?” Jun Luosha said, grinning when she saw the doubt on Fire Dance’s face.

If it were before she had entered the Eternal Realm, she would have similarly thought that the Silver Frost Legion was an excellent place to develop herself in. However, her thoughts changed after she entered the Eternal Realm.

Members of a second-tier city’s legion?

Paragons of upper-ranking hegemonic powers?

Geniuses of the Starlight Realm?

None of these statuses were worth anything in the Eternal Realm. Even the strongest paragon of an entire Realm would become insignificant once they entered the Eternal Realm. Any random player one encountered in the current Eternal Realm would be a fourth-floor expert at the very least, while titled experts in the Greater God’s Domain couldn’t even be considered an expert there.

It should be known that fifth-floor experts were extremely rare in the Starlight Realm, yet this was only the baseline standard to be considered an expert in the Eternal Realm. Moreover, experts of such caliber could be seen everywhere in the Underground Crystal Palace.

During her time in the Underground Crystal Palace, she even had the opportunity to watch Saints in battle.


Every Saint stood at the apex of their respective Realms, and opportunities to watch Saints in action were exceedingly rare. Yet, she had witnessed no less than twenty such fights in the Underground Crystal Palace. Not to mention, there were even Golden Masters present in the team she belonged to.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that, even without Black Flame, the current Zero Wing could eradicate the Silver Frost Legion with only a couple of members.

“Fine. I’ll go with you,” Fire Dance said, thinking that she might as well take a look at Zero Wing since she had nothing better to do. “But, let me say this in advance. I will leave without hesitation if Zero Wing doesn’t turn out as great as you say.”

“No problem.” Jun Luosha smiled and nodded.

Fire Dance was a battle maniac, so Jun Luosha highly doubted Fire Dance would be willing to leave Zero Wing once she joined it. After all, the current Zero Wing was simply terrifying.

It should be known the current Silver Frost Legion only had one fifth-floor expert at its command, whereas Zero Wing had over a hundred. Moreover, this number was rapidly increasing over time…

Green God Corporation’s Branch Headquarters, top-floor lounge:

“I’m sorry for the embarrassing sight I’ve shown you this time, Guild Leader Shi Feng,” Xia Qingying awkwardly said after looking at the City Lord’s ultimatum.

Originally, she had invited Zero Wing to the talent fair, hoping that Zero Wing could recruit some of their homeworld’s geniuses. However, she never thought the talent fair would experience such an unexpected development. The Green God Corporation was even informed to return all of its properties in Silver Frost City and vacate all of its members from the city in three days or face the consequences.

“You don’t have to say that, Miss Xia,” Shi Feng said while looking out the window and sweeping his gaze across Silver Frost City. “If it weren’t for your intervention, I would have probably been kicked out of the city by now.”

“You are too humble, Guild Leader Shi,” Xia Qingying said, shaking her head. “With your strength, I believe it wouldn’t be challenging for you to shake off those Advanced Enforcement Robots. Moreover, with Zero Wing’s potential, I would probably be plagued by regret for the rest of my life had I chosen to stay silent in that situation.”

Rank 11th on the Sacred Glory List?

Only she knew how much this ranking underplayed Zero Wing’s potential.

At this time, Shi Feng retracted his gaze from the view outside the window and asked, “Miss Xia, are you interested in Silver Frost City?”

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