Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3494

Chapter 568 – Ten Great Sword Gods

Crystal City of Secrets, outer area:

Numerous flying ships could be seen coming to and from the Crystal City’s airport. The arriving flying ships, in particular, were packed with players. These players wore excited looks on their faces, and they promptly dashed toward the Underground Crystal Palace as soon as they disembarked, all hoping to make a fortune inside the secret land.

Two days ago, news of the first Extraordinary Secret Treasure to have ever appeared in the Underground Crystal Palace spread. The Secret Treasure was found in the secret land’s Level 160 area, and its appearance had shaken the entire Eternal Realm. At the same time, it raised the significance of high-ranking Secret Treasures to a whole new level.

Common Secret Treasures only increased Mana Protection, whereas Combat Secret Treasures provided an additional boost to the attached weapon or equipment’s Basic Attributes. While these bonuses could improve players’ strength, they weren’t so significant that one article would be enough to let players undergo a qualitative improvement. To achieve that, players would have to be fully equipped with Common or Combat Secret Treasures.

However, it was a different story for Extraordinary Secret Treasures!

Not only did Extraordinary Secret Treasures improve Mana Protection and Basic Attributes, but they also came attached with Special Abilities!

In God’s Domain, many weapons and equipment had Additional Skills, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that any item at the Epic rank or above would have Additional Skills. Meanwhile, these Additional Skills added to the Skill and Spell repertoire of players, raising their overall combat power.

The only problem was that these Additional Skills had Cooldowns and limited durations.

However, Special Abilities did not have a Cooldown. They acted more like Talents than Skills.

An example of Talent would be the elf race’s mana affinity. Elves were innately more sensitive to mana than the average human, and they also had an easier time manipulating mana. Because of this, many magical class experts would actively choose to change their race to the elf race.

However, opportunities to convert into an elf were few and far between. For most players, they could only choose to convert into a half-elf. Of course, while the mana affinity of half-elves wasn’t as good as that of pure-blooded elves, it was still better than that of the average human. So, converting into a half-elf was still a good choice for most players.

But now, it became possible to obtain Special Abilities, which were closely similar to Talents, through an Extraordinary Secret Treasure. This could be a life-changing opportunity for any player!


A life-changing opportunity!

Many players would fail to reach the peak or apex because they were lacking in certain aspects. So long as they could find a solution to their weaknesses, they could break out of their stagnated growth, and becoming a peak expert or even an apex expert would no longer be out of the question. Meanwhile, the Special Abilities of Extraordinary Secret Treasures could very well be the solution these experts needed.

Normally, once players had exhausted their potential, unless they could get their hands on a Divine Artifact or Fragmented Divine Artifact, it would no longer be possible for them to raise their standings in the Greater God’s Domain’s strength hierarchy. For example, no matter how many Legendary Weapons and Equipment a fourth-floor expert equipped, they would always be seen as inferior to fifth-floor experts in the public’s eye.

It was even more so in the eyes of the various powers. After all, the acquisition of Legendary Weapons and Equipment wasn’t a problem for them. What mattered most to them was a player’s combat standard.

However, with the discovery of Extraordinary Secret Treasures, rewriting one’s destiny would no longer be a privilege exclusive to only a select few individuals in the Greater God’s Domain. With the assistance of Extraordinary Secret Treasures, it also became possible for the masses to compensate for their weaknesses, undergo qualitative transformations, and ultimately rewrite their lives.

As a result, many of the Eternal Realm’s expert players flocked to the Crystal City of Secrets in the hopes that they could obtain an Extraordinary Secret Treasure from the Underground Crystal Palace.

After Shi Feng arrived at the coordinates Xia Qingying sent him, about a dozen or so cloaked players approached him. Although these players had concealed their appearances, their every action showed that they were at the fifth-floor standard. The woman in the lead was even a Saint-ranked expert.

“So, it was you? No wonder you can gather so much money so quickly,” the woman in the lead commented, a hint of realization appearing in her eyes as she looked at Shi Feng.

“May I know your name, Miss?” Shi Feng asked as he looked at the unfamiliar woman before him.

“Billowing Water,” the woman replied in a quiet tone.[1]

“Billowing Water?” Shi Feng promptly recalled something upon hearing the woman’s name, and he couldn’t help but be surprised as he asked, “The Blaze Conglomerate’s Heart Sword?”

The Blaze Conglomerate was a Cross-Realm Conglomerate rivaling the Galaxy Conglomerate. Meanwhile, Heart Sword Billowing Water was one of the Blaze Conglomerate’s two Taboos during his previous life.

The wielder of the Formless Twilight!

Formless Twilight was a very special Divine Artifact. Even when it was still a Fragmented Divine Artifact, it did not have any fixed form, and it only had two abilities.

The first ability allowed the wielder to transform Formless Twilight into any sword.

The second ability allowed the wielder to create multiple swords, and the number and type of swords created were up to the wielder’s imagination.

When Billowing Water initially got her hands on the Fragmented Divine Artifact-ranked Formless Twilight, her strength had undergone an earth-shattering change. Even though she did not master any Gold Combat Techniques, she could defeat experts who did.

After Formless Twilight was upgraded into a Divine Artifact, Billowing Water even surpassed War Goddesses when it came to offensive capabilities.

Back then, Billowing Water had defeated five of the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Grand Elders consecutively. The Seven Luminaries Alliance had even labeled her as one of the Greater God’s Domain’s Ten Great Sword Gods later on, putting her on the same level as Wordless Ember.

Currently, Shi Feng could not see Billowing Water carrying any weapon, so it was evident that she had already obtained the rumored Formless Twilight. Even if the weapon was only a Fragmented Divine Artifact right now, it should still enable her to fight against any apex expert without fear. So, Shi Feng found it hard to imagine why Billowing Water needed to conceal her appearance to meet him.

“That’s right, I am the Heart Sword,” Billowing Water said, nodding. Then, after taking a good look at Shi Feng, she continued, “You are quite strong. Aside from the promised 4,000 Gold, would you be interested in making another deal with me? It is a rather significant transaction.”

“Significant? How significant is it?” Shi Feng smiled.

“Have you ever heard of the Forbidden Zone?” Billowing Water quietly asked.

Shi Feng’s eyes immediately lit up upon hearing the name Billowing Water mentioned. Then, doing his best to lower his voice, he asked, “Do you know how to reach the Forbidden Zone?”

The Forbidden Zone was considered a secret in the current Eternal Realm, and players could learn of it through high-tiered NPCs. According to these NPCs, the Forbidden Zone was simply a place situated outside the Eternal Continent, and it was referred to as such by the Gods of old.

However, so long as one did a little digging, one would find that the Forbidden Zone wasn’t “simply a place situated outside the Eternal Continent.” Instead, the term referred to the two other major continents that existed in the Eternal Realm.

Contrary to popular belief, the Eternal Realm didn’t only consist of the Eternal Continent. Instead, there existed three major continents. Apart from the northern continent that human players resided on, there were two other continents in the west and south. Players of a foreign race occupied these two continents, and the two continents possessed vastly different civilizations and resources.

Of the two other continents, the western continent was closest to the northern continent. It was also a place whose environment was closest to rivaling the environment of the Greater God’s Domain’s Mythical Era.

It should be known that humans of the Mythical Era had a much easier time getting promoted to Tier 6. Moreover, the western continent held World Fragments that couldn’t be found on the northern continent, and these were precious treasures that could help players master World Laws!

Unfortunately, it was incredibly difficult to venture into the Forbidden Zone. Even Tier 6 players could not force their way there and could only rely on special means.

TL Notes:
[1]Billowing Water/Weilan:
She is Yan Hua’s daughter briefly mentioned in Chapter 486. I am uncertain if Weilan is her real name or character name, but since Yan Hua is the one who mentioned it, I’m guessing that it is her real name. It would be rather strange for a father to refer to his daughter by her in-game name.

Regardless, to make it easier to remember her, I have decided to use a translated version of her name when in the game, similar to Gentle Snow’s case.

[2]Gods of old(古老的神灵):
I have no idea which type of God this is referring to. I’m assuming it’s a little bit of all three categories?


As you can see, 古老的神灵 has a little bit of everything.

[3]Mythical Era:
Era of the Ancient Gods

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