Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3495

Chapter 569 – Forbidden Zone

“Big Sis Billow, isn’t it inappropriate to tell an outsider this secret?”

Before Billowing Water could answer Shi Feng’s question, a male demidragon standing behind her suddenly interrupted. The demidragon in question was a Level 160, Tier 5 Guardian Knight, and he carried a large and heavy shield on his back.

At the same time, the several elderly Saint-ranked experts present frowned. They were evidently dissatisfied with Billowing Water’s decision.

Information pertaining to the Forbidden Zone was of utmost importance to the Blaze Conglomerate. Yet, Billowing Water had abruptly decided to share this secret with an outsider without even consulting with anyone else.


“It’s fine. I’ll be able to reap more profits if we can have an additional companion,” Billowing Water answered the young demidragon. Then, she smiled at Shi Feng and continued, “Moreover, with Guild Leader Black Flame’s connections, I’m sure it wouldn’t be difficult for him to find a way to the Forbidden Zone. What do you think, Guild Leader Black Flame? Are you interested in my offer?”

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested,” Shi Feng said as he looked at Billowing Water in surprise. “May I know what deal you intend to make, Miss Billow?”

Contrary to Billowing Water’s words, information on the Forbidden Zone was by no means easy to obtain. Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been so many powers and Tier 6 players who couldn’t set foot into the Forbidden Zone in his previous life.

Even in the current Eternal Realm, there would be many conglomerates and pseudo-apex powers who’d be more than willing to cooperate with Billowing Water should they know that the latter knew how to get to the Forbidden Zone. So, Shi Feng found it hard to imagine why Billowing Water would take the initiative to collaborate with him.

“Simple.” Chuckling, Billowing Water said, “I can take you to the Forbidden Zone, but in exchange, all of your earnings during this trip will belong to me. Or, you can pay me 300 Eternal Gold, and you will only have to give half of your earnings to me.”

“Three hundred Eternal Gold and half of my earnings for an entry slot?” Shi Feng was a little taken aback.

In the current Eternal Realm, an expenditure of 300 Eternal Gold was significant to any upper-ranking hegemonic power. Such a large expenditure might adversely impact an upper-ranking hegemonic power’s development. After all, 300 Eternal Gold was already enough to purchase two or three shops in the Crystal City of Secrets’ central district.

“If you can’t afford the 300 Gold, you can always go with the first option, Guild Leader Black Flame,” Billowing Water said with a smile. “Not to mention, this condition will only stay in effect for your first trip. You won’t have to pay me anything the second time you head to the Forbidden Zone.”

“That won’t be necessary. I will pay the 300 Gold,” Shi Feng stated.

Billowing Water’s condition of 300 Eternal Gold and half of his earnings might be a steep price, but the sooner he could enter the Forbidden Zone, the sooner he could get his hands on treasures such as the World Fragments. That way, Zero Wing could also have a better future ahead of it.

Tier 6 was a big threshold to cross in the Greater God’s Domain. Tier 6 players were also the basis of how the various powers were evaluated.

During his previous life, the appearance of World Fragments had reduced the difficulty of getting promoted to Tier 6 for many players. If Zero Wing could get its hands on a World Fragment early on, it might even be able to catch up to the various apex powers in terms of Tier 6 player count.

“You are a decisive man, Guild Leader Black Flame.” Billowing Water was not particularly surprised to hear Shi Feng choosing to pay 300 Eternal Gold. Though, she did feel a little disappointed. “Let’s write up a contract, then.”

There were limitless business opportunities in the Forbidden Zone. As the leader of a Guild, it wasn’t strange for Shi Feng to be willing to bet 300 Eternal Gold on these opportunities. But at the same time, such a decision could also be considered very foolish.

Subsequently, Shi Feng and Billowing Water signed a God’s Domain Contract, and Shi Feng paid 300 Eternal Gold to Billowing Water. Besides that, Billowing Water also spent three billion Star Coins and ten drops of Stardew to purchase 4,000 Eternal Gold from Shi Feng.

Essentially, Billowing Water had sold the Stardews for 100 million Star Coins per drop. It should be known that purchasing Stardews was normally impossible. Only someone of Billowing Water’s stature would be willing to make such a generous offer.

Inside a VIP room of a flying ship departing the Crystal City of Secrets…

“Big Sis Billow, don’t tell me you agreed to bring that guy along simply because of 300 Gold. The other powers will most likely make fun of us if they learn of this,” the demidragon youth asked in confusion as he watched Billowing Water fiddle around with an Eternal Gold Coin.

While Eternal Coins were indeed important to them, they weren’t so desperate that they would take an outsider to the Forbidden Zone just for 300 Eternal Gold.

It should be known that if they offered the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers an opportunity to enter the Forbidden Zone, those powers would be more than willing to pay five or six hundred Eternal Gold. At most, they would have to pay in installments.

“Exactly. Black Flame only ranks 11th on the Sacred Glory List, Big Sis Billow. Even if we bring him with us, there isn’t much he can do to help us.”

The other youths in the room agreed with the demidragon youth and looked at Billowing Water curiously.

They were members of the younger generation secretly nurtured by the Blaze Conglomerate, and they idolized Billowing Water, the conglomerate’s First Successor. Many of them even started their journey in God’s Domain alongside Billowing Water. So, they had a good understanding of Billowing Water’s personality.

In the general public’s eye, being ranked 11th on the Sacred Glory List was indeed an impressive achievement.

However, such an achievement wasn’t anything noteworthy in their social circle. If not for the various conglomerates being reluctant to expose all their cards and nurturing some of their geniuses and paragons in secret, they would have long monopolized the Luminous Glory List and Sacred Glory List.

“A person ranked 11th on the Sacred Glory List naturally isn’t worth my attention,” Billowing Water said. Then, her expression suddenly turning serious, she continued, “But my old man suddenly went crazy and decided to have my little sister join Zero Wing, telling her to become one of Zero Wing’s internal members.”

The youths in the room were momentarily stunned when they heard Billowing Water’s answer.

“The Fourth Young Miss was told to join Zero Wing?”

“Wasn’t the Fourth Young Miss supposed to join Star Dynasty?”

The little sister mentioned by Billowing Water was the Blaze Conglomerate’s youngest successor. She was also the pearl of the Blaze Conglomerate, and her overall talent was only slightly inferior to her elder sister Billowing Water. When it came to mental strength, she was even superior to Billowing Water.

Logically, even if the Fourth Young Miss failed to inherit the Blaze Conglomerate, the conglomerate would still try its best to put her in the executive position of a pseudo-apex power. This would, in turn, strengthen the Blaze Conglomerate’s position in the Greater God’s Domain.

Yet, the Fourth Young Miss was now being told to join Zero Wing…

“Big Sis Billow, does that mean you are…” At this time, the demidragon youth suddenly came to a realization. “Are you trying to show Black Flame’s limits to Lord Yan Hua?”

The Forbidden Zone was a dangerous place, and players couldn’t survive there without sufficient strength.

“That is my intention.” Billowing Water nodded. “The old man isn’t in the Eternal Realm, so he has no idea how much strength the various powers have hidden here. And since I can’t talk him out of his decision, my only option is to show him how laughable Black Flame is when he is put among the monsters in the Forbidden Zone.”

Hearing Billowing Water’s words, the youths present burst into laughter. They had experienced a similar baptism when they first visited the Forbidden Zone not too long ago. Now, it was the 11th-ranked Sacred Glory expert’s turn.

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